Dr Aradhana Pandey: A Caring Companion of All the Pet Friends

Dr Aradhana Pandey
Aradhana Pandey, Director

“A Dog is man’s best friend.” The proverb is true for these innocent animals who are extremely loyal and can be easily domesticated. For that matter, any pet is brought into a family for its friendly and playful nature, good company and keeping the environment lively. From their perspective, they make their entire world wrapped around the family they stay with. Being the best companions and loved family members, several people find it difficult to understand or comprehend the changes in their pets’ behavior or health conditions. A professional and qualified veterinarian can understand the pet’s condition and offer the right treatment.

Veterinarians are indispensable today in promoting animal health, safeguarding public health, ensuring food safety, contributing to scientific research, conserving wildlife, supporting animal agriculture, and advocating for a holistic and empathetic approach. Their expertise and dedication significantly impact the well-being of animals, humans, and the environment we share.

Offering the modern and best veterinary services, Dr Aradhana Pandey has emerged as one of the most sought-after and respected animal doctors in Delhi and NCR. Through her advanced veterinary clinic, Doggy World Ventures Pvt Ltd, Dr Aradhana spearheads the entire management as a Director, offering a wide gamut of veterinary services, check-ups, consultation, guidance, treatments, diagnosis, and more.

Driven with Dedication and Compassion

Doggy World, now a Private Limited company, was established in 2002 to provide value-added veterinary services to our pet friends at an affordable cost. With four branches across Delhi, Doggy World now offers specialized services for pet clients. It caters to veterinary consultancy, surgery, diagnostics, radiology, ultrasonography, ECG, and echocardiography. Apart from the veterinary services, Doggy World also has Pet shops, Pet Grooming parlours and Pet Bakery.

Dr Aradhana says that Doggy World is known to provide the best pet healthcare services with the best facilities and expert vet team at a competitive cost. Her pet clinic has a sizeable client base across Delhi and NCR, with online consultancy being provided all over India and to other countries. The clients trust her and her team because of their ‘never-give-up’ approach to treating their pets. Their dedicated vets and paravets team, along with the precise diagnostic outcome, make it possible to maintain an excellent recovery rate. Their main centre receives many referral cases daily as the clients believe that Dr Aradhana gives the best treatment outcome, even in complicated cases.

The All-in-One Pet Care

Doggy World is a versatile concept. It began as a veterinary clinic but has expanded in all types of services providing pet owners with the ‘best-place-to-be’ experience. Its pet clinic is equipped with an OPD facility for around 20 cases at a time, a separate surgical unit, a radiology department, Cardiac monitoring unit, ultrasonography, dentistry, an ophthalmology unit, a cat clinic, vaccination, and health clinic, in-house diagnostic lab, dermatology lab. Dr Aradhana adds that they also have admission facilities for critical patients. Their hospital runs 24×7 to cater to any emergency. They have a team of expert and experienced vets, professional para-vet staff, and trained support staff to deal with any case. The case presented is discussed by an expert vet panel for the best treatment and outcome. Several diagnostic procedures are applied for a precise diagnosis for a favourable outcome. Dr Aradhana’s clinic has a team of 70 dedicated staff that work day and night for the progress of Doggy World. Even after 20 years, they are making leaps and bounds since they have not let complacency affect their efforts. “We always look forward to improving our services and techniques,” she says.

Competent and Caring Management

The clinic was started two decades ago by Dr Aradhana as a three-person setup that has now grown to a Private Limited company with a staff size of 70 people. It has become possible only because of her vision to provide the best pet facilities. She has involved herself in the learning process and keeping an eye on the market and pet parents’ needs. She has always adopted the latest technology and believed in teamwork to make things happen.

Still, she looks to further advance her services along with the addition of new services. The one-person clinic has now acquired the shape of a corporate with multiple divisions, branches, and facilities. The work standards are never compromised in Doggy World, with Dr Aradhana and Dr SK Pandey still seeing the pet cases daily.

They keep an eye on the quality standard laid for the company so that procedures are never compromised. These are the few ingredients because of which Doggy World still stands tall in this competitive world. Complementing the humble and ever-ready team, Dr Aradhana proudly mentions, “People’s trust is what makes us grow.”

