Bombay Electrical Projects and Supplies India Pvt Ltd: Spotlighting an Odyssey of Prominence

Bombay Electrical Projects and Supplies India
BEPS (Bombay Electrical Projects and Supplies India Pvt Ltd)

Since evolutionary electricity ignited the filament of human imagination, human minds have been inflamed with light to control it inside incandescent bulbs, replacing ages of darkness with a brighter future mounted under the roof. The shimmering magnificence of this amplifying brightness has been illuminating our path to the betterment of humanity and forwarding its mission of growth, progress, development, and prosperity.

Although the saga of the Indian lighting industry began in the late nineteenth century, BEPS Group launched the post-independence era of Indian decorative lighting manufacturing through RK Lite Brand. It became the pioneer of light manufacturers, distributing and supplying lighting fixtures all over the country.

BEPS (Bombay Electrical Projects and Supplies India Pvt Ltd) is a well-established and renowned lighting industry company founded in 1961 by the Chhabria brothers, Atmaram and Amar.

Over the years, the BEPS group has transformed from a small decorative light manufacturing company to a leading solution provider in the industry. With a team of 90 people, of which 40 are experts in Sales, Design and Technical Support, BEPS caters to various prestigious clients across hospitality, real estate, commercial spaces, corporate offices, and heritage sites.

The BEPS Inception Saga by the Founders- Atmaram Chhabria and Amar Chhabria

The Chhabria brothers, born in Shikarpur, Sindh, dreamed of starting his own business when he was just 19 years old. They started their first business by building light switches in their Mumbai living room.

The brothers quickly made the bold decision to jump right into the production and distribution of lighting in 1959 with a capital of ₹1000! And in 1961, they founded their first company, RKLITE (Rajkamal Trading Corporation) after two years of rigour and labour across the length and breadth of India and learning and unlearning of trade intricacies.

This light manufacturing and distribution company started out with operations in Pan India and soon after they began exporting to the Middle Eastern countries. They even received their first award for best exporter from none other than the Government of India!

Mr Atmaram Chhabria Quotes, “In 1960s, we had faced various issues of the quality of glass and its production.” While having a homely discussion over whisky, there struck an Idea to use the Glass from JONNY WALKER Whisky bottle cutting off the neck of the bottle and utilizing the whole glass after pretreatment.

“We also had a tradition of naming our fixtures in the name of Bollywood and Hollywood movie names like example – Moonlander – for a dome shape table lamp,” Mr Atmaram says, adding, “We used to churn out new designs and techniques all the time. And introduced a technique called Diamond Cutting where in, we used to analyze aluminium pipes and cut off small portion of it to show the shining aluminum portion. This was a huge hit in India and Middle East Countries. It led us to get an Export Award from the Government.”

Today, the company is driven by second-generation coherent leaders—Narendra Chhabria and Vijay Chhabria—setting the footprints of success—scaling its growth sky-high under the guidance of Atmaram Chhabria, Chairman and an industry veteran with over 50 years of experience and continues…

The Odyssey of Excellence

BEPS group, which started in 1961, comprises two companies – Bombay Electrical Projects and Supplies India Pvt Ltd (BEPS) and Rajkamal Trading Corporation (Rk Lite). BEPS specializes in doing small to large lighting projects all over India and Internationally with lighting products and brands from all over the world.

Rk Lite is the manufacturing division of BEPS Group, specialising in custom-made decorative lighting under the brand Rk Lite and architectural indoor and outdoor lighting under the brand CNC Lighting.

As a company providing premium lighting solutions, BEPS serves a diverse range of clients across various industries, including hospitality, real estate, commercial spaces, corporate offices, and heritage sites. The company caters to the needs of over 100 projects annually, working closely with architects, interior designers, consultants, and developers to understand specific requirements and provide customised solutions.

The Dynamic Leadership

Narendra Chhabria, with an executive MBA from the Indian Institutes of Management, Ahmedabad, joined the family business in 1992 and is responsible for Sales & Business Development and Customer Relationship Management in the company. He is known for his service-oriented approach.

