Agarwal Estates: The Most Trusted Realtor Restoring Your Faith in the Indian Realty 

Agarwal Estates
Agarwal Estates

Agarwal Estates: The Most Trusted Realtor Restoring Your Faith in the Indian Realty

As the adage goes, “first impressions are lasting impressions,” prior to the pandemic, people had a very negative impression of the real estate industry that had lasted for decades.

In fact, according to Agarwal Estates’ Managing DirectorMr Manoj Agarwal, it had been unanimously observed that the Real Estate sector in India is rugged and unorganized, with most agents and brokers considered untrue, unprofessional, and out to seek personal gains dishonestly. “Little do we know that there are still a few honest brokers out there who want to build the trust of their clients. However, because we do not naturally trust brokers, we tend to consider the good ones unreliable too. Along the line, genuine agents transform into untrustworthy and unethical mediators,” he adds.

This is precisely why Manoj is here to break that perception. “The pivot of a relationship with Agarwal Estates is engraved in the trust and transparency we extend,” he insists, citing accolades they have received so far, including,

  • ISO 9001:2015, world’s largest quality management standard.
  • A string of 1000+ testimonials and recommendations across social media and apartment owner’s community forums.
  • Countless referrals.
  • An ever-increasing family of 5000+ customers.
  • AE’s 95% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Confidence that our customers have in us,” says Manoj.

Engraved Ethos of Ethics, Commitment, and Transparency 

Based in Bengaluru, Agarwal Estates, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified establishment, poses as a singular platform offering varied real estate services. Ergo, “One Stop. All Solutions – Real Estate Services.” The services AE offers are Residential Real Estate sales and property management, Commercial Real Estate sales and fractional investing, Home Loans, Home Interiors, and Allied Services. Manoj shares, “Our roadmap to better real estate services comprise process, culture, values, employees, subject matter expertise, and digitization.”

After spending over a decade in the States, working for multinationals like CISCO and Dell, AE’s Founder, Manoj, returned to India. A few unpleasant experiences in real estate coerced him to apprehend the absent trust. As an investor of a property in the States, and later having settled in India, he was able to analyze two different markets, mark their differences in quality, and deem fit to appropriate the ‘good’ in the Indian market.

Ethics, commitment, and transparency in real estate were among other factors that disappointed him and led him to incept a real estate venture, one that was built on a strong ground of trust and transparency, the two foundations that lacked in the unorganized sector of Real Estate. Consequently, he established Agarwal Estates, adopting a humane approach in the Indian real estate services market that is now a pioneer in steadily building an organized sector.

This ethos is also imbibed in AE’s professional qualities and values. Manoj explains, “At the heart of our principles and values are trust and transparency. Moreover, our KEY series:

Knowledge Empowers You! 

helps our customers make informed decisions.” The idea is to demystify the confusions that might get in your way of transacting and to make the process as transparent as glass. “Our credence in the subject matter expertise provided unfiltered to our clients helps us too, in ways humanitarian,” says Manoj.

Being an experienced leader, Manoj shares his opinion on advancing technologies and their impact on the industry and Agarwal Estates. He believes that as a consultancy firm, they cannot operate without R&D. They are known as subject matter experts due to their decade-long experience in the real estate market, studying each trend and curve while informing and educating their customers accordingly. This has resulted in their 1000+ testimonials, 90% of which they received within the last two years.

He adds, “The new technological world we know today is driven by opportunity, and as front-footers in an organized real estate industry, we have taken AI and ML opportunities that remove redundancies in time, labour, and our corporate social responsibility.”

As every emerging business, Agarwal Estates is looking to expand its portfolios and competencies. Key developments it has already undertaken are:

  • CRM platforms for organizing our data (B2BBricks) and enable efficient complaint resolution from customers (TheHouseMonk).
  • Digital signatures in agreements that have reduced turnover time from two months to one day.
  • Automated rental agreements.
  • Website chatbots. 
  • Sendpulse marketing.

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

According to Manoj, considering the current industry scenario, there were immense challenges they had to surmount before Agarwal Estates achieved its grand success. Firm trust and transparency were heavily lacking in the real estate industry. Agarwal Estates has consistently made an impact despite this challenge for a decade now and each day comes closer to its vision of changing the perception of real estate services in India. “We embrace uncertainties and believe these are the best opportunities to grow,” he cites.

Taking the COVID pandemic for example, the real estate market was immensely affected. “And so was our organization. But taking it as an opportunity to better equip ourselves, we at AE took up intensive employee training from ICF-certified coaches regularly.” It gave AE time to deploy more automation and CRMs in the company as well as spend time to train employees so when the market boomed again, it would be guns blazing! “And it turns out we were!” smiles Manoj.

He furthers that their employees are the products of their organizational culture, and their work directly impacts the growth and integrity of Agarwal Estates. Approachability and open work environments break all communication barriers, and communication is key. The downfall or unhappiness of an employee is due to dissatisfaction that is not communicated which is further not resolved. Employees at AE are encouraged to speak out and share their candid opinions with the team and management whenever they would like via verbal and nonverbal communication, like emails. This motivates them to stay happy.

Our Roadmap to Better Real Estate Future

“Further, our incentive programs are formulated to recognize employee efforts in a fair manner, motivating them to work harder and happier towards their job. Soft skills coaching, both 1:1 and group, targets every employee’s motivation and engagement. Further, all work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. “Hence, we have fun-filled monthly potluck meetings, bi-annual outings, and award ceremonies to recognize the team with extravagant rewards.” There is no work without fun at Agarwal Estates.

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into real estate, Manoj says that a leader must always welcome feedback or criticism. “Success must be shared with the team, and failure must be owned so you can lead the team by example.” Lastly, even when the road seems the hardest to stay righteous on, remain consistent and unfaltering with the seed of patienceFruit is inevitable to follow.

On envisioning scaling brand Agarwal Estates’ operations and offerings in the future, Manoj reveals, “As every emerging business, we are looking to expand our portfolios and competencies.

  • Fractional Commercial Real Estate to democratize the Commercial Real Estate space.
  • Improve our visibility. 
  • Automate processes.”

A Testimony to Trust and Transparency:

  • Indrajit Datta Chaudhuri (3 reviews; a month ago), “Agarwal Estates is a top class Real Estate company. They have a team of highly capable and knowledgeable people. The team is very responsive in their communication, which is a great support if you are staying away from Bangalore and need someone on the ground to represent you. They have also provided valuable insights and advice as and when required. They have a culture of continuous improvement so they encourage feedback from customers which is taken very seriously by the management. They are a customer centric and process-driven organisation. I highly recommend the services of Agarwal Estates. Good luck team.”
  • Lavina Mittal (1 review; 2 months ago), “Well to be honest, it was really difficult trusting real estate agents with handling Our Flat, but it was truly a very nice Experience with Agarwal Estates. The level of Professionalism, dedication and Honesty they have towards the work is commendable. I got my flat rented out through them in the most easy way. And Yasmin, thanks for all the help. Highly Recommended for any property issues.”
  • Shashank Goyal (3 reviews; 5 months ago), “I have worked with Agarwal Estates since 2014 and have a long experience of engaging with them. They managed the rental for my property and the experience was always hassle free. Recently they also drove the sale process of the same property. The entire process was driven with thorough professionalism and utmost sincerity. The team is proficient with processes and well networked with all stakeholders including banks and government offices. Special mention to Ms. Esha who drove the process quite diligently and Mr. Manoj Agarwal who built this team from scratch and ensured demonstrating the same core values of excellence, transparency and integrity today that they initially started with. Thanks again and I highly recommended them for all real estate related needs.”

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