Akshar Biotech Pvt. Ltd.: Reshaping the World of Green Energy

Akshar Biotech
Akshar Biotech Private Limited

The energy crisis is not new to our generation. From electricity to fuelling vehicles with either petrol, diesel or gas, non-renewable sources of energy will extinct one day. The reason why must we strive for newer ways of energy generation gives solutions to the problem. Gas, whether it is used for kitchen and household purposes or it is used at bigger industrial levels, is also facing a shortage. To tackle this situation, the Indian Government has taken numerous initiatives with various private industries for the production of cattle-dung biogas over the years.

Different in this race, Akshar Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is taking a unique approach to biogas generation with the help of food waste. Under the guidance of Mr. Bharat G Savaliya, the company has been on the journey of protecting Mother Earth with his brilliant ideas of producing biogas and implementing energy plants.

Seeing the Big Picture, Nailing the Details

Mr. Bharat G Savaliya is the founder of Akshar Biotech and serves as the President of the same. He brings his industry expertise arising from years of experience in the international design, construction and bioenergy sector. Bharat has always had a knack for seeing what others don’t yet see. With his belief in the word that ‘we have to preserve the Good Earth for our future generations,’ he always looked for ways to protect the earth.

In 2011, when very few were fretting about climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions, he had the foresight to start a study of biogas projects through all his globetrotting. The project was with a $5,000 investment that eventually grew into India-based Akshar Biotech, one of Asia’s most promising Bioenergy companies.

Bharat Savaliya holds a degree in higher secondary and has over nine years of Bioengineering experience in the construction of various industrial and commercial projects. He has held various executive business positions in various national companies around the world. He also won awards for his best engineering practices from the International Consultants group. He serves as a member of the boards of various environmental and social organizations. Moreover, Sadhanaben Savaliya is one of the partners of the company and serves as the Managing Director of the same.

Proving the Value of Good Service

Mr. Bharat has been just the right person to guide by providing operational and programmatic support to the organization. He has earned the tag of “A very bright star in the finance department” through an era of wrenching change. He has over 20 years of experience in the finance and accounting industry. He worked on various assignments including project financing activities, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and setting up and implementing procedures and systems to maintain best accounting and finance practices. He has also worked within the textile and automotive industries too. Being the President of Finance at Akshar Biotech, he is responsible for the accounting and project financing activities.

Creating a Storehouse of Value

Mr. Yash Savaliya serves as Executive Manager at the company. A man willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in the right way, Yash is clearly motivated by a need for achievement. As Executive Manager, he plays a significant role in long-term planning with an initiative geared towards operational excellence. With his proven leadership and team-building skills, he is suited for the implementation of business strategies as per the vision of the management team.

This brilliant Theologist has always had the quest to follow the word and work towards the betterment of mankind. This has developed in him an excellent ability to communicate and coordinate with consultants, contractors and clients alike, making him the right choice for project implementation.

Bioenergy: The Saviour

Talking about Bioenergy as the only solution to environmental problems, Bharat Savaliya emphasizes the importance of bioenergy in farming. He urges both retail and institutional investors to load up on bioenergy farming businesses. “Bioenergy can be the only solution to the depleting energy sources,” says Bharat Savaliya. He has never been afraid to try on different hats and with this, he has vast experience in various fields like Engineering, Project Management and Health Sector Administration. “It is time to give back time and effort to the world and nature itself,” adds Bharat Savaliya.

‘Do not Waste the Food Waste’

Green energy is the future of a country like India where various sources are available to produce biogas energy. Cow-based biogas manufacturing has become old as newer techniques have emerged. However, this method could not give the expected results and according to Mr. Bharat, one should try different tactics to solve the problem, just like biogas production through a wide range of food waste. This food waste may include agricultural residue, by-products of horticulture, fruit & vegetables, energy crops such as maize, organic municipal waste of vegetables, waste of gardens and parks, sewage sludge, and more. The energy generated using food waste can be given to grids of electricity and thereby to the nearest areas as well as residential properties.

Novel Biogas Plants

In Mr. Bharat’s opinion, the future of green energy is in the hands of companies producing energy with a novel and unique approach, to food waste energy production. Akshar Biotech is highly efficient in creating customized Biogas Plants. They include Waste to Energy Biogas Plants, Renewable Energy Biogas Plants, Organic Waste Energy Biogas Plants, and Waste Food Biogas Plants.

Moreover, based on the availability of substrates specific to the location and as per the individual client requirement, the company makes available customized solutions to its clients. All the equipment used in the making of the Biogas Plant is precision engineered to meet the specific requirements of the customers. Additionally, the team provides outstanding technical and maintenance support to the customers.

Expanding the Energy

Akshar Biotech has not only established its business of producing green energy in parts of Surat but also expanded it to the corners of Gujrat. The company has the following projects:

  • Atmiya Vidya Mandir: Situated in Kolibharthana, Kamrej Surat, this plant has the capacity of producing energy from 500 kg of food and vegetable This biogas is sent directly to the kitchen for use.
  • Banshi Gir Gaushala: Situated in Shantipura, SP Ring Road, Ahmedabad, this plant has the capacity of producing biogas from 2000 kg cow dung and this Biogas is also directly sent to the kitchen and
  • Tejal Gaushala: Situated in Dungri, Mahuva Bardoli, Surat, this plant can produce biogas from 5000 kg cow dung and this Biogas can be used to direct boiler and
  • Agriculture Produce Market Committee: In the market of Dumbhal Puna-Kumbharia Road, Surat, this plant has a 5000 cubic meter row biogas development plant purification plant. That is, the plant uses 50,000 kg of vegetables and food waste to produce biogas. Moreover, it has a capacity of 2200 kg CBG which can be directly supplied to the Gujarat Gas Pipeline network
  • Agriculture Produce Market Committee: The company has a plant in Jamalpur, near Callico mill and in Shree Chimanbhai Jivabhai Patel market yard, Vasana Ahmedabad. These plants produce 3000 cubic meters of row biogas plant from 30,000 kg of vegetable and food waste and cow dung. This gas purification 1200 kg CBG gas plant is used for industrial purposes.
  • Victory Green Energys Pvt Ltd: Situated in Vill, Dhamdod, mangrol Near Kosamba, Surat, this plant has 7500 cubic meters of row biogas product. It uses 75,000 kg of cow dung, Napier Grass, vegetable waste, food waste, and sugar factory press mud to produce biogas. It also has a 3200 kg CBG purification plant development and this is directly sent to Bharat Petroleum corporation ltd.
  • Kakadiya Green Energy Pvt Ltd: (OP-COMING PROJECT) Situated in Vill, Ranparda (khara) Palitana Bhavnagar, this plant has 6000 cubic meters of row biogas product. It uses 60,000 kg of cow dung, Napier Grass vegetable waste, food waste, and sugar factory press mud to produce biogas. It also has a 3000 kg CBG purification plant development and this is directly sent to Indian oil corporations.
  • And solid and liquid fertilizers development. Use to farmer good benefit for this fertilizers use and chemical free farming.