Candor Group of Schools: Creating a Community of Dedicated and Spirited Learners

Candor Group of Schools
Candor Group of Schools

Creating an engaging learning environment requires a holistic approach that combines active learning strategies and a focus on student empowerment. By adopting these strategies, educators can transform education into a dynamic and meaningful experience, equipping students with the skills and enthusiasm needed to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.

Candor Group of Schools started operating with the same goal to inspire a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom and prepares students for a lifetime of continuous growth and exploration.

Candor is an authorized school for International Baccalaureate & Cambridge. Its IB Curriculum focuses on the holistic development of the child as an inquirer, both in school and in the world beyond. The program provides an education that is engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant. Candor offers an on-campus residential facility, with both weekly and regular boarding, for students from Grade 5 to Grade 12. Weekly boarders reside at the school from Monday to Friday and return home for the weekends, while regular boarders live on campus through the academic year.

The hostels are spacious and comfortable and are allocated on a shared basis (two to three per room) to encourage socialization and emotional and mental well-being. The residential facility also houses a TV room and a common study area; dinner is served in the dining hall, which offers healthy and in-house cooked meals with a varied menu to cater to international and Indian boarding students. Candor offers facilities like CCTV cameras installed at all strategic locations and 24×7 security personnel on campus. Background verification for all staff, emergency response team, infirmary, in-house nurse 24×7, doctor on call, and many more. Its school also provides sports fields like Artificial Turf Tennis, Basketball, and Football, along with a hi-tech French swimming pool.

Preservation of Ethical and Moral Values

Candor International School aims to nurture lifelong learners who, through respect and intercultural understanding, technology, creativity, collaboration, and an active engagement in community service, become citizens of the world to contribute and make a difference to their generation.

Candor International School aspires to nurture young adults who will be catalysts for positive change both nationally and internationally, ensuring the protection of the environment and the preservation of ethical and moral values in an age of constant social, political, economic, technological, and environmental change. The vision will be articulated through the core values of:

  • Love of learning through lifelong inquiry
  • Respect for diversity of people, faith, culture, and ideas
  • Concern for the community at all levels
  • Integrity of thought, speech, and action
  • Openness to adopting the best models
  • Transparencyof standards and practices

Candor creates a community of dedicated and spirited learners, and it believes that every child can be nurtured to develop into a knowledgeable, caring, confident, and responsible global citizen.

Turning Adversities into Opportunities

Dr. Suresh Reddy – Founder and Chairperson (Candor Group of Schools), possesses an extraordinary vision and unceasing optimism that has helped him to turn adversity into opportunity when he was in the USA a decade ago. Dr. Suresh’s vision is to provide ‘International Education’ that is affordable, accessible, holistic, and that teaches children real-world skills.

His inspiration has been the children themselves. He believes that, for the children to succeed, they must learn more moral and ethical integrity coupled with leadership skills. They should help their parents to understand that the world is changing, and children must open up to new and innovative ideas. Dr. Suresh believes that the path to success is easy only if one has principles like aspiration, desire, dedication, determination, concentration, and the will to learn.  Candor takes the lead by teaching students beyond the textbooks and beyond classrooms.

The school’s priorities begin with helping students feel that each one of them is known and valued as an individual and that school life has a meaning and purpose for them. This can be achieved in a variety of small ways, the cumulative effect of which can have a very powerful influence on students’ sense of well-being.

Candor provides students with reliable information and deepens their understanding of the challenges that they face. Students are also provided with the intellectual skills required to reflect critically on these challenges and on the influences that society brings to bear on them, including peer pressure, advertising, social media, and family and cultural values.

Candor follows an international curriculum or has elements of international education woven into their teaching and learning experience. Candor has introduced the IB & Cambridge curricula for the students. The boarding schools provide state-of-the-art student support facilities such as academic counsellors, sports and art areas, safe and comfortable study spaces, and home-like living arrangements.

These together provide the same facilities as any international institution would to its students, and thus, the students gain by studying in vibrant and intellectually challenging setups. Even the teachers in a boarding school are selected from among the best in the country. Many have international teaching experiences, too, that bring a varied perspective to the pedagogy. Candor incorporates all of these for its students.

Sharpening Key Skills

Candor introduced the modern teaching method, which is more activity-based and centres around the learner’s mind, involving them entirely in the process of learning. In the modern teaching method, curriculum teaching, and planning are done with the learner as the primary target.

In this way, learners actively participate in the whole process to build their knowledge and sharpen their skills; this is also termed a constructivist approach. On the other hand, the mentor or teacher only leads them and guides them to focus on the objectives of the subject. This is all done by engaging in activities and by adopting innovative modern teaching techniques. This also helps in reducing the competition among the students, promotes cooperation, and boosts a healthy study environment.

Teaching is not a spectator sport, neither is learning. Candor teachers keep their students engaged in their course or the classroom. Students can never learn enough just by sitting in the classroom and listening to their teachers, as well as spitting out prepared answers or memorizing pre-defined assignments. One of the key factors of a learning project’s success is engagement. Candor’s student engagement model is mentioned below:

  • Creative: Drama, Model United Nations, and Young Entrepreneurship Program
  • Clubs: Dance, Robotics, CANMUN, Gardening, Literacy, Science/Environment, Karate, Needlework/Sewing, Music, Joy of giving, Labour Day, Community Service, and a few more are all part of the curriculum and real-world applications
  • Tap into student’s prior knowledge
  • Learn students’ interests
  • Organize classroom discussions
  • Design highly relevant learning activities
  • Integrate modern technology
  • Provide timely and regular feedback in terms of progress

After all, a good learning pattern is beneficial for both the teachers and students, and Candor brings positive outcomes for everyone associated with the course.

