Aura & CO

The Legal consultation is an aspect of our life that demands the highest level of hard work, patience, perseverance, consistency, competency, efficiency, and precision. Especially for professional individuals or entities seeking legal counsel must get services and solutions from the smallest to the severest of matters at a single law firm. Furthermore, it is their pre-requisite that the law firm they are partnering with can represent them before any of the courts, tribunals, or forums across the country irrespective of the state jurisdiction and in every area of law. Moreover, they expect value for their money, timely resolution of their cases, and robust support in investigations and R&D wherever and whenever required.

Fulfilling all of these factors and renowned for exceeding expectations, M/s Aura & Co. (Advocates & Law Consultants) is one of India’s top-most leading law firms registered as an Advocate on Record (AOR) with the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Founded by Mr. Shiv Mangal SharmaAdvocateFounding and Managing Partner, the Firm is fully equipped to represent its clients right from the Lower Courts to the Apex Court of the country.

The Success Fundamentals

Adv. Sharma says, “Our clients are our greatest assets, and we work hard to meet their expectations. We believe a strong relationship with every client is fundamental to success.” He informs that in recent years, they have worked on some of the most high-profile and challenging cases. In case things go wrong, Adv. Sharma assures that they can help their clients safeguard their future. “Our team members are meticulous, discreet, competitive, and reassuring,” he adds.

Adv. Sharma has rich experience in the field of Litigation for the past 22 years. He started in the Courts of Delhi in the year 2000. He practised as a junior advocate with an AOR in the Supreme Court of India, and after a period of four years of his learning, under the mentorship of Mr. Mukul Rohatgi, Senior Advocate, Adv. Sharma started his independent practice.

While he has experience in Supreme Court and High Courts across the country, however, he did not restrict his practice to the said forums and opened a Law Firm with a well-organized team of Senior and Junior Associates in 2007 to expand his work Pan India in all the Courts, Forums, Tribunals etc. His personal practice focus, however, is in the Supreme Court of India, where his Law Firm “Aura & Co.” is amongst the highest filing law firms among the top.

The Most Proficient Legal Leadership

Adv. Sharma specializes in civil, commercial, and criminal laws. He deals in various matters, having gathered versatile experience through his years of practice. He was appointed by the Hon’ble President of India as the Senior Standing Counsel for the Government of India in 2012 and still holds the said post. He held the Post of Additional Advocate General for the Government of Rajasthan from 2014 to 2018. Presently, Adv. Sharma is also the Senior Standing Counsel for the Government of Madhya Pradesh before the Supreme Court of India.

According to him, the law is a means through which a hard-working person can truly bring about change. As a lawyer, you have a duty to provide the best service possible to your clients. He reflects, “I was dedicated to helping my clients as best as I could since my initial days in the profession, and also made efforts to give back to society and those around me.” This focus on service to clients and a general spirit of service to society is imbibed in Aura & Co.’s work culture.

A Holistic Approach

Aura & Co. is also a recognized and registered Law Firm with the Bar Council of India. The Firm conducts its business from its eleven offices across India and overseas, i.e., New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Prayagraj, Hyderabad, Chennai, Odisha, Bhopal, and the United Kingdom.

The Firm is a full-service law firm with highly qualified professionals, assisting clients with Constitutional Law, Civil Laws, Criminal Laws, Company and Industrial Laws, Media Laws, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, General Corporate, Capital Markets, Private Equity, M&A, International Laws, Electricity Laws, Real Estate, Banking and Finance Laws, Corporate Laws, Education Laws, Law of Contracts, Taxation Laws, Insurance, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Laws, Information Technology Law, Power, Energy and Natural Resources, Matrimonial Laws, Environment and Mining Laws related matters.

The firm provides every law-related service with specialized teams working with clients on the basis of their needs.

Adv. Sharma states, “We offer a holistic approach towards laws around the different gamut of operations, products, and services of our client(s). We are proud to have successfully provided legal solutions and relief to many eminent corporations, financial institutions, governmental organizations, and agencies.”

We Are the Key to Your Legal Solutions

The key to this outstanding success and consistency of achievements over the past 20 years is Aura & Co.’s commitment to its clients. Prompt delivery of work along with whopping efficiency is what Adv. Sharma and team Aura & Co. strives hard to maintain in each of their assignments. They believe in nothing short of perfection when providing services to their clients.

They have a three-fold USP

  • Prompt service: They work without delay and have a quick turnaround time for all their assignments.
  • Client Satisfaction: Their services and solutions are oriented towards giving their clients their exact requirements and ensuring their demands are met.
  • Quality Output: Specialized teams will provide the clients with the highest quality and standards of legal assistance.

According to Adv. Sharma, there are no challenges you cannot overcome when you are willing to work hard. Law is a profession where you must be able to respond and promptly take the right call. Your presence of mind in courts/arbitrations/negotiations can make or break your client’s case. “I feel the key is always to be aware, but one challenge every good lawyer has to face is time management and the correct allocation of resources,” he says.

A Cautious Tech Advancement

Speaking about the technological impact on the legal industry and how he as an individual and a firm, adapts to it, he says, technology is always a boon and a bane. Search engines for case laws and legal repositories are very useful tools, and the lawyers at Aura & Co. make full use of the same in their research and preparation.

However, both information and misinformation are currently spreading very easily. Hence, the firm has strong security features and training resources for all the associates on diligently checking the source of all information and protecting client information and sensitive data. Technology is used carefully and securely at Aura & Co., keeping in mind the client’s interests and requirements of the case.

Devising Your Future Success Trajectory

His advice to the young generation of legal enthusiasts is wise. He says young professionals must understand that they are joining a field where their actions can determine the rights and the future of their clients. A very sincere and responsible attitude is required amongst young lawyers, with respect for the legal system and the judiciary. The profession’s high standards must be maintained, with ethics and integrity at the core of its values.

On envisioning the firm in the long run and sharing their future goals, Adv. Sharma says that Aura & Co. (Advocates & Law Consultants) is already one of India’s leading law firms, and he wants the growth trajectory to continue with a two-fold focus on providing clients with the best service as well as attention to the detailed expertise and experience required in the cases that they handle.

At Aura & Co., the quality of service can never be compromised. Client satisfaction is going to remain their focus. He says, “Further, we have the aim of spreading legal awareness among the common people to prevent misuse of the law and exploitation,” adding, “We maintain reader-friendly blogs on our website on a series of burning legal issues,” before concluding, “We will continue to expand our repository of resources for the people so that our firm continues to provide meaningful services to not just the clients but society at large.”