Deloitte’s Senior Chief Talent Officer SV Nathan Resigns for Entrepreneurship Goals

SV Nathan
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Beginning from his humble origins at the XLRI campus, Nathan embarked on a varied professional trajectory, traversing through esteemed corporations such as ICI, Sterling Holidays, Microland, Philips, and Reliance. However, the turning point in his career unfolded when he transitioned to Deloitte US Firms in Hyderabad.

After a distinguished 19-year tenure, SV Nathan, Partner and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte, has elected to embark on an entrepreneurial voyage. He conveyed his decision to depart from the company through social media, sharing the news with his followers.

In a heartfelt LinkedIn post titled “Alvida dear Deloitte,” Nathan SV bid adieu to Deloitte India, marking the culmination of an era with the esteemed organization. As the Immediate Past President of the National HR Development Network (NHRDN), Nathan’s exit from Deloitte signifies the conclusion of an illustrious corporate journey.

Reflecting on his tenure at Deloitte, Nathan expressed profound gratitude for the enriching experiences and invaluable lessons garnered during his time there. He fondly reminisced about the qualities that initially attracted him to the firm, highlighting the professionalism, compassion, and human-centered approach embodied by its personnel.

“Today is a significant day in my life. It’s the final day I can officially carry a Deloitte lanyard. After nineteen long years, I’ve decided to bid farewell to one of the greatest organizations I’ve ever been a part of. It’s not an easy decision. Your identity is often shaped by the company you keep, and certainly, that’s true for me. What drew me to the firm was the graciousness and business acumen of the people I encountered. They were considerate, compassionate,” he penned.

From his modest beginnings at the XLRI campus to his diverse professional journey spanning renowned companies, Nathan’s transition to Deloitte US Firms in Hyderabad marked a pivotal juncture in his career.

As he embarks on a new entrepreneurial endeavor, Nathan remains sanguine about the future and holds dear the memories and relationships forged during his tenure at Deloitte.

“I am indebted to life, to the multitude of individuals who have encouraged, taught, and supported me, to the numerous leaders in the community who urged me to take up responsibilities at NHRDN and Sumedhas, to the many mentors, colleagues, friends, my wonderful family, and of course, my Queen, Chitra. There are many to thank, and that will certainly be another post. Thank you, Deloitte. You’ve shaped me. I owe you indefinitely. It has been a fulfilling corporate journey, a joyful one. The entrepreneur within me beckons. Life is beautiful. With all of you in it,” he concluded his message.

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