Dell Technologies is developing a new business offering for Indian clients


Latitude notebooks, Precision mobile workstations, and OptiPlex all-in-one desktops were among Dell Technologies’ most recent commercial offerings in India on Wednesday. Given India’s strong economic growth and the opportunities that lie ahead, Dell Technologies India’s Senior Director and General Manager – Client Solutions Group, Indrajit Belgundi, stated that the company has a “positive outlook to the market.”

Dell brings a new line-up 

With 13th-generation Intel Core processors and enhanced Dell Optimizer features for enhanced personalization, the new devices are designed to assist businesses in accelerating their digital transformation journey in the hybrid work era. Including intelligent audio, privacy, connectivity, and collaboration, the most recent version of Dell Optimizer makes it easier for users to manage displays and peripherals from a single interface.

According to the company, “the Precision 5680 has the world’s smallest footprint for a 16-inch workstation” and “the Latitude 9440 is the world’s most collaborative commercial PC.” Additionally, customers benefit from a streamlined desktop experience thanks to the new OptiPlex desktop design.

The significance of fostering high levels of employee engagement grows as hybrid work practices spread to the majority of Indian businesses. According to Belgundi, it is essential to provide employees with intelligent PCs that combine AI-driven performance, portability, and a high level of productivity.

Belgundi told PTI that the company is optimistic about the market and the overall demand environment. He cited the rate of economic growth as the reason for his optimism. We have a positive outlook on the market; there may be a few small obstacles along the way, but overall, the growth of India’s GDP indicates that we have an opportunity. We have a positive outlook even for the year 2023, Belgundi told PTI.