The Sublime Advantage

Working with a broader perspective, Dr Aradhana says, “We offer all the health care needed at a single place so that the pet parent is not burdened with moving around for a specialized diagnosis and treatment. We never compromise on the quality of the services, people, or procedures.” Apart from the integrated facilities, Doggy World has specialist vets for different departments with high qualifications and competency. Dr Aradhana ensures to offer allied services like a pet shop, grooming parlour, and a pet bakery to provide healthy vet-approved treats.

Admired Qualities

Dr Aradhana and her team handle every patient with dedication and utmost attention. Known for her extremely patient and loving nature, Dr Aradhana has set the clinic’s rules focused on pet care. She states that they have a noncompromising approach to treating a patient. The senior vets personally deal with complicated cases with integrated teamwork and facilities. “This is what gives the confidence to our client that our pet is in good hands,” she says.

Techno-Smart Care

Dr Aradhana is a futuristic and versatile professional who is always ready to offer the best treatment and care. She believes that modern technologies should be used to improve and increase efficiency. She mentions, “This is a very delicate line of work as we are dealing with speechless patients; we must very closely observe our patients to reach a final diagnosis. Small things like how the pet is keeping his tail (Up, hanging, holding between legs, straight etc.), how frequently he is yawning, shaking his head, sitting with legs extended, flexed, forward extended, sideways or in back position etc. all these things help us in reaching to a final diagnosis.”

So she feels this is a very early or nascent stage where they can consider adopting modern technologies like AI and ML in the basic diagnosis.

She says, “Yes, to some extent, we are using them in getting the differentials in case of blood test parameters- like we get all the probable causes of deviations in the test parameters. Also, we get the differentials in some ECG machines etc.”

Furthermore, the patient shape and sized varies widely from a two Kg adult Chihuahua to an 80 kg St Bernard. I believe it is still a farfetched thought that I wish we could generate so much varied data that we can use for AI or ML.”

Countering Challenges, Empathetically

Speaking about the challenges, Dr Aradhana says that the difficulties mainly come from the fact that most pet parents are still not fully aware of the science involved in the upbringing and treating pets. They are easily misled by people who are not vets but are directly or indirectly related to pet businesses, so they provide unethical services, compromising product and treatment quality to show a cost advantage to the pet owners.

To counter these challenges, they educate their clients on the advantages of constant contact with professional help. For pet parenting, they constantly organize online chat shows and webinars. They try to continually improve their work quality by regular upgradation of their services and knowledge.

Evolving Animal Care

The modern world is evolving with several new aspects of animal health. Lifestyle changes and pollution in the air and water impact humans, similarly affecting animals. Dr Aradhana says, “Companion animals serve as our best friends. They are like our children and stress busters in today’s stress-filled world. Hence, they deserve the best health care facilities.” Also, newer diseases are cropping up in pet animals due to altered nutrition and lifestyle.

“Hence a regular update of our knowledge and diagnostic facilities holds the key in future.”

Also, professional specialization is very important in present-day scenarios as clients look forward to more specialized facilities. Newer techniques and instrumentation are thus bound to come, and any competitive vet practice must embrace them.

Guiding Words

As an experienced veterinarian, Dr Aradhana advises budding professionals, “Be clear about your mission, adopt required knowledge and infrastructure, build a team and tackle market competition as and when it is needed.”

Envisaging a Dynamic Tomorrow

With its modern and progressive outlook, the versatile team of Doggy World, under Dr Aradhana’s guidance, are developing a model that focuses on the best of the services, care and attending to every patient quickly. Dr Aradhana reveals, “With time, we are increasing our reach, upgrading our facilities and being market competitive. We are also doing related diversification to increase our offerings to the pet parent. Our technology is coupled with good financial and business acumen to make us grow.”

Awards and Recognitions:

  • On 5th August 2023, during IIPTF (India International Pet Trade Fair), Indian Pet Industry Award Night, Dr Aradhana Pandey received an award for ‘The Outstanding Contribution in the field of PET CARE’ – “In recognition for an exceptional professional contribution and dedicated services for the upliftment of the profession and the Indian pet industry,” presented by the honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare Mr SP Singh Baghel.
  • For three years, consecutively, Doggy World received the People’s Choice Award in the Best Veterinary Facility for complete care category given by Petfed.
  • Awarded- “Outstanding contribution in the field of veterinary services for 2022” at Furfest.
  • Thrice awarded in “Threebestrated Veterinary Hospitals in Delhi.”

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