Education Beyond the Classroom

Many people feel that education is the only way to a better future. However, this isn’t true because it takes more than an excellent education to achieve success and happiness. Students need strong values, or they will not be able to succeed in life outside of school. For students to face their future, they need to communicate and work together with other people.

Candor aims to extract knowledge from the existing arena and create new knowledge for adapting to ever-changing work conditions. At Candor, students are prepared by fostering creativity, making them understand how failure is the key to success, and helping them with their leadership and communication skills. Candor teaches them about the world’s cultures, customs, global responsibilities, and many more.

Candor is committed to helping every learner develop as a whole person, fulfill their potential, and help shape a shared future built on the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet. Candor’s curricula teaching and learning already extend well beyond the classroom and will continue to do so, and as education changes to suit the future’s needs, it is the school’s responsibility to empower students to take risks, be innovative, and seize any opportunity thrown their way.

Empowering the Learners

There are two factors to help and empower the learners. First is a personalized learning environment that supports and motivates each student to nurture their passions, make connections between different learning experiences and opportunities, and design their own learning projects and processes in collaboration with others. The second is building a solid foundation: literacy and numeracy remain crucial. In the era of digital transformation and with the advent of big data, digital literacy and data literacy are becoming increasingly essential, as are physical health and mental well-being.

Candor NPS School is a one-of-a-kind premier CBSE residential school started by two stalwart institutions, namely, National Public School and Candor International School. Both these institutions are leaders in the country’s educational system in their own way. Candor’s credentials include authorization to deliver both the International Baccalaureate program and the Cambridge curricula. Candor also boasts of winning many awards and accolades – the school was ranked number 1 in India for Safety & Hygiene, number 3 in India for Campus & Architecture, and featured as one of the top 5 schools in India for Day-cum-Boarding.

Nurturing Lifelong Learners

NPS has delivered 60 years of excellence in guiding young minds, operating in Singapore, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mysore, and now Tirupati, gaining increased popularity and appreciation and, of course, being much sought after. Candor NPS School Tirupati offers state-of-the-art facilities for the progressive, child-centric, and holistic development of students under the guidance of Dr. K.P. Gopalakrishna, Chairman and Founder Principal NAFL, TISB, and NPS Group of Schools.

Fostering Trustworthy Relationships

Learning begins at birth. Every parent will have to play a central role in their child’s education from this moment onwards. This role continues when the child starts school. Candor NPS School tries to form a close relationship with both children and their parents so that their education can continue as fully and smoothly as possible. The school welcomes all parents to become involved in the life of their child at school.

It believes a child who sees their parent actively involved and positively supporting the school will make better progress than one who feels that home and school are two different worlds. To promote a healthy relationship between the teachers and the parents, Candor NPS School Tirupati’s teaching staff are available for one-to-one consultation after school hours by prior appointment to discuss their child’s various aspects like curricular, co-curricular, personal, and social development of their child.

Candor NPS, in active participation with Senses Electronics Pvt. Ltd, endeavours to leverage technology for the betterment of the students. Intelligent Interactive Panel Board (IIP) is the modern replacement for the traditional Blackboard. This facilitates the ease of writing, drawing, and annotating on the screen with the easiest of tools.

Besides unconditional love and time, the most precious thing children can get is education. In fulfilling this yearning, Candor NPS stands tall as a school that already knows and understands this. The school strives to watch them closely, groom them adequately, and encourage them wholeheartedly. Candor NPS believes that when children spend time with teachers and forge a positive and trusting relationship, they learn best and share their intuitions and passions unbridled. Candor NPS, indeed, is the best place a child can ever be in!

Candor’s Glorious Achievements:

  • Candor International School is ranked No.7 in India.
  • Ranked #2 in Karnataka & Ranked #2 in Bengaluru.
  • #4 in India | #1 in Karnataka & Bengaluru for Excellence in Blended Learning in the EducationWorld.
  • Grand Jury India School Rankings 2021-22.
  • India’s #1 for Academic Reputation (Education Today 2020-21).
  • #5 in India | #2 in Karnataka & Bengaluru | Category- ‘India’s.
  • Top 20 Day-Cum-Boarding Schools in a survey conducted by Education Today Ranked #1 in Innovation in Education and Best Curriculum Design by Education Today 2021-22.
  • Category- ‘India`s Top 20 International Schools’ in a survey conducted by Education Today.
  • Forbes Great Indian School (2018-19) & featured in 13th Anniversary Special, Forbes India, 2022.
  • Top International Day cum Boarding School (TOI, EW, Careers360).
  • Ranked #1 in India for Safety & Hygiene.
  • Ranked #3 in India for Campus & Architecture.
  • Education Today – Award (Top 3 International Preschool). Ranked No.3 in India, No.2 in Karnataka & No.2 in Bengaluru.
  • Education Today – Award (Top 10 Day – cum – Boarding School IB & CAIE). Ranked No.3 in India, No.2 in Karnataka & No.2 in Bengaluru.
  • Education Today – Award ( #1 in Individual Attention to Students in India’s Top International Schools). Ranked No. 1 in India, No.1 in Karnataka & No.1 in Bengaluru.
  • Education Today – Award (Integrated Learning). Ranked No. 1 in India, No. 1 in Andhra Pradesh & No. 1 in Tirupati.
  • Education Today – Award ( #1 in Tirupati in India’s Top CBSE Schools) Ranked No. 1 in India, No. 1 in Andhra Pradesh & No. 1 in Tirupati.

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