Blueladder EPC Solutions: Central India’s Fastest EPC & PEB Solution Providers

Blueladder EPC Solutions: Central India’s Fastest EPC & PEB Solution Providers
Blueladder EPC Solutions Private Limited

The most significant transformation in India’s infrastructural space has been brought about by the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) sector. Starting as a niche, EPC has evolved into an industry in its own right.

Following the conventional architectural industry, the Pre-Engineered Steel Building (PEB) solutions stand as the second-largest industry, playing a crucial role in reshaping India’s past, present, and future industrial landscape.

Today, numerous industry players cater to the growing demands of the EPC and PEB sectors, serving both private and public companies. Emerging swiftly as a trusted leader among them, leaving a distinctive mark, is Blueladder EPC Solutions Private Limited. Established in 2017 in Nagpur by Ghanshyam Kewalramani and CA. Sagar Bharani, it specializes in PEB solutions and manufacturing.

Providing further insight into the company, Co-founder Pawan Kewalramani mentions their dedication to serving the PEB sector across Pan India.

Co-founder Sagar Kewalramani adds, “We began as mainstream PEB manufacturers and subsequently evolved into EPC Turnkey Solutions providers. From project conceptualization (PEB) to feasibility study, design, production, erection, and automation, today, we cover it all.”

Engineering Innovations

Blueladder’s headquarters are in Nagpur, with nine+ regional operational offices. Pawan proudly states, “We have successfully completed over 600 PEB projects. Our expertise lies in designing, fabricating, and installing PEB structures for various industries and applications.”

Apart from PEB, Blueladder excels in offering EPC turnkey solutions and technical advisory services. Pawan emphasizes that they are one of the leading dedicated PEB and roofing product manufacturers. Their pre-engineered buildings are ideally suited for industrial structures, including warehouses, factory sheds, commercial buildings, airport terminal buildings, airport hangars, metro stations, poultry farms, multi-story buildings, parking sheds, and a wide range of other building solutions.

With a team boasting over three decades of experience in providing solutions for metal building systems, Pawan reveals their vision to establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nagpur, Maharashtra, to become a premier manufacturer of top-quality PEBs and Turnkey solutions.

Equipped with an efficient in-house engineering and project management team, Blueladder EPC Solutions is fully capable of turning clients’ visions into reality. Since its inception, the company has successfully completed various industry-specific projects with leading firms across India.

Constructing Perfections

Sharing their philosophy, Sagar states, “Our vision reflects our aspirations. At Blueladder EPC Solutions, we founded the company to provide fast, easy, and unique pre-engineered steel structures. We aim to implement manufacturing strategies to meet personalized requirements in the infrastructural development domain.”

Pawan adds, “We envision becoming India’s leading modern PEB company by replacing conventional structures. We are committed to ensuring that our products and services are delivered on time and meet international standards. Our mission highlights our approach to achieving our vision.”

Their core values underscore how they intend to realize their vision and mission, including:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Responsibility to society
  • Organizational and individual growth
  • Technical excellence
  • Employee dignity and self-respect
  • Innovation, Excellence, and Responsibility

These factors form Blueladder’s significant Unique Selling Proposition (USP), positioning it as one of the fastest-growing EPC solution providers. Pawan explains, “The pre-engineered segment is vast. We focus on industries and warehouses, positioning ourselves between local players and well-established brands. We deliver the same quality within the timeline, using the same machinery, production techniques, and technology at a lower cost.”

Instilling Passion

Elaborating on what sets Blueladder apart in a competitive landscape, Sagar emphasizes that they offer pre-engineered building and turnkey solutions for warehousing and various industries.

“In this business, word-of-mouth plays a crucial role. By maintaining good relationships, completing projects on time, and providing excellent after-sales service, we have gained a foothold in the market and distinguished ourselves.”

Highlighting their inspiration, Pawan and Sagar note that as India’s infrastructure is rapidly expanding, the Indian EPC market is booming, with India leading the PEB construction segment at 9.5% growth, surpassing China’s 8.5%.

Currently, 43% of the Indian construction industry is based on PEBs. Government initiatives, such as ‘Make in India,’ have further fueled the industry’s growth, with numerous industries and manufacturing facilities emerging.

They also stress that their customers greatly appreciate their professional qualities and values. “Our passion for the project makes clients believe that we are building their shed, and it’s our responsibility to execute it flawlessly. Delivering work outcomes to agreed quality standards and timescales is what our clients admire the most.”

Crafting Technovations

As an experienced leader, Aman Bharani (Co-founder and Director) shares his insights into how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the EPC solution space and how Blueladder adapts to change. Aman emphasizes the importance of adopting modern technologies to stay updated and cost-efficient.

“Our team is developing an application through which clients, consultants, architects, or anyone involved in the project can access real-time project updates using their unique project code.”

Pawan adds, “This is an additional service from our end to clients, setting us apart from the competition.”

Building Monumental Inspirations

Acknowledging the challenges faced in the current industry scenario, Pawan mentions that they position themselves between local players and top brands, supplying quality products within stipulated timeframes. “Clients can rest assured while we take care of the rest.”

Sagar highlights that the vastness and complexity of steel can be challenging for clients to understand fully. “At times, it’s difficult to explain why competitors offer lower prices. By presenting facts, we can convince them. This industry thrives on relationships. Once you successfully complete a project, there’s no turning back. Your work speaks for you.”

When envisioning the future and scaling Blueladder’s operations and offerings, Sagar reveals their plans to double their manufacturing capacity from 25,000 MT to 50,000 MT in the next four years with the addition of two new plants.

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