Carbon Capture Enviro Tech: Ensuring India Reaches Zero Emission Soon with the Power O2

Carbon Capture Enviro Tech
Carbon Capture Enviro Tech

India’s journey towards sustainability can be realized sooner. The target of zero carbon emissions can be achieved if we tackle all the major issues effectively. For that, vehicular emission is the first factor that needs to be addressed immediately.

Shouldering this noble mission with panache is Carbon Capture Enviro Tech Private Limited (CCET), based in Mumbai, India. An emerging startup, CCET introduced Power O2 – a breakthrough environment-friendly technology on renewable and clean energy.

According to Biman Kumar Dutta, FounderCEO, and patent-holding inventor of this technology, Power O2 will help substantially save all types of fuels on a very large scale. “It is not only going to keep the environment pollution-free but also save our consumers a huge amount of money towards fuel expenses. Power O2 is an absolutely unique, patented and novel Pre-Combustion Technology Catalytic Converter,” he informs.

Very Promising Early Test Results

Power O2 is already showing mind-blowing results in the various mileage test reports and PUC certificates of the numerous vehicles it has been installed with.

A Suzuki Ciaz was given seven KMPL of mileage earlier. After installing Power O2, the same car started giving 13.75 KMPL of mileage, a 96.42% increase.

Similarly, a Ford Endeavour had only nine KMPL of mileage. However, after Power O2 installation, the same car began giving a mileage of 15 KMPL, a 66.66% improvement.

Another Honda Civic, which used to have only nine KMPL of mileage, began giving 14 KMPL with an increased mileage of 55%.

All these vehicles and many more remained PUC certified after that without any hassle. Mr Biman says that today, vehicle owners mainly want powerfuel efficiency, and checking emissions. “These three things are our trump cards, and even in new vehicles, there will be an improvement of power also apart from other benefits with BHARAT VI cars on testing.”

An Affordable Way to Curb Vehicular Emission

India is a well-recognized country, always having maximum pollution on the top of the chart for decades. “Because of the initiative taken by our Honorable Prime Minister, a remarkable journey started in 2010, and BHARAI III was introduced to curb pollution. We started our journey two decades back around 2000 when the government of India started the norm of standardization introducing BHARAT I stage in 2000 for vehicle manufacturers,” informs Mr Biman.

With increasing demand for vehicles year after year, especially from 2010 onwards, the BHARAT III stage norm was introduced. “It set us thinking for the solution to develop the technology at per with pollution norms applicable for new vehicles at the most economical price,” he says, adding that POWER O2 pre-combustion technology catalytic converter is affordable for every old vehicle owner for controlling pollution for crores of old vehicles.

Obliterating Obstacles 

Mr Biman furthers that they have been observing for quite some time the serious problems people were facing in this vast country for vehicular emission and due to incomplete combustion of fuels such as petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, etc., leading to wastage and depletion of natural resources of the earth.

Vehicles are not performing at optimum levels of power and efficiency due to incomplete combustion of fuels. Decreased life span of vehicles and internal combustion engines. Air pollution is caused by vehicles emitting harmful elements like Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Methane, Hydrocarbons and Sulfur Dioxide into the environment. Increased carbon emissions. Old vehicles have to be scrapped for not meeting current emission norms.

Considering the huge task as a leader for solutions for emission reduction where there are currently 30+ crores of registered vehicles, old vehicles can be converted to the BHARAT VI stage, and carbon CO2 can be reduced to the optimum level on old vehicles a per present norms .

Thus, with Power O2, CCET is the pioneer with its innovative solution to check emissions on old vehicles at the present level, converting to BHARAT VI. “With affordable prices for consumers and continuous R & D, we have a target to progress for zero-emission as early as possible,” says Mr Biman.

Power O2 was evaluated by Lockheed Martin Research CenterMaryland, which was encouraging and on recommendation, the inventor, Mr Biman, was selected for the new approach on pre-combustion technology to curb pollution with other benefits and participated on invitation in the technical summits held in East Coast and West Coasts cities of the US organized by Tata Energy Research Institute and FICCI in 2012.

