Cybez: Fostering Digital Business Growth


Business organizations must strive towards expanding their operations through quality production, timely service, prompt response and effective communication.

Maintaining seamless communication is the key differentiator that has been accelerating several businesses to the path of achieving growth and expansion. When the products and services are communicated in a focused manner to the target audience, it results in getting the business on the horizon of success.

Organizations adopt several strategies in advertising and marketing for communicating the brand and its services to the clients, reaching out to a maximum number of customers and maximizing the brand potential in the industry. From among the marketing avenues, digital marketing has emerged as one of the prominent, effective, accountable and feasible in terms of cost-to-effort ratio.

Digital marketing has propelled business communication through the avenues of business media, social media, business listings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AI- based business promotions, and more.

Looking at the business objectives and the marketing priorities, most business organizations choose the comprehensive media mix that includes digital marketing as one of the communication mediums. In order to get a satisfactory response to the promotional efforts undertaken, there arises the need for professional digital marketing and e-commerce companies that can systematically implement marketing strategies in a focused and organized manner.

Professional digital marketing companies play the crucial role of facilitating complete solutions in inquiry generation, brand awareness and maximizing sales figures.

Creating a plethora of impactful digital services, Cybez is a Ecommerce Marketing company that offers modern solutions in digital marketing and e-commerce strategies to benefit business organizations achieve their growth objectives. Having its offices in Gurgaon, India and Texas, USA—Cybez is spearheaded by its visionary Founder and CEO, Atul Jain with his rich domain expertise of more than 16 years.

Core Business

Cybez is a niche e-commerce Development and Marketing Company helping D2C Brands setup and scale their online business. It is one of the few companies that is laser- focused on helping D2C brands with e-commerce website development and marketing services. It also offers services and solutions that directly impact their sales and conversions positively. Cybez helps to build e-commerce, enhancing various business organizations to broaden their range of products or services for sale, expanding the business scope, attracting more customers, and diversifying the sales.

It works as an ideal way to elevate the business brand image from a traditional store to an innovative, customer- friendly and engaging platform. The e-commerce site is the best marketing tool that Cybez offers to its customers, supporting them in marketing through online tools like social media paid marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click ads, and SEO helping them in leveraging business potential with marketing automation.

The SEO services boost the customer’s online store to appear in the top results of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Cybez strategies include social media networks to provide with a platform to engage and build trust with their customers by following a funnel marketing approach which helps reach out to new users and help them convert into paying customers.

Digital Specialists

Cybez is not a typical branding, social media or content agency. It prides itself as ‘super specialists’ when it comes to e-commerce Website Development and Marketing and offers services that directly impacts its client’s sales and revenue. It offers solutions like e-commerce Website Development and Management, Performance Marketing, e- commerce SEO (fundamentally different than conventional SEO), Retention Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketplace Marketing, etc. This is a key differentiator between Cybez and other companies in this space.

The Dynamic Leadership

The Founder, Atul Jain, comes with more than 16 years of experience in the Digital and e-commerce industry and has worked on projects for premium brands like Canon, Microsoft, Sennheiser, Callaway Golf, Lotus Organics, Pazzion, etc. Because of the deep expertise in e-commerce working with premium brands, the company is able to offer the best solutions to its clients. Further details can be viewed in his LinkedIn profile at

The Technological Impact

There is certainly a positive impact in the industry where businesses adopt AI and ML in their website projects. This helps in automating a lot of tasks at scale, which was not possible by any human, which is further adding to the efficiency of the business and improving the overall business performance.

The strength of technologies like AI is in its ability to read and capture the context of the communication and respond promptly with solutions. AI has gone further in handling the first level communication with the basic visitors to the web portals and contributed to gathering genuine databases, good quality business leads and speeding up the process in one-on-one client communication.

The new avenue in AI marketing implements artificial intelligence technologies in making automated decisions based on data gathering, data analysis, and additional observations of audience or economic trends that may impact marketing efforts. AI is often used in digital marketing efforts where speed is essential. The repetitive tasks of data generation, compilation, segregation and analysis, which takes a lot of time, effort and involvement of the marketing professionals, are seamlessly carried out by the AI system. This relieves the teams from the time- taking work, and they can further focus on other important tasks of domain priorities.

Countering Challenges

According to Atul, the current trends have actually been favourable for the business, considering the good work Cybez have been doing over the years. The digital communication industry works on referrals and the company has been getting very good clients which its existing clients referred and that has fuelled the team expansion over the last few months. Thus, it really doesn’t have to face any challenges but see good opportunities for itself in the industry.

Due to a lack of knowledge of digital marketing, certain business enterprises expect unreasonable results. Cybez team categorically explains the process in detail and clarifies how digital marketing can yield business results.

Words of Wisdom

Replying as an advice to the young industry professionals, Atul said, “My advice comes from my experience of spending more than a decade in this industry – Do not mis- commit to bag a client’s project… Be upfront and take a consultative approach to clients, and they will always come to you for work.”

Atul believes in exercising patience and understanding while extracting maximum information from the client, which can help in developing effective communication strategies. An honest and dedicated outlook will help in gaining the confidence and trust of the clients. Atul values customer satisfaction as of prime importance and it contributes in enhancing the fundamentals of further success.

Future Projections

Atul briefed about their future plans, saying, “We are on a growth trajectory right now and have been on a hiring spree. We plan to expand our operations to new geographies and setup more offices in other parts of the country to meet the ever-growing industry demand.”

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