Divami Design Labs: Putting You at the Heart of Digital Transformation by Humanizing Technology

Divami Design Labs
Divami Design Labs

Solving human problems by using technology means seeing every problem with a human lens instead of a technological lens. Thus, before digitally transforming any business, the paramount factor to be considered is people. People who are driving that company. And people that are getting benefitted from the company’s solutions.

The vital aspect of humanizing technology matters the most in the product design and development niche. Because the greatest product is simplest to understand for its end user. It keeps offering the highest creativity quotient, top-notch innovations, world-class consumer experience, and ever-increasing engagement and loyalty rewards.

It is exactly what Divami Design Labs offers to its global clients. Elaborating on it, Divami’s Co-founder and CEO, Naveen Puttagunta, says that they are humanizing technology with impactful user experiences by creating a digital footprint for 100s of businesses globally. He adds, “For the last ten years this factor has made us one of the best UX UI Design agencies.”

Offering You the Most Impactful Experience

Let us glimpse it through the case study of Bangladesh’s largest telecom provider’s flagship Mobile app with the most creative UI/UX Design giving the ultimate user experience to the company’s Bangladeshi customers.

Bangladesh’s largest telecom provider is an Indian global telecommunications services company based in New Delhi, India. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia and Africa. Bangladesh’s largest telecom provider provides GSM, 3G, 4G LTE mobile services, fixed line broadband and voice services depending upon the country of operation.

Divami was responsible for the complete User Experience (UX&UI) of the Bangladesh’s largest telecom provider’s services mobile app (Android & iOS) for Bangladesh. It is live on both Google Play and App stores.

Sharing their approach, Naveen says that one of the main challenges Bangladesh’s largest telecom provider posed to the team Divami was to make the app a comprehensive consumer services app with digital payments, ticketing, social connections, etc., while still serving their primary function of managing mobile plans, recharges, etc. To understand the user personas, especially for the two brands, the Divami team travelled to Bangladesh and conducted extensive user research.

Naveen shares, “We prioritized the features in a way that does not make users feel overwhelmed with the newly added features. We ensured that the most important information and action items contributed to helping the user accomplish their goal in the quickest possible way. We made sure the content hierarchy was coherent to promote glanceability.”

Team Divami’s maximum effort brought optimum user engagement and popularity amidst Bangladesh’s largest telecom provider’s 56.82 million users.

Creating Your Digital Biz’s Footprints

All this was possible because of Divami’s perfect approach.

Designing Growth for SaaS, Tech, and Enterprise Digital Platforms: Naveen says, at Divami Design Labs, they specialize in crafting exceptional user experiences that drive business growth. With their expertise in Design Strategy, UX UI Design, and Design-led Product Engineering, they’ve positioned themselves as a frontrunner in the world of product design and development.

Why Choose Divami?

Naveen answers, “Our strength lies in simplifying complexity. With a team of experts who’ve worked on over 200 products across 13+ industries, we bridge the gap between end-user experience and business value. Our winning formula involves aligning with your growth goals, understanding market dynamics, and employing our V.E.D.A Design Framework to create products that engage, retain, and expand user bases.”

Comprehensive Services: Divami offers a range of services, including Incubation for launching 1.0 products, Evolution for growth beyond product-market fit, and Innovation for transforming mature products.

Proven Excellence: Naveen informs that their track record boasts collaborations with tech giants like Google, HCL, and IBM. “We’ve been recognized with awards from Web Excellence and featured in Harvard Business Publishing. Clutch ranks us amongst the top global UI/UX Design agencies,” he states.

Methodology: Divami blends intuition with a methodology to deliver explicit value. Naveen explains, “Our holistic approach includes user-centric designs, stunning UI, and robust engineering that align with your business vision.”

In Universe of Innovations and Disruptions 

Naveen tells more about the firm’s offering and aspects that make it stand out in the cutthroat competition.

Inception Stage: For early-stage pioneers, team Divami incubates ideas, nurturing them into 1.0 products. Through ideation, Design Thinking workshops, and concept mocks, it validates visions. “Our MVP Design & Launch service transforms prototypes into tangible market offerings, ensuring rapid market entry within four to five months,” insists Naveen.

Standout Factor: Divami’s expertise lies in shaping MVPs that capture market attention swiftly, leveraging its unique blend of strategic ideation and practical engineering.