Vijay Chhabria is a Mathematics wizard and a Technical and Design Director; along with his passion as a Sports Lover, he joined the group after completing his MBA from Sydenham College, Mumbai, in 1997.

Together, they are taking the company to new heights, following in the footsteps of their visionary fathers and making a name for themselves in the industry. Their collaborative leadership style has contributed to the success and growth of the company, and they are dedicated to continuing to provide quality solutions and services to their clients.

BEPS continues to set new milestones and create innovative solutions in the lighting industry,” shares Mr Narendra Chhabria.

Benchmarking Brilliance

BEPS is known for its ability to offer clients the opportunity to customise its standard product line, including indoor and outdoor architectural fixtures, decorative lights, LED lights, electroluminescent lights, underwater lights, fiber optics lights, and cold cathodes lights. The company also imports fixtures from countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, the USA, China, and the Far East on special requests.

Mr Vijay Chhabria shares, “The company’s services extend beyond providing lighting solutions, as it also offers execution, installation, and restoration of projects, as well as prompt after-sales service. BEPS has a reputation for reliability and quality, which is why it has established long-term relationships with some of the most prestigious clients in the industry.”

BEPS has served a wide array of clients, including industry leaders in the hospitality sector, such as the Taj Group, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, and The Leela Group of Hotels, as well as corporates like Reliance, L&T, DLF, Prestige Group, RMZ, and many more. The company’s commitment to providing the highest quality products and services has earned it a place among the country’s most sought-after lighting solution providers.

At the core of BEPS’s success is its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. BEPS believes in Kaizan by developing new technologies, improving existing ones, or finding creative ways to solve complex business problems. BEPS is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for its customers.

“BEPS Group is among the most sought-after for manufacturing and distributing lights, architectural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, façade lighting, 3D projection mapping, and production of lighting controls. Someone rightly said everything begins with an idea! BEPS Build specialises in lighting installation and turnkey contracts related to lighting projects,” expressed Mr Vijay and Narendra Chhabria.

“While achieving the success ladder, we are catering our clients only with Make in India products and also, we do provide varied products of International brands to our customers,” says Mr. Vijay Chhabria.

Expanding the Horizons of Success

While showcasing the brilliance of the company since its inception, Mr Vijay and Narendra said, “BEPS group extended its growth, started exporting to the middle east more largely in the 70s and 80s and received an Award from the Government of India. Moving with the times, BEPS group extended their portfolio to representing International brands to the Indian market and also doing large projects with decorative, architectural, indoor and outdoor lighting.”

The group’s philosophy has always been Design, Technology, High Quality, Craftsmanship and Solutions Oriented. BEPS today covers a wide spectrum of high-quality lighting fixtures focused on design technology and solutions, doing projects all over India and working with the top Indian and international architects, interior designers, lighting designers, landscape consultants and corporates.

BEPS’s controls specialists will Program, Test, and Commission the lighting control systems, with a dedicated After Sales Service team also undertaking Annual maintenance contracts and Restoration.

A Spectrum of Cohesiveness

BEPS exhibits exceptional expertise in

*BEPS Build

Lighting installation and turnkey contracts are BEPS Build’s areas of expertise. With architects and consultants, we collaborate to obtain the desired outcome, project managers and the site team must assure proper lighting fixture installations. Where necessary, our staff offers installation services or supervision to ensure that lighting fixtures are installed correctly. In order to generate the desired lighting effects in accordance with the designer’s goal, we also make sure fixtures are targeted and directed correctly. The lighting control systems will be programmed, tested, and commissioned by our controls specialists. With a committed after-sales team that also handles annual maintenance agreements and restoration, we are constantly at your service.

*BEPS Deco

We are recognized for delivering both off-the-shelf and personalized decorative lighting solutions, ranging from table lamps and wall lamps to floor lamps, chandeliers, and more. Our knowledgeable team is equipped to provide custom-made designs and to restore lighting fixtures for historical buildings.

