B2B e-procurement Company Centriti Secures Rs 6 Crores Investment

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Centriti, a business-to-business (B2B) e-procurement platform, has secured Rs 6 crore in a new round headed by Emergent India Ventures and attended by Atrium Angels, Alluvium Capital, Venture Garage, CoralBay Ventures, HOF, and Brigade Group. Centriti plans to use the new funding to improve technology, cut service time, and expand into new markets, according to a press statement.

Daljeet Singh founded Centriti in 2022, and it uses mid-mile logistics, warehousing, and AI-driven inventory management solutions to help hotels and restaurants save money, eliminate waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

The platform’s in-house integrated inventory software automates inventory tracking and replenishment while also delivering analytical insights and forecasts to assist organizations make sound decisions.

Centriti eliminates the inefficiencies associated with managing various vendors and insufficient technical integration. Consolidating all procurement demands into a single efficient system improves operational efficiency and reliability for hospitality enterprises.

The Delhi-based firm has collaborated with top hotel companies including Taj Hotels, Oberoi Hotels, Accor Group, Barbeque Nation, and Chai Point. It currently operates in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Jaipur, with plans to expand to Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Chennai within the next two years.
Other significant players in this field include SupplyNote, PetPooja, POSist, EagleOwl, SlickPOS, and others.

Centriti Tradings was founded in 2011 in New Delhi, India, with the goal of disentangling the supply chain network and providing your guests with a positive and memorable experience.
With the fundamental supply chain elements in place, it creates and manages supply networks tailored to the Indian, South-East Asian, and European markets.

The company is always optimizing the supply chain performance to make the most effective adjustments to lower the expenses and increase the client’s profitability while providing quality products and services that meet their guests’ needs. Centriti’s supply network strategies examine a variety of factors, including order volumes, delivery locations, and bespoke requirements, and it prevents redundancies throughout the process.