BigBasket plans cashless and cashier-less stores in Bengaluru


Bengaluru: Line-less, cashless, and cashier-less stores are coming close to you. Online grocery BigBasket is planning to start several of unmanned convenience stores in Bengaluru sometime early in 2021, as part of a pilot project that seeks to replicate an Amazon Go like shopping experience.

They plan to launch 10 such stores at the outset. Each store to have half a dozen self-service scales. Computer vision and AI will be used to understand the items you have brought and the amount you have to pay. All payments will be through digital modes.

The project is being overseen by CTO Rakshit Daga’s office. The pilot project is said to have vegetables, fruits, and some packaged items.

BigBasket’s technology would be more like the way Walmart has leveraged Malong Tech’s RetailAI Fresh technology in China. This has single camera and GPU at the back end for computation with one-click screen experience. Customers place the bagged items on the scale, and then the system identifies products with a single click.

BigBasket’s annual gross sale run-rate crossed $1 billion in May. The company’s operations have expanded to 30 cities in India, recording about 20 million customer orders per month. The pandemic has given the business a huge boost.