*BEPS Tech

Architectural Indoor and Outdoor Lighting is a specialty of BEPS TECH. Our area of specialization is architectural lighting for uses such as façade lighting, landscape illumination, cove lighting, down lighting, and spot lighting. Real estate developers, governmental organizations, museums, hotels, business offices, and others are among our clients. We represent numerous international brands in countries like India, China, Thailand, the United States, and Europe. International businesses including SGM, Denmark, Studio Due, Italy, Acclaim, the United States, and others are some of our execution partners.

  • Detailed Planning and Engineering.
  • SITCP – Supply/Installation/Testing/Commissioning/Programming.
  • AMC – Annual Maintenance Contracts.
  • O&M – Operation and Maintenance Contracts.

A Three Dimensional Stratum of Enlightenment

3D Projection Mapping is the newest addition to BEPS Tech and the group! BEPS also works for government projects for content development based on themes and concepts of the place or on individual projects as advised by the client.

  • 3D Projection mapping
  • Light and Sound Programs.
  • Immersive Experience Center
  • Lighting control
  • Guest room management systems

BEPS Tech has also built special expertise to execute media façade and RGB, which requires an understanding of project lighting concept, technology, electrical parameters, networking, and the ability to manage all these in a time-bound successful manner.

Some of the most prestigious projects of BEPS include:

  • Mahatma Gandhi International Convention Centre, Niger, Africa
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Royal Opera House, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Vikram Sarabhai Library, IIM Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Grand Mercure, Mysuru, Karnataka
  • Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty, Kochi, Kerala
  • Esplanade One Mall, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Illuminating the Future Echelons

The coherent leaders share, “BEPS did facade lighting for nine temples in Kanchipuram, which was a government tender wherein we had to present the lighting concept, detailed engineering, supply installation, testing programming and handover. The lighting was done on some temples, which are more than 1000 – 2000 years old. We had to take special care to not damage old structures and make special arrangements for fixing lights on the stand-alone heavy concrete block so that no holes have been made.”

The concept of lighting was based on the chakras of the human body, which was translated to the colours on the temple. Each chakra denotes a different colour. Special GOBOs were created like OM and Trishula while designing for projecting on the façade.

The Leela Hotel in Gandhinagar is a flagship BEPS project. The project testified to our expertise in lighting solutions for the hospitality industry, from Supply, Installation, and Testing to Commissioning and Programming of Architecture, Indoor and Outdoor lighting, Decorative lighting and Lighting controls for the Guest room, public area, Landscape and Façade. “We have provided customised fixtures like 2ft Height Floor lamps to Glass and Crystal’s Chandeliers ranging from 3mtrs to 6mtrs in height,” reveals Mr Vijay Chhabria.

Shimmering Stars of a Grandiose Tomorrow

Cost-efficient architectural lights to custom-made cane and bottle hanging lights with Reused/Recycled materials using Traditional weaving techniques, all designed to suit the theme. Table lamps and wall lights are specially picked to match the palatial ambience of this grand hotel.

BEPS successfully completed the site for the prestigious hotel Leela Gandhinagar, the first hotel on top of the railway station, which was also inaugurated by the hon.PM Shri Narendra Modi ji. BEPS supplied lighting for the entire project, including guest room, public area, landscape, façade and lighting controls. To glimpse the work done at this majestic hotel, please visit

BEPS has also done a 3D projection mapping project for ‘Dandi Kutir.’ It is India’s second largest 3D projection mapping. The team, under the adept guidance of Mr Vijay and Narendra Chhabria, completed it in a record-breaking time of 60 days. More recently, BEPS offered its top-notch services on the best mall—Jio World Drive – the prestigious project in Mumbai.

And as time passes, BEPS strives to enlighten the lanterns of its success by offering distinct and efficacious services to its clients with its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction,” Mr Vijay and Narendra Chhabria conclude with a charisma of confidence.