CEO Jochen Zeitz: Harley-Davidson may Manufacture in India for International Sales

Jochen Zeitz

According to its CEO Jochen Zeitz, Harley-Davidson may use these facilities to sell in other international markets. Last week, the American auto icon launched its most cheap bike to date in India to kick off its second stint in the country.

Jochen stated that the American automaker may manufacture in India for international distribution. In collaboration with Hero MotoCorp, the business debuted its most cheap bike to date last week in India.

Additionally, Zeitz stated to Economic Times that the company’s top aim is to increase local sales of the Harley-Davidson HD X440, a bike it co-developed with Hero.

“We were manufacturing our 750cc also for the international market (here), so I am not ruling that out,” Zeitz told Economic Times, referring to India’s export potential for the company. “But right now, the focus is really to make sure that the product is successful in India. From there we can build and come up with other ideas.”

Due to the company’s decision to cease production in 2020, the production of the HD X440 will mark the second innings for Harley Davidson in India. HD X440 will be produced by Hero MotoCorp and sold in India. The X440, the first item the two firms worked on together, costs roughly 2.3 lakh, and the company has an arrangement with Hero MotoCorp to keep selling its imported goods in the nation.

Harley Davidson had been concentrating on handling everything by himself before. The strategy has now shifted, though, as fears about import duties continue. Additionally, Zeitz told the journal that it is crucial to collaborate with a partner because the company lacks the know-how to penetrate the market and because clients have various viewpoints.

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