An Enlightening Saga of a Cleanest and Greenest Future


The human future would have been bleak if not for the timely intervention of global developed and developing nations’ united oath to achieving Net Zero Emission by 2050. According to the Global Energy Review, due to COVID-19 the year 2020 saw energy demand drop by almost four per cent, pulling down CO2 emission by five-point-eight per cent, the biggest decline since the second world war.

Yet, in 2021, as per the World Economic Forum (WEF), the global carbon emission rose to 2.5 parts per million (ppm) and is expected to have again jumped to 2.5ppm, thus polluting the global atmosphere with 51% CO2 and an atmospheric concentration of 417.2ppm on an average per annum basis.

On the other side, there is a piece of good news in the form of the production and use of Renewable and Nuclear Net Zero Energy, which has been on the rise in every major country of the world including India. In our country, the total renewable energy generation, according to Invest India report, was 159.95 GW till May 2022. The report further states that in the last decade, especially the past eight years’ renewable energy installed capacity in India has increased by a whopping 396%.

What is more, today, India is amongst the top 5 countries globally and the best amongst G20 nations when it comes to our Climate Change Performance. And according to Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI, 2023), India is now ranked 8th (gaining two positions).

All this has happened because of the shouldering of the major responsibility and then carrying it out successfully by ‘The Most Eco-friendly & Sustainable Companies To Look Out.’ These companies are at the forefront of making Indian as well as the Global future cleaner, greener, and environmentally delightful for our coming generations. Along with reading their enlightening sagas in the following pages of this exclusive edition of CIOLOOK INDIA, you will also come across two opinionated articles which will deepen your insights further.

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