Building Success: Global Startup Summit 2024 to Open a Grand Startup Competition

Building Success: Global Startup Summit 2024 to Open a Grand Startup Competition

The Global Startup Summit is planned to take place on March 30th at the Hotel Royal Orchid in Bangalore. This sixth edition promises to provide outstanding exposure and benefits, such as branding, media placement, and access to our increasing network of high-powered and upwardly mobile startup ecosystem players.

Global Startup Battles will be a startup competition in which 12-15 startups will pitch to a panel of notable investors who will all serve as judges. Battle pitch sessions will go over 4 hours. won the Global Startup Summit Mumbai 2024 after two rounds of pitches, as determined by the Venture Capital firms in attendance.

This issue features some fantastic startups, including Linkroster, CherryCo Fanatic, Synvide Business Solutions, and many more. Vishnu Chaitanya (Nutradev) will curate the battle.

Their presence emphasizes the importance of mentorship and investment in developing the next generation of businesses, as well as the summit’s dedication to provide vital chances for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and get critical support for their ventures.
With a wide range of skills and vision, our partner companies bring innovation and a wealth of knowledge to the forefront. From supporting entrepreneurship with MOJO Startup and the Bengaluru publication of the book The Indian CEO to immersive entertainment experiences with Gamezon and 3X Events, each company brings a distinct perspective. Brand partners include The, Seedicon, Krispcall, AkshayaKalpa Organic, Rentfoxxy, SHK Global Ventures, Venture Garage, Wadhwani Foundation, VNTR Capital, The LIT app, Introbot & Bright Accounts, Startupnews.Fyi (Media Partner), and D2C Simplified (Community Partner), resulting in impactful collaborations.

These visionary partners share a purpose to promote growth across industries. We are prepared to uncover new opportunities and construct a brighter future for all thanks to our shared values and commitment to excellence.
The Global Startup Summit is a flagship event of the Global Startups Club, a community of companies with diverse perspectives, including Happy Ceremonies, Co Creed, iPACT Legal, Advoke Law, Elfinity Academy, Accrescent Managed Services, Vidhikrit Legal, The Media Garage, The Gain, Support Co. Consulting, Manditha Collections, and Linkroster. These charter members represent the backbone of the Global Startups Club entrepreneurial ecosystem, committed to promoting development, innovation, and meaningful collaboration.


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