A&N Sales Services Pvt Ltd: Ensuring a Continual Growth for Emerging Businesses


Sales automation can minimize the cost of sales by reducing the time spent on administration and reporting. By automating outreach to customers throughout the sales funnel, it may also boost earnings.

However, a large number of decision-makers are either unaware of—or have not yet utilized—the value that sales automation can generate across an expanding range of use cases. Sales companies must adapt their methods of operation and technological foundations to take advantage of the new opportunity and ensure that sales representatives and automation solutions complement one another.

Early adopters of sales automation routinely report longer periods of time spent with customers, higher levels of customer satisfaction, efficiency gains of 10 to 15 percent, and the potential for up to 10% growth in sales. A&N Sales Services Pvt Ltd is a start-up establishment recognized by the Indian government that was established with the novel idea of offering sales services to both MSMEs and large organizations.

With the company’s expertise in sales and marketing, clients will be able to give their sales teams the specialized tools and process excellence they need to increase sales efficiencies and produce a meaningful pipeline of active opportunities that will allow them to meet short- and long-term revenue and growth targets.

A&N’s success depends on the client’s actual business growth since it engages its team to work with the client in their market for business development and sales closing. This approach ensures growth. With increased focus from Govt. of India on “Make in India” and especially on the MSME sector, the management feels that more manufacturers will look forward to a long-term “sales partnership” with A&N. It offers organizations an alternative to the traditional sales model and thus Peace of Mind. It provides services to medium and large companies in the areas of channel sales, sales organization strengthening, market research, sales problem solving, etc.

A Plethora of Distinction

A&N offers organizations an alternative to the traditional sales model; internally, the excessive costs & headaches of staffing makes it different from other ‘consultancy’ companies.

A client’s needs may be:

  • A consistent sales effort in the market is key for a healthy funnel of sales opportunities
  • The right channel partners so to be visible and serve the markets
  • It is imperative that somewhere or other, a company gets short of sales plan, and it is important to understand the root cause for correcting the path at the earliest to win the market
  • To grow faster, a company would need a well chalked mid to long-term, i.e., a three to five years plan for its sales, and thus would need to organize the sales team to cover all the territories and the well-defined processes for long-term sustainability and smoother sales operations
  • A best and most motivated sales team needs good training, coaching, value selling, periodic reviews

At A&N, a client gets all the specialized and customized sales services under one roof to answer the above needs and ensure a better understanding of the company and products for a better outcome.

The company generally categorizes its services as per following:

  • Small Companies:
  • Start to End (or in part) sales closing for a B2B client
  • Setting up Sales Organization and Processes
  • Value Proposition
  • Research
  • Medium Companies
    • Lead generation enhancement
    • Setting up sales processes and automation
    • Sales Staff recruitment and training
    • Value Proposition and Product Positioning
    • Market Research
    • Setting up the Distributor network
  • Large Companies
    • Sales Process Automation and execution
    • Problem Solving (3-5 days) exercise
    • New Product Positioning and Launch
    • Market Research
    • Evaluation of Distributor Network and Performance
    • After Market Business Excellence
  • MNCs: Choose from the above bouquet of services

Exhibiting Brilliance

Neeraj Khetawat, Managing Director at A&N, holds 25 years of expertise in the mobile communication, building materials, and industrial products industries. He has worked for both Indian and multinational corporations. He has worked with international teams from China, Japan, South Korea and the United States. With careful and impressive teamwork, he won numerous achievement awards in the sales and after-sales businesses.

His career has been marked by creativity and business turnarounds. To name a few; today’s burning issue of diversity was introduced in industrial sales 13 years back by him; an industry-first intra-country distributor network was created from scratch 15 years ago and which is still running in a well-organized and continuously growing business; bringing after-sales service business to profitability in the very first year of responsibility; Conceptualising and implementing the strategy to launch new technology at a premium in India against a global leader, Introducing NPS culture for improving repeat sales; etc.

With such a vast experience, it is easy for A&N to understand customer issues quicker and enable it to provide the right and practical solution. He asserts, ” Attracting the right and best person in the team is the most critical activity for a Start-up as, without the best team, it is difficult to win. We are sure this is a common issue, and the same gets resolved to a greater extent as we move on.”

His Better half, Anubha Khetawat, Director, has strength in creativity, an important aspect for providing a better solution to our clients. She is an apt Designer Cake artist with the name ‘the whole cake.’

Embracing the Prospects of Assured Growth

A&N is positioned to become the top provider of sales-related services that assist enterprises in getting the outcomes they anticipate. With its expertise in sales and marketing, clients will be able to provide their sales organizations with the tailored tools and process excellence they need to increase sales efficiencies and produce a meaningful pipeline of active opportunities that will allow them to meet mid- and long-term revenue and growth expectations.

At initial phase, manufacturers frequently struggle with employee retention and control challenges due to a lack of time because the majority of Factory Operations, Procurement, Accounts, and Sales work are handled by promoter.

A&N offers them an alternative to the conventional sales model, as well as the significant expenses and hassles associated with internally hiring people. To bigger clients, A&N team provides them with enough time and experienced boutique services; otherwise, a big consultancy company may only be able to provide after charging a much higher price.

A&N team currently works out of Navi Mumbai and Jodhpur. It is in the process of strengthening its organization from these two locations. Next year, it may expand to two more cities and so on. Neeraj and A&N team firmly believed in the scalability potential of the company’s business model.

Embracing the Emerging Technologies

With an ever-increasing rate of acceleration, change is continual. Advertising and promotion patterns have evolved in the age of social networking applications. The accessibility of E-Comm platforms for FMCG and other goods has improved reach and speed in ways never imagined before.

A business’s fortunes can alter with the correct combination of sales and marketing. The management at A&N makes use of the greatest digital marketing services now on offer while concentrating on offering direct services connected to sales. For all levels of businesses, sales process automation with SFDC, Zoho, etc., is essential for gathering all the data which will be utilized for decision-making in the future.

Pearls of Wisdom

“It’s important to believe in self and start it, and one will see success sooner or later,” says Neeraj. Though there would not be any alternative to arduous work but at the same time, a techno-savvy style will make your journey quick and smart.

In Neeraj’s experience, it is important to start with firm footing, preparing well own base infrastructure, create some good initial business references would not only get one good name in the market but also help him or her gain enough confidence in their business.