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Cura Property Services India
Cura Property Services India

Owning a home or property is a dream of many. However, maintaining and taking care of the same needs appropriate assistance. Especially in the case of NRIs, there are several issues while dealing with their properties as they cannot be physically present every time.

With the fast-emerging world, from the numerous difficulties brought on by the pandemic, people are aware of various companies serving as property management solutions providers.

When only a few people knew the distant-property management concept, Cura Property Services India positively transformed the markets

Under the guidance of Mrs Dipty Anvay Paranjape, Co-founder and Managing Director, Cura has excelled in the market with end-to-end solutions, comprehensive assistance, and transparency and professionalism. The company is a one-stop destination quenching the needs of property owners and a one-of-its-kind service provider in the property management landscape in Pune.

In an exclusive interview with CIOLook India, Dipty shared her amazing journey of inspiration, struggle, challenges, solutions, and success. Here it is.

Ma’am, please brief us about the interesting journey of how you entered the property management industry. 

A deep understanding of the niche market and a passion for positively changing the industry always generate new ideas. During my 10-year stay in the USA, my husband and I realized the need to manage and find a trustworthy service provider to take care of their properties in India.

Because of the unavailability of such professional quality services, many NRIs faced problems, and after realizing this issue, we decided to start a venture and help people. We established Cura Property Services India, a Division of DAP Consultants Pvt Ltd, in 2010.

How did you become One of the ‘Firsts’ in Pune? 

The company is known as one of Pune’s first Property Management Companies. However, its journey to success was not so easy. The business faced numerous difficulties right from the start as this concept was new and unknown to owners and their parents.

Consequently, first few years, we had to introduce and explain the concept of a professional service provider as well as property management, tenant management, utility bills handling, etc. With such persistence, we have achieved milestones and made a mark in the unorganized industry.

What are the exclusive services/solutions offered by Cura? How are your offerings unique from others? 

Cura offers an array of exclusive services as a trustworthy partner that provides integrity and commitment. The company offers services to property owners in all types of properties, such as Flats, Rowhouses, Bungalows, Office Spaces, shops, showrooms, etc.

From complete Property Management, Tenant Search and Renovation and Restoration to Property Inspection, Property Buying and Complete Sale Services, it aims to provide hassle-free service and transparency. Moreover, it focuses on offering value for money to customers regarding their properties and peace of mind.

Tell us about the immersive benefits Cura offers to the property management sector. 

It is difficult to attain property management throughout the property life cycle and provide better value for money. The priority should be offering good returns on investment, efficient rental management, and maintenance.

Catering to this, we have taken initiatives that bring trust and credibility to the real estate sector. And this has been a critical benefit the company has given to its clients in the property management sector.

Moreover, we have brought much professionalism to the unorganized sector. Communication is necessary as most clients stay away from their properties, and Cura always thrives to achieve and ensure the same.

Being a Property Management Company, what challenges did you face during the pandemic, and how well has the market recovered?

When the world experienced the unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and industries faced challenges and were affected badly. As companies shut their offices and introduced Work-From-Home (WFH) policies, the real estate market declined to a great extent.

As a result, properties were vacant longer and couldn’t fetch rents to the clients. Even after the decline of pandemic waves, property managers faced problems such as rent collection, move-ins and move-out maintenance and inspections.

However, we decided to fight this situation, and with the Indian market rising sharply after the new normal, we started recovering homes tripling up as offices, study rooms, and recreational zones. Moreover, the measures by various state governments, like low home loan rates, reduction in taxes, and the necessity of owning a home, will continue to drive home sales for years to come.

What is your target market, and what advice would you like to share?

Cura is a leading property management company primarily focusing on clients, including Non-Resident Indian property owners and property owners in Pune. With its exceptional services, the company is operational all over Pune and has expanded to a 9000+ clientele base.

Trespassing or damaging property has always been a concern for property owners outside India. To minimize their tensions, Cura suggests that owners keep the properties rented as there is a rental income for the owner to maintain the property and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Moreover, as vacant properties tend to get wear-outs and major damage, they will face issues such as plumbing issues, leakages, clogging, electrical issues, etc., resulting in huge expenses to the owner. The company advises owners to rent the property and let professional services like Cura manage it.

How do you envision scaling Cura’s operations and offerings in the future?

From a company that started with a handful of societies to an organization that expanded to all neighbouring areas in Pune, Cura has become the epitome of success. Despite the two-year pandemic, we have been successful in progressing and growing at a reasonable pace due to its Professionalism and a promise to provide quality through its services.

We also do not believe in rushing the process in the fast-pacing world and compromising on the quality of service to its existing clientele. We maintain our steady expansion and wish to add more essential property-related services. Moreover, in the future, we also aim to expand the business to other cities in India.

What would you advise budding professionals aspiring to venture into the property management solutions sector?

The property management sector is an altogether different industry that requires an immense understanding of the real estate market and the clients’ exact requirements.

For my budding leaders out there, I suggest some hacks in the business. To fulfil these demands of clients, leaders should acquire an in-depth understanding of the clients’ diverse needs. As quality is one of the important aspect every company must aim for client’s satisfaction through quality service.

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Clients’ Testimonials:

A happy and satisfied client gives a shoutout to increase brand awareness. Cura has also been successful in making clients happy by rolling out exclusive services for Pune properties. Some of the satisfied clients shared their lovely comments:

*Rahul Page: “The team is very professional, dedicated and easy to work with. I was really impressed with their persistence and commitment towards getting it done.”

*Priya Balachandran: “Dipty and the team at Cura provided excellent service to support the sale of our property. The buyer was equally impressed. I highly recommend their service!”

*Bharat Keskar: “I must say that Dipty and her entire team at CURA have perfected the art of managing properties in and around Pune. They are extremely professional, transparent, and ethical in their work practices.”