DentRelief Dental Clinic: Reliable Destination for Complete Dental Care Solutions

DentRelief Dental Clinic
DentRelief Dental Clinic

Dental care comes as an important part of our everyday life. Children pick up the habits of dental hygiene from their parents and elders. Carelessness might lead to several dental issues including tooth pain, bad breath, disfigured and damaged teeth, etc.

Regular check-ups and guidance from professional and qualified dentists can help maintain dental health and good quality of teeth. However, getting the proper guidance can be challenging.

Focusing on simple, helpful and painless experiences, DentRelief Dental Clinic has emerged as a reliable place for all types of dental issues. Spearheaded by Dr Rakay Ahmed, BDS, Cerec Specialist (CAD, CAM), DentRelief provides a pleasant experience for everyone with logical consultation and value-added guidance that helps the people understanding and developing good dental hygiene.

In an engaging interview with the CioLook India team, Dr Ahmed elaborated enthusiastically about the journey of DentRelief, his early inspirations, and challenges countered. He further unfolded on his advice to young professionals and his vision of scaling new horizons.

Dr. Ahmed, please brief our audience about DentRelief Dental Clinic and its USPs

Our clinic’s name is DentRelief Dental Clinic, located in the heart of the city, Park Circus, Seven Point, Behind Arsalan restaurant, in the city of joy, Kolkata, West Bengal. Established in 2016, people usually compare me with the legendary Dr. R. Ahmed. I prefer kindness with a vision to provide best dental treatments with a painless experience along with an aesthetic touch.

Our USP is that we try to keep ourselves upgraded with our field, by providing painless treatments, using the cartridge system of anesthesia since the day one and is equipped with all kinds of upgraded gadgets to provide quality dental care.

We are one of the best child care clinics, as we provide painless treatment and give a comfortable homely experience to children making them feel at home. Providing entertainment along with treatments, gifts, and certificates to well-behaved children during the treatments.

Please tell us about your Clinic offerings and what makes them stand out.

DentRelief Dental Clinic offers a wide variety of treatments which includes dental care from pediatric (child) patient to geriatric (old age) patients.

We have magnifications that help us provide better treatments because the better you see the better you do. We maintain strict sterilization and sanitization following all the necessary SOPs.

  • We stand apart from others because of certain things like our location easy to approach, our experienced & friendly doctors, and their skillful hands and humble nature.
  • We not only treat the patients disease(problem) inside the oral cavity but also try to make them feel comfortable and remove their fear and anxiety of visiting a dentist. Our patients love us and we are thankful for that.

Please tell us about your journey in the child healthcare sector and how the clinic excels in the dental care segment.

I began with an ambition to provide better dental care has made us what we are today. My humble nature and leadership qualities have helped us create a niche for ourselves.

I completed my Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Teerthanker Mahaveer Dental College & Research Center, Moradabad from 2011 to 2016, with a Silver Medalist title.

Soon after that, I came to Kolkata with a vision in my mind and started DentRelief Dental Clinic. Along with this, I am a senior consultant at Apollo Clinic, maintaining and managing the admin responsibilities and the clinical duties all by myself.

I am a trained and certified Cerec Specialist (CAD-CAM), which provides single-visit dentistry. I also teach juniors about the tips and tricks and proper protocols to provide quality dental care. Apart from dentistry, I enjoy sports and dance as my hobbies.

Please share your opinion on the impact of latest technologies like AI /MI in driving changes in the modern medical field.

Modern technologies are always good to learn and adapt to change as fast as you can. Just like Darwin’s Theory “survival of fittest” is what remains in market. So, learn and adapt to upgrade and provide excellent treatment to your patients. AI is one the best things to use in today’s practice where you use the number the sittings and provide instant treatment for everything with single visit dentistry. The latest software applications help medical professionals maintain the patient record, set reminders, plan appointments, schedule treatments, and surgeries, scrutinize the efficacy of the medicines from the patient improvement, and have supported the basic tasks of coordination that consume a lot of time in talking and basic communication. With online systems, patients can easily book appointments, get reminders for the next sitting and also get updates on their improvements. Modern technologies have made things easier, faster, and more feasible.

Dr. Ahmed, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Considering the current pandemic, during the early days had to keep the clinic closed to ensure everyone’s safety but soon after the govt allowed healthcare professionals, we get back to our battlefield and kept in my mind all the (Standard Operating Procedures) SOPs like proper sterilization, sanitization, temperature check every day, PPE and regular RT-PCR test for all staffs and doctors. Fumigation and air purifier were installed in the clinic and all other necessary steps were fulfilled.

What is your advice to budding entrepreneurs and young medical professionals?

My advice to young dentists will be to keep patience with children and not rush into the treatment. First, try to get friendly with them and enter their comfort zone, then they will allow you to work, and then comes your role to provide quality care and treatment with your skillful hands. Always learn by observing and understanding the patient’s concerns. While working keep talking to them positively about how they can improve in their condition and what best can be suitable for them.

Please elaborate on your plans for scaling your hospital operations/offerings in the future.

We are planning to expand our clinic with multiple branches in 2023, and even upgrade ourselves more and more to keep all our patients happy and provide a pain-free beautiful smile to them. Our team of young dentists is dedicated and eager to provide good quality dental treatments and consultations to all people. With a steady and consistent approach, we will grow higher and wider in our network.

Dr Ahmed what will be your advice for every parent?

Parents play a vital role in taking children’s care whether it’s dental care or general well-being. First and foremost do what you want your child to do, be an idol for them. Secondly, a few things which can be done to keep child’s dental care proper is always visiting a dentist every six months. Take proper care of milk teeth from the beginning, and brush with your child so that they also brush. Wipe the gum pads of neonates after feeding.

The most important tip for everyone –“ always rinse after having anything.”