After an 18-day period of no change, Gasoline and Diesel prices have risen again.


After an 18-day span without a price increase, India’s fuel prices were raised on Tuesday.

Petrol prices in Delhi increased by 15 paise to Rs 90.55 per litre. Prices increased by 12 paise to Rs 96.95 in Mumbai, 12 paise to Rs 92.55 in Chennai, and 14 paise to Rs 90.76 in Kolkata.

Diesel prices in Delhi increased by 18 paise to Rs 80.91 per litre. It increased by 17 paise to Rs 87.98 in Mumbai, 15 paise to Rs 85.90 in Chennai, and 17 paise to Rs 83.78 in Kolkata.

The last time fuel prices changed in India was on April 15, when petrol prices fell 16 paise and diesel prices fell 14 paise. Prices had been kept steady for two weeks prior to the drop.

Since March 24, petrol prices have been reduced by a total of 77 paise per litre, and diesel prices have been reduced by 74 paise.

Petrol and diesel prices had risen 26 times in 2021, to Rs 7.46 and Rs 7.60 per litre, respectively, before these cuts.

Fuel price revisions could resume at any time, according to market watchers, particularly since ATF prices were already raised in April