Cybernetyx Technik: A Pioneer in High-performance Vision-based Human-Machine Interfaces.

Ramya Chatterjee (CEO) | Nishant Rajawat (Founder & Chairman) | Nandan Dubey (CTO) | Cybernetyx Technik Pvt. Ltd.
Ramya Chatterjee (CEO) | Nishant Rajawat (Founder & Chairman) | Nandan Dubey (CTO) | Cybernetyx Technik Pvt. Ltd.

“People aren’t trying to use computers- they are trying to get their jobs done.”

It was this belief that led the inception of Cybernetyx Technik Pvt. Ltd. Cybernetyx was setup with a vision to provide visual capabilities to the computers so that they could see and understand the world around us, and people will not be dependent solely on keyboards and screens and mouses to interact with their displays and applications.

The problem got noticed in the classrooms by Nishant Rajawat, the Founder and Chairman of Cybernetyx when he saw teachers were struggling to control the larger displays with a keyboard and mouse. With the existing solution at the time, the physical interactive whiteboards that were heavy and bulky, teachers suffered from the slow writing performance and high procurement cost. As a result, schools were able to procure only a few units and it was quite daunting for teachers to learn and use it effectively. Moreover, teachers did not have any digital tools to teach, access content, and reduce their workload.

Similarly, in the meeting rooms where projectors and panels are being used, people face difficulty while collaborating and sharing their knowledge. The first question that clicked immediately was why cannot surfaces become intelligent and computers sense our intentions via visual cameras and execute the desired actions naturally, like a human assistant would?

With this thought, Nishant invented ‘EyeRIS’ which is the world’s first intelligent optical touch technology that brings vision capabilities to computers allowing them to see and understand our world and enables a direct human interface without the use of any intermediary device like a keyboard or a mouse.

Building the Future of All Human-Machine Interaction

Inspired from the workings of the human eye, EyeRIS (short for an Eye-Like Rapid Imaging System) is a hispeed camera unit that can plug into any computer and convert its display (such as a monitor, LCD screen, or even a projector) into a multitouch enabled surface up to a size of 100 — just like a giant smartphone or tablet. With its Visual Touch 3D optical tracking platform designed for a natural user interface, it senses finger-touch, stylus touch, multitouch, and gestures on the screen and delivers an intuitive, seamless experience based on natural human input.

“Our Vision is to impart computers with the ability to see to interact with us more naturally and enhance our creativity and productivity”

Cybernetyx aimed to build the future of all human-machine interaction using sensors and machine learning in many of its devices to make them interactive and collaborative in nature. While offering interactive and collaborative solutions the company understood that there is a huge opportunity in the meeting spaces and learning spaces, which are just using normal whiteboards and marker boards. In Education, it developed an education platform Kneura, and devices for learning and workspaces are EyeRIS Series, Galileo Series, and Quriosity Series.

Adding Transformative Evolutions to its Portfolio

In the Edtech vertical, EyeRIS when attached on an existing dry-erase whiteboard or chalkboard with a simple mount converted it into a full-fledged smart interactive whiteboard system with multitouch support. This was a more advanced and elegant solution as compared to the bulky Smart (Interactive) Board solutions available in the market. Various system integrators such as Tata Interactive, Edurite (acquired by Pearson and now BYJU’s), Mexus, Educomp and SChand Education rapidly adopted and successfully deployed this technology in thousands of classrooms.

As Cybernetyx’s products got more acceptance in learning space, the company understood that teachers needed interactive digital tools that can be used on larger surfaces naturally. Keeping the requirements in mind, it developed an integrated smart classroom product under the EyeRIS IntelliSpace brand along with a dedicated multitouch teaching application, that gave more tools to teachers to write, draw, annotate, and access content directly on the screen.

Recently, another major transformative evolution of EyeRIS technology was implemented for LCD screens due to a lot of demand into the Corporate and Education segment. This product recently won the Innovation of the year at IDA awards and became the finalist under the Digital Device for Education category at BETT, London 2020, the world’s largest event for EdTech Industry.