Evolution Stage: For those aiming for higher post-product-market fit, Divami’s evolution services unlock growth. Naveen adds, “We execute product transformations, scale-ups, and incremental design enhancements to penetrate new markets, enhance user loyalty, and fortify technical robustness.”

Standout Factor: “We empower growth through strategic UI/UX transformations and engineering scale-ups, standing out with our holistic approach for continued expansion.”

Innovation Stage: “Targeting transformational growth, our Innovation offerings revitalize mature products.” From complete product transformations to tech stack modernization, Divami redefines product experiences for sustained success.

Standout Factor: “Our ability to reinvent mature products, backed by solid methodologies and innovative thinking, sets us apart as true growth catalysts.”

What distinguishes Divami: Its V.E.D.A Design Framework, proven with recognition from Harvard Business Publishing and Clutchanchors every stage. “We not only create captivating UI/UX but also ensure engineering excellence, making us a one-stop destination for innovative product design and development,” claims Naveen, whose journey in the Product Design and Development industry has been nothing short of transformative.

Leadership Acumen of the Novel Times

With a profound belief in user-centric innovation, Naveen has spearheaded the company’s ascent to prominence in its niche. As a visionary leader, he’s not only pioneered exceptional design strategies but also championed their seamless integration into tangible digital solutions. Naveen’s profound impact is felt across the spectrum, from collaborating with SaaS and Enterprise giants to steering development across mobile, web, smart TV, and wearable platforms. His passion, combined with an unwavering commitment to quality, has fuelled Divami’s success story, delivering innovative, user-focused experiences that consistently elevate client outcomes and set new industry benchmarks.

Naveen says their inspiration to establish themselves as a prominent Product design and development Company stemmed from recognizing the critical role design plays in shaping technology’s impact on people’s lives. Witnessing the rapid evolution of digital platforms, they saw an immense opportunity to bridge the gap between complex technology and user-centric experiences. Their journey began with a passion for simplifying intricacies, aligning businesses with user needs, and driving growth through exceptional design.

He adds, “We aimed to transform how SaaS, Tech, and Enterprise Digital Platforms are perceived and experienced.” The tech landscape demands innovation that speaks to both functionality and aesthetics. Their commitment to designing growth emerged from the desire to enable businesses to not only succeed but thrive. “We envisioned a multidisciplinary approach, integrating strategic design thinking, user-focused UX UI design, and meticulous product engineering,” says Naveen. He and his team’s inspiration finds its roots in the potential of technology, fuelled by creativity, empathy, and continuous evolution. “Today, we stand as a testament to our dedication to crafting meaningful and impactful digital products that resonate with users across industries.”

Touching the World with Impressions

According to Naveen clients consistently appreciate their unwavering commitment to excellence, driven by a set of core professional values and qualities. Transparency and open communication lie at the heart of Divami’s client relationships, fostering trust and collaboration. The team’s ability to empathize and deeply understand their unique challenges ensures solutions tailored to their needs. Clients value Naveen and team Divami’s holistic approach, seamlessly blending strategic design thinking with advanced technological expertise, resulting in impactful products. Their dedication to delivering measurable results, backed by a robust design framework and rigorous processes, garners admiration. The fusion of creativity, innovation, and pragmatism in their work resonates with clients, as does their relentless pursuit of user-centric experiences that drive growth.

Being an experienced leader, Naveen shares his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the Product Design and development solution space and how Divami is adapting to the change.

The adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML has ushered in a transformative era for Product Design and development. These technologies empower them to create more personalized and intelligent user experiences, enabling them to tailor solutions to individual preferences and behaviours. AI-driven insights enhance decision-making, while ML automates repetitive tasks, accelerating development cycles.

Divami Design Labs embraces these advancements by integrating AI-driven analytics for user behaviour understanding and predictive modelling. It leverages ML algorithms to optimize UI design and streamline development processes, enhancing both efficiency and user satisfaction. “This synergy of technology and design is propelling us towards more innovative and impactful digital solutions, keeping us at the forefront of the evolving landscape,” informs Naveen.

Let’s Beat Challenges Together

Naveen also shares that in the ever-evolving landscape of product design and development, they encounter a spectrum of challenges that they strategically address to stay ahead. One major challenge is deciphering intricate complexities in SaaS, Tech, and Enterprise Digital Platforms. Our solution involves a deep understanding of domain specifics and user journeys, overcoming technology shifts and limitations. The constant demand for user-centric designs is met by our expert team, who balance creativity, emerging technologies, and product roadmaps to drive user engagement and satisfaction.

