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Santosh Sunar, Director, BeTheGuide
Santosh Sunar, Director, BeTheGuide

The start-up ecosystem in India is evolving at an exponential rate, even in times of a global pandemic. The diversity in their offerings and innovation is evidently prominent and has contributed to the development of the country’s economy.

This edition, India’s Fastest Growing Startups, features such emerging organizations which are ceaselessly striving to strengthen their foothold in their respective industries.

One such leading start-up is BeTheGuide® Motivational Coaching Organization, a reputed and recognized visionary enterprise which takes pride in being the first and the only motivational coaching organization in North-Eastern India.

BeTheGuide’s vision is to create motivational speakers, professional trainers, entrepreneurs, and motivational clubs across schools and colleges in India, and it also aspires to become the top training and development hub in India.

The journey for the organization since its inception on 15th February 2018 has been a remarkable one. It has trained more than 3000 students; has conducted over 100 sessions in various organizations thus impacting over 10,000 lives.

BeTheGuide has been awarded with various recognitions such as one of the Top 100 winners in the entrepreneurship business challenge in the state of Meghalaya, Indian leadership Icon Award 2020, Interntaional Teaching award to be received on December 19, 2020. These show the credibility, authenticity, and best quality of BeTheGuide’s business services.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Look India, Santosh Sunar, the Director of BeTheGuide, shares his insights on how the organization is making an impact on those seeking motivational coaching and entrepreneurship training. Below are the highlights of the interview:

Brief our readers about the educational programmes that make your company standout from the competition.

1) Motivational Coaching programme: We aim to create Motivational Speakers across India as of now, and provide platforms for recognition, visibility and earning through our partnerships with various schools, colleges, and organization.

2) Professional Trainer Programmes: We believe Soft skills Training is a sustainable business as it is the need of the hour during this crisis where our so skills will be the top priority for every organization across the world, and many job opportunities will be opened. Hence the demand for the Professional Trainers will increase and we are already there in the market.

3) Entrepreneurship programme: Owing to the pandemic many companies have laid off the employees or have shut down, resulting in mass unemployment and to a void the job seekers, working professionals and anybody to solely depend on their job, we provide them a platform where their ideas are nurtured and help them to be self-reliant, independent and to create jobs for the individuals who are freshers and dropouts as they still need some experience to be a professional.

Being at a leadership position of your company, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the Indian business ecosystem?

The situation of our business ecosystem is currently haywire. However, it is the best me for the start-ups and entrepreneurs to expand their wings and solve the problem. I believe the impact on the start-ups are less critical than compared to the established businesses, hence start-ups can re-adjust and readapt quickly to the situation, and invest on some project which will help the organization to survive and progress through the Pandemic.

On the other hand, for established businesses, it will be me consuming to quickly jump into some other businesses. Layoffs are happening at a faster pace and the business ecosystem is already in turmoil. However, it is the entrepreneurs and start-ups with fresh ideas that can fight and bring the business ecosystem back to its position.

Fine tuning of the services and Products are important at this stage as because closing the shutters of the business and laying off employees is never a solution for any business to thrive during this crisis. Of course, we may not get a quick result but many problems on the way will definitely be resolved. Hence the government must invest more on start-ups and provide more platforms to both technology and non-technology driven businesses.

As an experienced leader, according to you, how necessary is it to align one’s business with the latest technological developments?

Frankly speaking it is not that necessary. During This Era of Technology, it is an added advantage to incorporate technology into your business where you feel human intervention is limited and too much me consuming.

It is not a good idea to involve technology to every aspect of your business right, left and centre. We must start thinking to depend less on technology. Everything has changed from the advent of AI, robotic, Block chain and so on. These are great tools to grow the business exponentially however being an entrepreneur our responsibility is to create more jobs and professionals.

We still have large portion of our population which is unskilled and unemployed but because of the implementation of the technology at every aspect of business the unemployment rate has shot up. Hence, BeTheGuide® has taken a step to reduce this gap and make large number of People ready for job and self-employed and involve more humans rather than technology in its business. We believe if employees are happy, the business will even have a stronger foundation.

What have you envisioned for your company to sustain its competency in the future?

The motto of our organization is to Reskill, Reshape and Rebuild. This is self-explanatory and this moo will always help our business to sustain during any crisis. Not only that, we will also readapt, readjust, and keep on fine tuning our services whenever challenging situations arise.

We will continue creating more motivational clubs, offer more employment opportunities, create more professional trainers, and create more positive minded people in the form of motivational coaches.

Focussing on these aspects it will help every organizations to hire the best professionals to improve their performances, innovate and drive business to its peak. We will create a motivational mall, motivational library, and a great motivational ecosystem not only for businesses but for the masses to think positive at every moment and uproot the menaces of unethical human behaviour.

BeTheGuide® aspires to create a harmonious and happiest environment in the society and to make India the happiest living place on earth.