The latest addition to the portfolio is Quriosity, the all-in-one interactive panel for education that transformed the traditional classroom into smart classroom with all the features required to conduct classes in hybrid learning environment.

For Corporate segment, the Thinker series products have retrofittable visual collaboration tools that help in-house and remote teams to interact and collaborate on the shared canvas. For stand-up meetings, brainstorming and ideation, all hands, and even exhibitions and events, Cybernetyx transformed the existing meeting room into a highly productive modern meeting room equipped with the most advanced necessary tools and technology.

At the Helm

Along with Mr. Nishant Rajawat, Cybernetyx is being guided by Mr. Ramya Chatterjee, CEO, and Mr. Nandan Dubey, CTO.

Nishant founded Cybernetyx while he was researching computer vision for smart spaces at the multimedia labs at Bahen Center of Technology, University of Toronto in 2006- 07. His research here was focused around developing an intelligent computer vision technology that could track human activity and intent in a 3D space using any standard 2D camera and real-time tracking algorithms.

This research continued through his MBA at IIM Shillong, where he recognized the hassles of interacting with a keyboard and mouse during his lectures. He knew at the back of his head that this way of working needed a revamp and thus, built EyeRIS. In the company, he plays an active role in product development, product road mapping, need gap analysis, and product marketing.

Ramya Chatterjee, a Graduate Engineer and a Post-Graduate in Management, is the present CEO of Cybernetyx, who has 18+ years of experience in working with industries such as Audio Visual (AV), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), IT Hardware / Software and Office Automation (OA) segments with vertical focus that includes Education, Corporate and Govt. Ramya joined Cybernetyx in 2012 and has been instrumental in shaping it up from its emerging state to a robust multimillion global enterprise in a very short span.

Nandan Dubey, a Computer Science Master’s Degree holder from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, is currently the CTO of Cybernetyx. He comes with 9+ years of experience in helping business and tech merge. He conceptualizes and delivers technology solutions for Cybernetyx to make business goals happen. As CTO, Nandan looks over all the technical and strategic aspects of the range of products and services at Cybernetyx. He has played a key role in managing the tech teams, matching business objectives to their goals, and ensuring Cybernetyx maintains its space as a leader in the technology space.

Enabling People Lead a Secure and a Smart Life

Technology is deeply woven into the fabric of our lives and with a growing arsenal of advanced technologies to work and learn intelligently, Cybernetyx is expanding its reach in Education and Business through its devices by augmenting their capabilities and successfully delivering expected outcomes on ever-tighter budgets. Combining micro-computing devices with cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cybernetyx has developed a new breed of intelligent devices called ‘Perceptual AI Devices’ for collaboration.

Advances in analytics, automation, and sensors have significantly boosted the business in the past few years. Being a technology driven company, Cybernetyx is aiming to build machine intelligence platforms and smart connected devices that can be used to deliver an uninterrupted and enhanced learning experience, overcome the barriers of collaboration and communication, and enable people to lead a secure and smart life. It follows an integrated approach that reduces the dependency on other devices. Just one small and portable device of Cybernetyx solves many problems and eliminates the need for many devices. Also, the retrofit devices transform the existing infrastructure bringing minimum changes.

A Roadmap Ahead

Rightly said, a company that benefits from tailwinds is much more likely to experience growth and economic-profit performance than the headwinds. Similarly, Cybernetyx is focusing to capture a new market with its new range of easy-to-use and retrofit devices, that upgrades the existing infrastructure of users in minimum investment.

Technology is delivering astounding advances, transforming any ordinary kind of display or TV or monitor into an intelligent display with touch interactivity, audio, and video capabilities, and lots of smart tools to interact directly on the screen. With an established and innovative range of products for displays, the company is aiming to capture a bigger market and expand its presence in different and new markets. In addition to expand its product portfolio and different channels to reach out to customers, the company is also into the SaaS platform model with its virtual learning platform – Kneura. It has gained 15K+ subscribers within three months of its launch and aiming to cover 10,000 schools in the coming days.