  • Power O2 was tested at ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India, Pune) in 2021.
  • Power O2 was tested at NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) Accredited laboratory in 2021, and again, the evaluation result was satisfactory.

Mr Biman adds, “We also received a certificate of merit for being selected as Zonalist in Asia’s biggest business competition, Eureka, in 2022, organized by IIT Mumbai, with more than 18000+ participants across Asia.

Ready to Launch Power O2

Reflecting on his leadership approach during the invention of Power O2, Mr Biman says that considering the stupendous task to curb vehicular pollution in India, especially in metro cities having millions of vehicles, he advised his team with continuous encouragement and motivation to work hard and focus continuously to achieve their objective and reach their goal to check emission in old vehicles. “And it is going to happen because of our do-or-die principle. For it, we struggled and fought together to make it successful up to the present stage. Because of our efforts, today, we are in the TRL-9 stage to launch our ready-for-launch product,” shares Mr Biman. He believes that what India needs at this hour is converting ASAP to BHARAT VI norms. “For a cleaner and greener environment in India, we believe we will play a major role. We are waiting for funding to deliver our success to the entire country as early as possible,” states Mr Biman.

He also believes that every innovation needs strong belief and determination to be united and focus on failures in stages, not divert full attention to success. At one point in 2012, they got a breakthrough in the form of an invitation from FICCI AND Tata Energy Research Institute. After testing the product, they recommended it for presentations in the USA. It was a breakthrough in product recognition.

“But we were at the initial stage. Also, awareness of the vehicular pollution campaign was improper, and marketing was not possible due to the fund crunch. We faced lots of hurdles because of paucity of funds.”

The Success Mantra

As a team leader, with Mr Biman’s continuous support, the team did not deter. Instead, as fighters, they worked very hard with optimism and crossed all barriers to reach their present goal of making the project successful.

“Continuous trials and errors was our mantra to make Power O2 a success. Finally, with our continuous efforts, POWER O2 was tested in the Indian Army with brilliant results on the old truck of 2006. It also made a great success at Mahindra & Mahindra Logistics. After successful testing in Mumbai for one year, they have now proceeded to the pilot stage of trials continued in Delhi and also with a few selective people. The product test has been going on for years and has been running successfully. We are waiting to start our marketing and planning to launch soonest with some funding at least in two important metros,” reveals Mr Biman.

On this front, Mr Biman wants to implement a successful marketing strategy. He wants to build a highly skilled team of people with experience in automobile markets and dedication. India is full of talent, especially the young generation. He says, “I strongly believe if they are encouraged by mentors with proper guidance, they will make India proud.”

For their teams for marketing, distribution, and sales with services, Mr Biman is providing continuous training. With the promotion of the product from time to time by professionals, he says they will easily achieve their targets. There will be a scope for wide-scale employment at a Pan-India level.

In these days of Digital marketing, Mr Biman and team CCET also have plans to join the bandwagon, and they are waiting to prepare infrastructure for marketing, sales, and fitment centres with these easy kits. (You can watch the video at

Join Us in the Clean and Green Tomorrow

Mr Biman reiterates that POWER O2 pre-combustion technology targets larger consumers. India has at least 85-90% of vehicles with emissions below the new norms. The government is sincerely trying for a green revolution. “We are also a part of it for clean and green India. Our government aims to reach 5% EV vehicles by 2030, and organizations are focused on investing in that niche. But practically, if the funding institutions also think parallel with vision in that direction a big scope to make India green and clean by investing in our project, then India can lead at least in Asia to be proud to be on the top and there is huge business potential. Because fossil fuel will be continuously used for at least some decades to come for sure,” predicts Mr Biman.

That is why, right from the beginning, Mr Biman has plans to build up CCET with renewable energy and clean energy products in mind. “Our PM is a great leader. Govt. is encouraging all. Its support allows India to make a proper work environment for pollution control. We at CCET will also work on climate change in the future. With other adventurous steps, someday we will lead to make India proud. India will lead the world in sustainability and clean and green world initiatives,” he concludes.