Furthermore, ensuring seamless collaboration across teams is vital, given the convergence of design, engineering, and business strategies. Our V.E.D.A Design Framework aids in aligning these aspects, guaranteeing quality, reusability, and scalability.

Lastly, staying attuned to industry trends while adapting designs for diverse market segments requires continuous innovation. Divami tackles these challenges by leveraging our rich expertise, data-driven approaches, and dedication to crafting solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

As per Naveen, product design and development solutions are paramount in today’s competitive landscape, shaping user experiences and influencing business success. He furthers that as technology continues to advance, they anticipate several key developments. AI-driven personalization will enhance tailored user journeys, while AR/VR integration will revolutionize immersive interactions.

Sustainability concerns will drive eco-friendly designs, and data-driven insights will optimize products. Collaborative design processes will become more agile, reducing time-to-market. Finally, the fusion of design and technology will yield cutting-edge products that address complex challenges while providing seamless user experiences.

Dynamic Perspectives

For aspiring entrepreneurs entering the product design and development solution space, Naveen offers these insights. First, immerse yourself in the industry’s dynamic trends and emerging technologies to stay innovative. Prioritize user-centricity – deeply understand user needs, pain points, and preferences. Cultivate a multidisciplinary team with expertise in design, technology, and business strategy to ensure comprehensive solutions. Embrace agility – iterate and adapt quickly to changing market demands. Foster a collaborative and open culture that encourages idea-sharing and experimentation. Lastly, focus on quality, scalability, and user satisfaction; these will define your reputation and success. Remember, perseverance, continuous learning, and a genuine passion for solving problems will guide your journey to creating impactful and successful products.

An International Design Force 

On the future plans, Naveen divulges that they envision scaling Divami’s operations and offerings by leveraging their strong foundation and adapting to industry shifts. They’ll continue investing in talent, nurturing a diverse team of design, tech, and domain experts to handle complex challenges. Embracing automation and AI will streamline processes, enhancing efficiency. Expansion into emerging markets and sectors will broaden their reach. Collaborative partnerships with tech giants and startups will foster innovation. Their service portfolio will evolve to encompass new trends like AI, blockchain, and sustainable design. “By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, practising agility, and maintaining our commitment to user-centric design, we’ll not only meet but exceed evolving client expectations, positioning us as a leading force in product design and development solutions globally,” concludes Naveen.

*Client Testimonials:

Our collaboration with Divami Design Labs proved to be an excellent strategic decision. Their commitment to creating exceptional user experiences transformed our new platform, driving our digital product’s value. Their strategic approach, coupled with their technical prowess in leveraging React, culminated in a solution that was both robust and user-friendly.” – Christopher Creel, CTO, Layr.

Divami played a critical role in designing our end-to-end Pond Management platform. Their personalized, intuitive, and functional approach resulted in a platform that was both functional and user-friendly, which helped us improve the overall experience of our platform, which has been critical in engaging and retaining our customers. I highly recommend Divami to any business looking to enhance their design and user experience.” – Sreeram Raavi, CEO, Eruvaka Technologies.

Divami’s team did an impressive job. Their research was especially insightful and their designs reflected user needs.” – Faisal Ahmed, Head of Innovation.

Their core focus around the segment we are in and their deep understanding of technology and the user behaviour has been instrumental in our business journey.” – Mohan Panguluri, CEO, Qapitol QA

*Awards and Recognitions:

IIM & ISB Case Study Featured in Harvard Business Publishing:

Recognized for excellence in product design and engineering, featured in a Harvard Business Publishing case study, integrated into management curricula at prestigious institutions like IIMs and Asper School of Business.

Web Excellence Award:

Honoured by an international interactive web awards competition for exceptional web design and development, particularly recognized for excellence in apps and mobile design for a data management platform.

Clutch Leaders’ Matrix:

Consistently ranked among the top 5 global UI/UX Design agencies in Clutch’s matrix, recognized for high customer satisfaction. #1 UX Agency in India as ranked by Clutch.co.

CII Design Excellence Award by CII:

Acknowledged by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for outstanding design in a comprehensive drug reference app, contributing to UX strategy, UX/UI designs, and platform development.

These testimonials and awards truly exemplify Divami’s exceptional capabilities and standing within the industry.

“For more information, please visit the weblink https://www.divami.com/, or connect at connect@divami.com, or hr@divami.com, or contact us @+91 (40) 6733 7033; +1 (408) 634 8266,” mentions Naveen.