DesignTree: Providing Practical Solutions to Discerning Projects

DesignTree Service
Mr. K. Srinivasa Reddy, Co-founder & MD, DesignTree Service Consultants Pvt. Ltd

The world is so full of possibilities that any kind of dogmatism or fanaticism is simply indecent. The world is filled with many enterprises or consulting organizations, but truly trustworthy consulting companies are rare. To be trustworthy organization, one has to demonstrate a high degree of competence through worthy and sustainable contribution. Consulting services companies should bridge the gap between evolving needs of industry to current practices in the industry. DesignTree Service Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Consultancy company founded in March 2008 by dynamic and innovative professionals to bridge the gap between ever changing needs of construction industry and current consultancy services available.

DesignTree therefore evolved to provide a more client focused, responsive, agile, hands on and innovative approach in its services. Mr. K. Srinivasa Reddy is a Co-founder and Managing Director of DesignTree Service Consultants Pvt. Ltd. He is a Civil Engineering graduate from Bangalore University in 1990. He has over 30 years of experience and expertise in providing engineering design consultancy services for sophisticated structures for the various projects not limiting to Multi-storied, Residential, Commercial, Hotels, Malls, Hospital, Industrial and Institutions etc.

Another contributing name in DesignTree’s operations is Mr. B.O. Prasanna Kumar. He is a Co-founder and Jr. Managing Director of the company. He has extensive experience of more than 26 years in designing services like water treatment plants, water supply systems, sewerage network, sewage treatment plant, solid waste water management, storm water management, and many others.

Mr. B.E. Pruthviraj is the Co-founder and Director of DesignTree. He has 19 years of experience in handling projects such as multi-storied structures for residential, commercial, hospital, hotels, industrial structures, and corporate offices, etc.

Mr. B. Manjunath is Co-founder and Director of DesignTree. He leverages 20 years of experience in carrying out design services for water supply system, sewerage network, water and wastewater treatment plants, fire protection and life safety system, industrial piping including steam boilers, and LPG bullets, etc.

Broad Vision

To give innovative, cost effective and sustainable building solutions.

To become one stop solution for all Engineering Consultancy services.

To be among the foremost top Engineering consultants.

To fulfill the social obligation towards the deprived.

Balanced Mission

To provide outstanding design services to the satisfaction of clients in synchronization with Quality, Time and Cost parameters.

To fulfill good careers and professional satisfaction for the team at DesignTree.

Experienced Team

DesignTree is a group of engineers, from the structural and MEP building services engineering industry, with a cumulative professional experience exceeding 100 man-years, served at senior positions in various organizations in India. The practice at DesignTree is founded on the basis of providing creative, innovative and a high-quality service to its clients. Upgradation of the practice will be implemented based on client recommendations and experience. Specialised in “Fast Track” projects, it has a flexible approach to the requirements of each project and can tailor the services offered accordingly. With its design management experience gained over years, it provides a specialist, practical solutions to the discerning projects. DesignTree brings immense realisation of collective hundred-man years of work experience to suit every client as unique.

Wide Range of Services

DesignTree provides the professional and technical skills, to plan, design and supervises the construction of a wide range of services from conception to delivery. Below are the areas in which DesignTree offers its services:

Civil & Structural Engineering

Public Health Engineering

Fire & Life Safety System

Electrical Engineering

HVAC & IBMS Engineering

Green Building Certification

Quality Management Servicers (QMS)

Commitment to Deliverables

DesignTree is committed for on-time and every-time performance and commitment towards deliverables so as to maintain synergy with the design development & construction. At DesignTree process of deliveries is crucially designed to increase productive thinking; DesignTree recruit people who have a passion to innovate. It has ample office space which has accommodated 340+ Work Stations with sophisticated equipment, powerful broadband, LAN & Wi-fi Systems for good connectivity and option for progressive changes. DesignTree is equipped with the technically capable staff with hands on experience to tackle projects in a fast-track mode with standard operative procedures. 

Culture of Continual Improvement

With Mr. K. Srinivasa’s & his Partners unbridled attention towards the last detail and focus in making sure the assignments are being delivered to the client’s satisfaction, They imbibes a culture of continual improvement among the work force through Critical design solutions, feasibility study, Construction friendly technologies, Latest management techniques, Project planning, Costing, QA/QC to deliver to client’s delight than just to satisfy.

Front Runners in Consulting Groups

Headquartered in Bangalore, DesignTree Service Consultants Pvt Ltd-DTSC has emerged as one of the front-runners in the consulting groups across all construction domains. The company has carved a niche for itself in the industry with all the major developers across the country and predominantly the southern markets patronizing their services. Currently with 340+ dynamic and innovative professionals, DesignTree is making progress in leaps and bounds. The company also has branches in other metropolitan cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and at Kolkata.

Instrumental Leadership

Most recently the Consultants Review Magazine ranked DesignTree as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Consulting companies in India. Mr. K. Srinivasa Reddy & his partners have been instrumental in achieving this success and stature that DesignTree Service Consultants Pvt Ltd has rightfully been accorded. Over the years under their able leadership the company has grown from strength to strength from providing design solutions to over 500 million Sq.ft of Residential and Commercial projects, to becoming a 340 plus work force company is a feat that has no parallel in the industry.

One Stop Design Services Consultancy

DesignTree is a place where it nurtures talent to cater to progressive needs of its clients. A one stop design services consultancy for construction industry, where its client’s needs are prime focus for the company. Change is an imperative need of the today’s world, to bring in a fresh breath of innovation; implementation of complex client needs is the driving factor for DesignTree. DesignTree is working closely with clients to provide evolving solutions for them.

Promoting to Think Beyond Limits

DesignTree trains its team to have technical expertise as well as to think beyond the limits. It is highly client centric and are driven by passion towards work, a young vibrant team is what it presents to its clients to decipher their needs. It is a specialized unit fulfilling client demands, in today’s construction industry it is not how big you are but how fast you can be, focus of qualitative procedures gives company the edge by which it helps its clients. DesignTree seeks continuous progress to evolve designs and to care for its clients as it believes, “clients are the prime reason for it being in business.”