at Stock2Track to Perfect Your Customized ERP Solutions

Believe it or not, technology is our catalyst of evolution in the changing constant of time. It aids us to move on from a static, change-resistance mode into the futuristic drive of a progressive mindset. In this digitalization drive, nothing and nobody has been left untouched. In fact, the miraculous digitalization has brought the magical Pandora’s box into our palms and the marvels of revolution at our fingertips. Erasing the distance between enterprises and their consumers, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a revolutionary kind of marvel made possible by the technological advancements of digital jinn.

Yet, this marvel could not reach the masses, due to its hijacking of those service providers who lack passion, innovation, and market comprehension. It makes them blind to the personalized demands of almost all the customers in urgent need of customized ERP solutions–now made available exclusively and extensively provided by the passionately innovative and technologically adept team of including its Director, Pavan Muppalla, via their…

Smartest ERP Solutions Bundled in a Single App

According to Pavan, although there are a lot of players in the ERP segment, there are very few players who are providing customization and good support at an affordable price for the mid and small segments of the retail market. It is understood that the mid and small segment in the market is suffering from a lack of attention from software service providers and an increasing need for customization required.

He informs, “We established in 2017 with an intention to cater to the requirements in the retail industry.” He furthers that has started engaging with a few retail customers in 2017 while developing Stock2Track. With the ease of use as the motto for Stock2Track the references from existing customers challenged the software developers to build a robust product that can be easily configured to the needs of any customer and deployed in no time.

During this journey, it is understood that every business owner has a unique workflow and a canned product will not motivate usage. the team was therefore started understanding the perspective and challenges in family business running from generations, business is driven by traditional methods, business remotely run by owners typically in multi-location model. Around 50 to 60 variants of Stock2Track were evolved to address unique business solutions and most of the customers are now enjoying these benefits.

Stock2Track has more than 2500 valued customers across India enjoying the benefits of sales, purchases, accounting, and customer management solutions. Some of the tailored solutions to unify all the Railway RPSF battalion canteens across India to use interoperable smart cards by their employees, Bulk invoice generation for Apollo Gleneagles, and many more similar solutions like integration with online e-Commerce for small to mid-sized organizations were provided.

Custom solutions using Stock2Track core and an affordable price is our USP,” shares Pavan.

Stock2Track – Technology at Your Fingertips

Stock2Track is an Inventory Management Software and can be used as Billing Software or POS Software for various industries like

  • Billing software for Garments,
  • Billing Software for Shops and Supermarkets,
  • Billing Software for Furniture Shops,
  • Billing Software for Electronics,
  • Billing Software for Footwear,
  • Billing Software for Book stores and many more.

Elaborating more on the app, Pavan says that using Stock2Track is the easiest way to track Customers, Sales, Inventory, Purchases, Suppliers, and GST filing. He assures, “Stock2Track is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and remind them of new products. ​With the app, you can define your message templates and reach out to your customers periodically through text messages (SMS) or WhatsApp or through emails.” Clients can understand the purchasing trends of their customers and provide their product information at right time.

With Stock2Track bonding with your customer is made extremely easy,” he asserts, adding, “You can update your purchases, generate inventory labels and sell your items with few clicks. The reward for these simple steps will be amazing control of your business. A good dashboard interface to see the live stocks and their status available, sold, lost, and damaged. You can easily prepare your reorder inventory, stay on top of your expenditure and get a sense of satisfaction for the control you have on your inventory.”

With Stock2Track, clients can get reminded of their receivables and payments to be made. ​It is a great way for them to track their money which drives their entire business–part payments, installments, credits, and cash management through a simple and easy interface.

