Akshat Tyagi and Raghavendra Suryavanshi: Driven by Responsibility, Excelling through Sustainability.

Raghavendra Suryavanshi (Left) | co-founder | Akshat Tyagi (Right) | Co-founder
Raghavendra Suryavanshi (Left) | co-founder | Akshat Tyagi (Right) | Co-founder

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Our environment is put under irreversible threat every time we use materials that cannot be recycled, every time we dump an exponential amount of waste into the water bodies, and every time we cut down even a single tree that causes us a slight inconvenience.

As tenants of this planet, protecting and preserving what mother nature has gifted us, must be one of our top priorities. The same perspective is embedded deep within a few people who care about the environment they live and breathe in.

Akshat Tyagi and Raghavendra Suryavanshi, the co-founders of Sustainable Biosolutions (SUSBIO) LLP are two prominent names among such people who uphold their emphasis on providing solutions that do not leave an irreversible impact on the environment.

Setting Benchmarks

Biotechnology Postgraduates of BITS Pilani, Goa, the co-founder duo laid the foundations of SUSBIO in May 2013, with a mission to develop and commercialize sustainable solutions and technologies for environmental problems relating to Solid and Liquid waste management.

SUSBIO delivers a wide range of environment-friendly products on different scales. Sewage treatment plants, Effluent treatment plants, Biogas plants, RO-UF-UV systems, Organic waste composters, Sanitary napkin incinerators, and compost bins are a few among its product line.

The company has developed SUSBIO® SBR, a revolutionary Sewage Treatment Technology in collaboration with INRA a French Government Institution. Its STPs fulfills both Indian (Pollution Control Board) and International (European) norms.
SUSBIO undertakes Design, Installation, Troubleshooting, Revamping, and Maintenance of STPs at various scales. It has helped many clients to reduce expenses by providing reusable quality treated water. “We believe in using natural ways to treat the sewage and do not encourage using chemicals or any external microbes (E M Cultures),” Raghavendra expresses.

SUSBIO rapid e-composter is another product of the company which can convert organic waste (food waste, garden waste, and other decomposable solid waste) into compost in an automated machine in just 24 hours.

Through the use of this product, the total waste is converted into manure with an 80% reduction in volume and negligible moisture content which results in no foul smell or any other pest issues which were the drawbacks of traditional OWC machines.

Small scale food waste-based biogas plant is another attractive product offered by SUSBIO, keeping the needs of restaurants and small food outlets in mind. For large scale food waste applications, the Nisargaruna Biogas plant is offered in collaboration with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – Government of India. Biogas technologies are also available for unconventional sources like slaughterhouse waste, fish waste, food processing industry waste, and municipal solid waste.

The team at SUSBIO always believes in giving flawless and technically better product than competitors and unconditional after-sales service and support to all our customers. “That trust of our customers in our products and solutions is long term which helps us to attain recurring orders and positive customer feedback,” says Akshat.

Redefining Norms

Talking about their philosophy of efficient leadership, Raghavendra states, “A leader directs, educates, guides and trains their team and sets an example for team members to follow and excel. Efficient Leadership is setting and achieving goals, tackling the competition, and solving problems decisively and quickly.”
SUSBIO strongly believes that a company is nothing without its employees. “We treat our employees as we treat our family. The first step is training them correctly about the company’s product and vision and secondly fulfilling their priorities and giving them a good physical and mental working environment so that they love their work. Achieving those things always keeps the employees motivated to work harder and align themselves with the company’s goal,” Akshat adds.

Tackling Challenges

Challenges and roadblocks are a common occurrence for every enterprise. No matter how small or how troublesome, every company must address its challenges and derive efficient solutions to overcome them.
Similarly, SUSBIO’s initial challenges were those of resistance in initiating their venture when already established market leaders were in dominance. However, they could easily overcome this obstacle through a strong belief in their own capabilities in seamlessly delivering top-notch products and solutions, thus helping them win the trust of their clientele.

Talking about the challenges that the pandemic has brought to SUSBIO’s doorsteps, Akshat expresses, “It is just a phase; business is definitely slowing down but as a developing economy, we have a huge consumer market and the fastest-growing middle-class population that will again push our economy back on track. We must survive 1 to 2 years of lean phase because of the impact of COVID on the global economy. As an entrepreneur, one should always be ready for these kinds of uncontrollable risk factors.”
The co-founder duo believes that being ignorant about the technical aspects of a business turns into the most prominent challenge for an entrepreneur when it comes to scaling their business. They assert, “Technology is one of the most important factors to grow and sustain in a competitive market. As the market is evolving quickly and customers always need updated technology. If someone is rigid and does not tend to change as per market requirements, the customer will put them out of the market. We believe, an entrepreneur with a long-term vision should always look into the drawbacks of their technology and keep improving it for sustained growth.”

Towards a Bright Future

For their plans to voyage into another successful year, Akshat and Raghavendra have lined up a diverse range of various products and services related to solid and liquid waste management and recycling, and they will keep adding new technologies and products to this lineup.

Currently, SUSBIO has ongoing projects in Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka and is planning to expand pan India, and in the coming future, SUSBIO envisions to be one of the leading and trustworthy companies in India for waste management planning, implementation, and consultancy.