Deepak Singh Hada: The Visionary Leading LAVEEK ADDCHEM’s Rise in the Speciality Chemicals Industry

Deepak Singh Hada

The Indian speciality chemicals sector is not just experiencing growth; it’s undergoing a fascinating transformation. Traditionally, the Indian chemicals industry focused on the bulk production of basic chemicals. However, a shift is underway.

Companies recognize the immense potential of speciality chemicals—high-performance, application-specific products catering to diverse industries like pharmaceuticals, textiles, and agriculture. This shift signifies a move towards higher-value-added products and a knowledge-driven approach. Once dominated by basic commodities, the industry is a hotbed of innovation driven by a new generation of influential leaders.

At the forefront of this evolution stands a group of remarkable individuals—the driving force behind the rise of Indian speciality chemicals startups. These leaders are not just building businesses; they’re shaping the future of the industry. Leaders like Deepak Singh Hada, who is not just the founder of LAVEEK ADDCHEM, a company experiencing a meteoric rise in the speciality chemicals sector, but a visionary leader shaping its future.

Established in 2019, LAVEEK ADDCHEM has quickly garnered recognition for its commitment to high-value, sustainable solutions within the additives and speciality chemicals domain. At the helm of this innovative enterprise stands Deepak Singh, a name synonymous with the company’s progressive approach and dedication to excellence.

Deepak Singh’s journey as an influential leader is intertwined with LAVEEK ADDCHEM’s remarkable growth. His vision for the company extends beyond simply providing chemicals. He prioritizes the development of cutting-edge additives that not only enhance product performance but also contribute to lower energy consumption. This focus on sustainability reflects Deepak Singh’s deep understanding of the industry’s evolving needs and his commitment to responsible manufacturing practices.

A Saga from Inception to Innovation

LAVEEK ADDCHEM was founded by Deepak Singh in 2019, focusing on producing modifiers and speciality compounds. In 2020, the company earned ISO 9001:2015 certification and secured a contract with a Chinese manufacturer for new plastic additives and speciality chemicals. Under Deepak Singh’s exemplary leadership, the team soon began exhibiting at major industry events across India. By 2021, LAVEEK ADDCHEM supplied plastic additives to the Indian government and corporate clients. Today, it is the largest supplier of plastic antioxidants and optical brighteners and is among India’s top five suppliers of other plastic additives and speciality chemicals.

LAVEEK ADDCHEM has solidified its position as a top startup by supplying high-purity plastic additives to Indian government and corporate clients. The company has consistently grown without setbacks, thanks to its commitment to delivering superior-quality products at competitive prices. According to Deepak Singh, their unique selling propositions (USPs) include maintaining the highest product purity and fostering strong relationships with customers, which are crucial in supporting and expanding their business. Deepak Singh says, “This approach has established us as a trusted and leading supplier in the industry.”

An Enlightening Leadership

Deepak Singh’s leadership is recognized as a key driver behind LAVEEK ADDCHEM’s achievements. He emphasizes that success is a team effort grounded in the management’s vision and employees’ dedication. Deepak Singh states that the company’s success mantra is a collective effort toward a common goal. LAVEEK ADDCHEM’s talented core team, hardworking staff, and extensive vendor network are crucial to its success. “We have formed two international collaborations and established more than nine dealers across different Indian states, further bolstering our growth and reach,’ says Deepak Singh, whose leadership extends beyond product development. He has fostered a dynamic and talented team at LAVEEK ADDCHEM, recognizing the importance of a collaborative environment that fuels innovation. His ability to inspire and motivate his team members is a key factor in the company’s rapid progress.

According to Deepak Singh, LAVEEK ADDCHEM continuously curates, creates, and supplies products based on consumer demand, ensuring a balance between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company prioritizes consistent quality and competitive pricing, which enhances the competitiveness of its customers’ products in the market. Additionally, LAVEEK ADDCHEM provides technical support, helping customers resolve issues and develop new products. “By treating customers as integral parts of the company and understanding their needs and requirements, we maintain strong customer relationships and satisfaction,” he adds.

Leveraging Digital Advantages

Digitalization and technological advancements are integral to LAVEEK ADDCHEM’s operations. Deepak Singh shares that it leverages the power of digital networks, maintaining a strong presence on social media to promote itself and its products. “As a high-tech chemical enterprise, we focus on developing, manufacturing, distributing, and supplying high-value, low-energy, and low-pollution additives and speciality chemicals.” By utilizing the latest technologies, the company ensures its core business operations are efficient and contribute to a technovative future, enhancing sustainability and innovation.

Overcoming Challenges with Resilience and Ingenuity

Deepak Singh reflects that starting in 2019 from a small office with limited resources and few customers, LAVEEK ADDCHEM faced numerous challenges. “Despite these hurdles, we have grown to become India’s largest supplier of plastic antioxidants and optical brighteners and a leading supplier of UV stabilizers, UV absorbers, metallic stearates, and waxes.”

Today, LAVEEK ADDCHEM boasts over 800 customers worldwide, supplying top corporate and Indian government clients. This success is attributed to their manufacturing facility, collaborations with other companies, and a consistent focus on high-quality products at competitive prices, says Deepak Singh, whose influence extends beyond the walls of LAVEEK ADDCHEM.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

As a thought leader in the speciality chemicals industry, his insights are valued by peers and industry experts. His dedication to excellence and commitment to sustainable practices position him as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those seeking to navigate the dynamic landscape of the chemical sector.

In his advice, Deepak Singh says, “As a young founder and owner, I adhere to the principle that success isn’t achieved overnight; it results from daily incremental improvements. I advise aspiring entrepreneurs to recognize that no one is born an entrepreneur. We all learn through mistakes, and accepting constructive criticism and feedback is crucial for progress and competitiveness.” Furthermore, ideas alone hold no value unless executed. Implementing ideas leads to significant accomplishments in the startup world.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Deepak Singh divulges, “Our vision for the company includes initiating the production of functional polymers, impact modifiers, and new polymer additives, as well as special compounds within the next few years. We aim to reach domestic customers with high-quality products that will also be exported globally. Recently, we’ve signed contracts with overseas companies to adopt the latest technology and secure raw material support for new product development. Our goal is to significantly expand and become renowned as the best in India for our operations, product quality, value systems, and ethics.”

Deepak Singh’s leadership is poised to propel LAVEEK ADDCHEM to even greater heights in the coming years. With his unwavering vision and dedication to sustainable innovation, he is undoubtedly an influential figure shaping the future of the speciality chemicals industry.