From Stock2Track, understanding your current financial status and planning is so easy now that you can save money on your accounting consultants and file your GST through the GSTR1 excel generator with few clicks,” says Pavan, adding, “Our solution includes the following Hardware:

  • POS Bill Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • POS Touch Screen
  • Barcode Printers
  • POS Cash Drawers
  • Payment Swipe Machines
  • Pole Display
  • Magnetic and RFID readers

A Complete ERP Solution Provider

Sharing the immersive benefits of their services, Pavan says that they are providing the number one customized service to their clients suiting their business workflow needs. Stating some other unique features of their apps, he says that they include

~Fast Performance- The apps are rich clients and interact with centralized data stores. These rich clients store the localized data and provide live interactions with good response time.

~Role based- “The apps provide role-based data access to suit your organization structure,” adds Pavan. The required level of security and data protection is based on the users and their interactions.

~Reports- “The apps provide you live analytic reports and alerts to stay on top of your business. That way you can customize your required reports with the goals of your organization,” he mentions.

The apps can be operated from a desktop, laptop, tab, or mobile.

~Seamless User eXperience- Rich user experience on a desktop or a mobile app enhances your productivity and a sense of quick accomplishment.

~Accessible from all Locations-Inventory update at the warehouse, selling at the store, and reordering or new purchases while travelling. A centralized repository binds the business workflow well.

Pavan also reveals that they are a team of highly passionate techno-functional experts who have been continuously improving upon this application to cater to any business in the retail space. “Our agile development methodology to understand customers’ requirements, tailor the core product and deploy the solution helps our customers to conveniently adapt to a new sophisticated system without any pain,” he assures.

Core Tech-Know-How

Being an experienced tech leader, Pavan shares his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the startup space and how is adapting to the change. He says that Stock2Track leverages all modern software services to provide multiple options to their customers.

  • Complete role-based access of features helps any business owner to segregate the work of their employees and stay focused.
  • Certain businesses like to operate in an off-line mode with their servers on-premise and certain would like to run on the cloud and operate from anywhere. Stock2Track comes in LAN, Cloud, and Hybrid modes of operation.
  • Cost of devices for running a billing platform is usually high as the POS hardware costs needed to the bill may include a TouchPOS, bill printer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, customer displays, weighing scale, etc. Stock2Track apps can run on windows, mobiles, and typical POS devices based on customer budgets and needs.
  • Stock2Track billing provides a ‘No Paper’ model by providing SMS, Email, and WhatsApp features. Customers get their bills, due remainders, ledgers, etc., through various electronic forms.
  • Stock2Track provides a very easy-to-use customer ordering application integrated with Stock2Track POS, this helps in managing counter and eCommerce sales. Stock2Track APIs can also provide any developer to easily integrate their existing eCommerce applications.

Exploring Stock2Track Future Seas

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the ERP industry, Pavan says that while is trying to bridge all the gaps in retail industry automation, “These are the key lessons we would like to advise any budding entrepreneurs venturing into the retail segment.”

  • Smaller steps – Any product is not complete and it evolves – Choose limited customers and develop a product based on their needs and keep evolving the features as the clientele grows.
  • Price the product – Small to midsize organizations are ready to adapt to the process defined by the canned software and fail to invest in future customization due to budget constraints. Provide a competitive price and upgrade features to your customers are the product grows.
  • Team is everything – For a start-up, you need a team who can do multiple things. A sales guy can do the product testing and a developer should be able to do a sales demo. This is a real money saver for your start-up.
  • “No” to a few customers – Focus on what your team can deliver and say “No” to customers when the customer expectations are not matching your economic or futuristic needs.
  • Build on sales inputs – Intuitive features should be built based on sales inputs rather than through sheer vision, this will help the revenue part of the organization moving forward. Build your vision once there is a decline in sales inputs.
  • Support cycles are the determinant – Support teams should understand customers’ issues and should be in a position to solve them, which makes it a mandatory option that the support teams are once developers of your product. Support is not a postman job.

On envisioning’s operations and offerings in the future, Pavan shares that they are

Building islands – Currently operates from Karnataka, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. However, the customer base is PAN India. believes to provide localized support in every city soon to deliver personalized support and service to its customers. “Currently, Stock2Track is packaged for GST billing, by end of 2024 we aim to include a VAT type of taxation model to cater to global customers,” he concludes.