Astrek Innovations plans user trial for its exoskeleton based wearable robotic suit.


Delhi, 10th March 2021: Astrek Innovations, a healthcare startup working with rehabilitation and assistive robotics announced that they are in the last stages of product development and plans to begin user trials in the 2nd quarter of 2021. A dedicated team at Astrek has been working for the past 3 years on an exoskeleton based wearable robotic suit that would help in rehabilitation and as an assistive device for people suffering from or living with lower limb disabilities. After extensive research and overcoming pandemic induced delays, they are excited to introduce their product to the community.

Accelerated by Gurugram based accelerator, Huddle, Astrek’s Unik Exosuit range is a motorised wearable robot that would help people with lower limb disabilities in performing exercises and gait training. The product is embedded with a state-of-the-art motion capturing system that would feed data related to the user in real-time to a physician or caretaker. The idea behind the product range is to combine the precision and repetitiveness of a robotic system and the advantages of data analysis into the gait training and rehabilitation field. The device can currently carry a person of up to 80kg weight and can be operated with a battery or from any power source. The startup is working on improving these numbers so that the exosuit can be used as a daily living assistive device in homes, offices and outdoors.

The idea behind the product arose after one of the founder’s grandfather met with an accident and lost his ability to walk again. The man, who led a very independent life, had to shift to a lifestyle where he was dependent on a caretaker for even very basic needs. “There is still a scarcity in proper infrastructure for rehabilitation treatment. With the first exosuit, as Huddle we’ve been aiding in bridging towards solutions that can provide assistance to as many in need through their advanced tech while making sure it is accessible to everyone financially and practically , and this breakthrough from the team is an encouraging sign of what is in store,” comments founding partner of Huddle, Sanil Sachar.

Robin Kanattu Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder, Astrek Innovations, said:The current technology penetration in physical medicine, rehabilitation and assistive devices is negligible in comparison to other branches of healthcare. Astrek envisions a leap into the present in regards to tech available in these sectors using wearable robotics, motion capture, machine learning and data analysis/visualization. Doctors make use of real data rather than plain intuition to provide their patients the best care. We expect to take our product into trials very soon and look forward to proving our claims.”

Astrek’s goal is to make the exosuit & data analysis technology a normal practice in physical medicine and rehabilitation. One major roadblock to this goal is the exorbitant costs involved in importing devices from European or American countries. This increases the cost of treatment and reduces the number of people that can afford to benefit from it. The start-up and its founders recognise this as one of the main hurdles they have to cross and consider this a major differentiator from their competition. With the use of unique motion capture technologies, data analysis and intuitive design at affordable rates, they beg to differ from existing competitors.

Jithin Vidya Ajith, Co-Founder and COO at Astrek Innovations, Said, “Astrek’s goal is to cultivate an equality of opportunity and accessibility for people living with disabilities. We believe technology has the power to improve these conditions and are committed to exploring ways to advance goals”.

The start-up is also working on a lower-end gait training tool using a patent-pending motion transfer driven exoskeleton device. The device, termed Centaur, is currently in the prototype phase and is expected to combine gait training and data analysis/visualization at a much lower rate (less than INR 8 Lakhs, approx). The device is being developed to be used in rehabilitation centres, care centres and in home-care situations.

The company and its vision have been validated by multiple govt. backed incubators and have received grants from Kerala Startup Mission and DST (Nidhi Prayas). They are currently incubated at the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIIT Hyderabad. They are also accelerated by Huddle and HealthStart. Astrek Innovations has also received international recognition from the Chilean govt. and was a participant & grant awardee in the Start-up Chile Seed G22 Accelerator. They were also a winner in the Living in Motion challenge organized by AARP and, winning a paid trip to CES 2020, Las Vegas.

About Astrek Innovations:

Astrek established in 2018, we develop cutting edge solutions to some of our most complex problems – Disability and Rehabilitation. Leveraging our knowledge and expertise in robotics, machine learning and motion capture, we design devices that would transform the current state-of-the-art in the rehabilitation and assistive technology arena.
Our magnum opus is a wearable robotic device, an exoskeleton that would help people with lower-limb immobility walk again. A culmination of motorised limb braces, motion capturing & tracking; and machine learning; this device would transform rehabilitation into a precise, immediate treatment protocol.
Astrek is working towards a complete rehabilitation solution that includes Sit-Stand Training, Stair Training, Gait and Balance Training among others so that people facing mobility challenges become independent with higher self-confidence.