Allseas Global Logistics Pvt Ltd: A Name Synonymous to Values and Reliability  

Allseas Global Logistics
Sherlyn Oommen | Founder & Managing Director | Allseas Global Logistics

A successful company leader comprehends the importance and critical nature of well-organized logistics. These leadership acumens recognize that delivering frictionless logistics is vital to meeting consumer needs and surpassing the competition. Once a business has a robust grasp of its customer’s expectations, it devises a plan for achieving them via the use of logistics.

This requires the corporation to have an appraisal of its strategic direction. A well-established third-party logistics partner will reduce your organizational load. A good logistics strategy is critical to minimize the possibility of transportation operations and store locations getting out of hand.

By proactively monitoring inventory levels, Logistics management helps businesses decrease expenses in various areas, from shipping prices to the amount of storage space required.

With the rise in popularity of global commerce, logistics has evolved into the core of supply chains. Business executives have recognized that they may save expenses by forming agreements with companies that provide transportation and storage.

When organizations outsource transportation and storage, they significantly increase their total company efficiency, often substantially—allowing these partners to handle the transportation of their items to end consumers results in a stronger brand and a better reputation. Certainly, Allseas Global Logistics Pvt Ltd is more than just a logistics company; it’s a place that takes up your problems, big or small and delivers hassle-free solutions to you.

AGL’s uniqueness lies in its belief that ‘each problem is unique in its own way,’ so there is no one way of dealing with it; from the company’s POV, ‘every single job is unique.’

Under the leadership of Sherlyn Oommen, Founder and Managing Director, AGL maintains proactive communication with its customers and encourages feedback. Allseas welcome individuals of free thought, speech and action in the organization and fosters diversity of their views.

The Legacy

Allseas Global Logistics is currently positioned as the best service provider because of its employees—the most valuable asset. The company does everything to ensure they have the best operation and execution facilities. AGL welcomes all the individuals of free thought, speech and action in our organization and encourages diversity of views. All of these are just a few reasons, and the company wants to keep striving for everything it can do for all of its stakeholders.

Allseas Global offers solid foundations in the international transport sector. “We want to stand out as a nation in terms of our logistics services, as a complete service provider towards local companies involved in shipping, logistics and transport,” said Sherlyn.

The company’s establishment is a result of the desire to service the Indian market and provide a better and faster service to its customers. Allseas Global has always offered the full range of logistic services in past years. Both import and export services are provided in combination with customs clearances, trucking, barging, and transshipments for all types of cargoes.

What makes Allseas Global stand out in this competition is – Trust, Experience and Execution. The company always believes in its motto, ‘Large enough to handle and small enough to care.’ This has always been its guiding principle amidst the changing world of capitalism. We want our consumers to know that we genuinely care about providing them with the best solutions. 

A Staunch Leadership Charisma

Sherlyn Oommen is the Founder and Managing Director of Allseas Global Logistics India Pvt Ltd. Her leadership skills, coupled with her single-minded focus, have enabled her to be a reputed name within the logistics foray.

She is known for being one of the most respected and well-known women entrepreneurs who work actively towards inspiring young entrepreneurs on their business journey. She has been among the founding member of other companies, and all seas have been her brainchild. Her dedication and sheer will have kept AGL going all throughout.

Embracing the Emerging Technologies

Expressing her opinions on how emerging trends of technology like AI and ML are redefining the logistics space, Sherlyn shared, “We can clearly see that AI and ML have widely impacted the world of logistics by transforming the unorganized and fragmented into a more mechanized sector. These technological innovations have brought new modifications such as predictive analytics, autonomous vehicles, and smart roads. AI and machine learning can greatly help the supply chain sphere, which can be conducive to optimizing the processes, avoiding mistakes humans can make, reducing time, and predicting future opportunities and challenges.”

“Moreover, one needs to accept change as a process of growing and developing, and at All Seas Global, we are no different. As leading logistics partners, we understand the need to bring in new technology to provide expert solutions with reliable services and personalized attention. We have continuously been working on bringing in these technologies to give a more organized solution,” she added.

Overcoming the Adversities

Sherlyn initially faced the challenge of having the right people on board for the job. The employees are the company’s critical assets, and it was essential to bring in like-minded people who would understand what exactly Sherlyn and the team wanted to do with the company, which took some time.

Secondly, to create that name for themselves, Sherlyn didn’t want to compromise on any of her values; she expressed, “when you decide to do things right, it takes time. And today, we are proud to say that we have been on the path, and it’s been everything we wanted. We have a long way to go, but with the right people and the correct mindset, we are sure the journey will be worth everything we have worked for so far.” 

Indulging in the Gems of Wisdom 

As a piece of advice for the budding aspirants, Sherlyn shared, ‘Just Keep Doing It.’ “I am sure you have heard this a million times, but trust me, when you dream it, you don’t stop until you get it. You take the first step, and you keep taking that first step because there are going to be a million new first steps you will have to take before getting what you want from life.”

“Every day is going to be new, and every day is going to be much more difficult than yesterday, but the fact that you don’t want to settle for anything less, should be your motivation to keep going,” she added.

Embracing the Future Roadmap

Sherlyn and the team have continuously been working to offer the best solutions, and in 2022 they plan to do nothing less but keep going on with it. The logistics sector has witnessed rapid shifts in recent times, and Sherlyn, together with the team, plans to understand this shift by knowing the new market and AGL’s customers’ extending needs and have a better awareness of how they can serve the cross-border logistic trends, to stay a step ahead in this volatile market.

AGL also plans to increase its digital presence and help create more awareness among the untapped markets to create new opportunities. Sherlyn and the team are also working to stabilize their loyal customer base by embracing AGL as a customer-centric company, ensuring the best facilities. Sharing her thoughts on this scenario, Sherlyn shared, “We would also love to collaborate with other such organizations with similar mindsets to create a combined effect in terms of our works and services.”

“This would help us leverage a broader network and establish credibility as a unique brand while connecting with our industry partners, logistic experts, potential clients, and future employees. Responding to quick demand and shifting customer expectations, we want to make a difference in the world of logistics in the long term,” she concluded.