Ankit Kansal: A Zealous Trailblazer Building Successful Business Ventures

Ankit Kansal
Ankit Kansal

Challenges, adversities, issues, and problems are a strict no-no for some. On the other hand, for those unique individuals who always swim against the tides, a life full of challenges, adversities, issues, and problems is the only life worth living. They might not be born into the fortune of leadership, yet their innate traits are all the hallmarks of makings of mighty leaders, which sooner or later they become.

It was very early for Ankit Kansal, the Director of AXON Developer LLP. The inspiration behind his career in the niche areas he is catering to is deeply rooted in his passion for innovation and desire to make a significant difference. From an early stage, Ankit has been drawn to industries that presented opportunities for transformative solutions. He reflects, “When I delved into the real estate sector, I was captivated by its immense challenges and untapped potential.” It was due to these factors, along with this realization that the industry lacks transparency, that sparked his entrepreneurial spirit.

An Ardent Serial Entrepreneur

By offering services such as real estate transaction advisory, stressed asset management, and interior design, Ankit saw an opportunity to revolutionize the industry and provide value-added solutions to clients.

This drive to bring about positive change continues to be the driving force behind his dedication and unwavering enthusiasm in this niche area. Ankit has been a Serial Entrepreneur for the past two decades, successfully building ventures in various industries, including real estate development, realty advisory, stressed asset management, buying agency, home aromas, lifestyle, interior design and home décor business.

As a Leader and entrepreneur, Ankit has always believed in seizing opportunities at the right time and creating powerful value propositions. By aligning business objectives with the interests of stakeholders, he, along with his teams’ fosters win-win situations.

Furthermore, he firmly advocates futuristic approaches for lucrative prospects; to do so, he always looks ahead and understands market trends.

Fostering Trusting Teamwork

Ankit’s leadership style is collaborative and empowering. He strongly believes in fostering a culture of teamwork and trust, where each team member’s unique strengths and perspectives are valued. By creating an environment that encourages open communication and shared decision-making, he empowers his team to contribute their best work and reach their full potential. This collaborative approach not only enhances creativity and innovation but also builds a strong sense of ownership and commitment among team members. “It has been instrumental in driving our success by fostering a motivated and engaged workforce that consistently delivers exceptional results,” he says.

On the Path to Reaching Milestones

His many notable achievements and accomplished milestones include

  • In 2001, he formed Indsource, a globally recognized buying agency with operations spanning India, China, and Vietnam.
  • In 2012, he and his team started Rosemoore, an emerging lifestyle brand. Today Rosemoore has a sizable share in India’s home décor, fragrance, and lifestyle retail.
  • In 2014, they started 360 Realtors, India’s leading institutional channel partner. 360 Realtors has partnered with 680+ developers in India and transacted over ₹35000 Crore worth GTV. The company has a presence in 40+ cities across nine countries worldwide.

A Multi-Faceted Leadership Acumen

According to Ankit, they employ a multi-faceted approach to adapt and stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Firstly, they continuously scan the horizon, closely monitoring industry trends, technological advancements, and market dynamics. This allows them to anticipate shifts and proactively adjust their strategies to stay ahead of emerging challenges. Secondly, they embrace a lifelong learning mindset, investing time and effort in expanding his and his team’s knowledge and skill set. The team can effectively respond to new opportunities and evolving customer needs by staying informed and agile.

Additionally, Ankit cultivates a network of industry experts and thought leaders, engaging in meaningful discussions and exchanging insights. By embracing flexibility, ongoing education, and external senses, he navigates the dynamic business landscape effectively, ensuring a competitive edge in today’s challenging environment.

Sharing an instance where he successfully navigated through a significant change or disruption in his industry, Ankit recalls that one of the major changes was the pandemic, where all of a sudden, things came to a halt. He adds, “Like any other enterprise, we will also have flown to digital overnight.” The pandemic disrupted business and set the path for increased digitization, technology, and innovation across the value chain of real estate in the times to come. Technology was always part of the lexicon in real estate, but the COVID virus brought it into the centre. Since then, what looked like a long-horizon strategy must be implemented quickly. This eventually led them to the faster adoption of a slew of innovations and technology, such as virtual exhibitions, digital walkthroughs, virtual realities, predictive analytics, etc. have now become mainstream.

Influencing Innovations

Fostering a culture of innovation within his organization, Ankit believes that innovation thrives when it is nurtured, encouraged, and embraced at all levels. He says that to cultivate such a culture at every level, they focus on several key elements:

  • They foster an open and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are valued, enabling the free flow of ideas and collaboration.
  • They encourage risk-taking and provide the necessary resources for experimentation and learning from failures.
  • They promote continuous learning and professional development, empowering employees to explore new technologies and approaches.
  • They celebrate and recognize innovative thinking, creating a sense of excitement and motivation.

By prioritizing these aspects, they inspire their team members to think creatively, push boundaries, and drive transformative solutions for their organization’s success.

In the pursuit of building and nurturing high-performing teams, Ankit and his colleagues’ approach stands out as a testament to their commitment to excellence. They place immense value on selecting individuals who possess the necessary skills and align with their organization’s core values. By fostering an open communication and trust environment, they encourage collaboration and the free exchange of ideas.

Weaving a Strategic Tapestry

Regular feedback and coaching sessions are pivotal in identifying strengths and areas for improvement within their team members. They prioritize their professional growth by providing learning opportunities from renowned institutes and creating a supportive atmosphere that empowers them to take ownership of their roles. Recognizing and celebrating achievements further strengthens team cohesion and motivation. These unique strategies create a space where high-performing teams flourish and accomplish remarkable outcomes.

Ankit adds, “We have woven a tapestry of strategies that ignite a spirit of collaboration and teamwork.” He furthers that they foster an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives, encouraging active participation and collective problem-solving, all with one common goal: the company’s vision.

Their open communication channels provide platforms for idea exchange, fostering a sense of belonging and shared ownership. Cross-functional projects and team-building activities serve as catalysts for building strong relationships and fostering trust.

They invest in training and development opportunities that promote interpersonal skills and effective collaboration. By celebrating collaborative achievements and recognizing the contributions of each team member, they create a culture where collaboration flourishes, propelling them towards shared success.

Enterprising True Inspirations

He shares, “We wish to build a truly inspiring organization with a strong presence throughout the value chain of real estate.” He also wants to build world-class real estate projects tuned to the evolving buyers’ preferences. He says they aspire to become pioneers in creating spaces and designs that are the true epitomes of new—age consumerism. In the transaction space, they want to bring the focus back on customer convenience and offer a seamless search, identification, and buying experience backed with powerful digital walkthroughs, predictive analytics, automation, and full-stack technology bandwidth.

Driving Swiftest Growth

Ankit informs, “We will stay innovative and drive growth through the years by making the right investment in innovation and technology as well as continue to enrich our human capital bandwidth.” The right balance between their human capital and futuristic technologies and innovation will be their key growth driver. They will create the right strategy, but equally essential will be the fast execution. “In the growth process, we will continue to identify new opportunities whenever it will come and take the plunge before others to make quick moves,” he concludes.

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