Dr Giridhar Boyapati: Committed to the Most Compassionate Patient Care and Satisfaction

Dr Giridhar Boyapati
Dr Giridhar Boyapati

Regarding India’s most renowned surgeons, Dr Giridhar Boyapati, the Joint Replacement, Trauma, and Arthroscopy Surgeon at Kanumuri Hospitals – Guntur, comes among the Top Five, as testified by his patients.

A delighted patient, Sesha Sai, in his praise, says, “I had undergone a Kwire surgery for my wrist fracture. The staff is so polite and very understanding. This was my second surgery by Dr Giridhar Boyapari sir. The first one is done during the first wave of the pandemic (first wave period). During that time, no hospitals were taking up cases due to COVID, but thankfully my ulna plating surgery was taken up by Giridhar sir. I’m really thankful for that. I was suggested the best implant and the surgery was performed very smoothly. For my second fracture, I got injured accidentally and broke my wrist when I was in Bangalore, my fracture got diagnosed here in Bangalore, but I consulted Giridhar sir, as I had a comfortable experience during my first surgery, and everything went as expected. I’m happy with the surgery performed, and I was able to resume my work after a month, and there is no inconvenience observed due to the fracture after surgery. The insurance process team is so flexible that we need not rush for any documents. They make the process very smooth. I suggest Kanumuri hospitals would be the best destination for various treatments. May many poor people like me would be treated well with the best technology at affordable cost. I hope my review will be helpful for people who are seeking a consultation near Guntur province. I would definitely suggest Dr Giridhar Boyapati sir for people who are supposed to undergo any sort of orthopaedic surgery. All processes will be explained in detail. Once again, thanking Giridhar sir for the support and guidance provided post-surgery.”

Another one, Honey Sakamuri says, “I had undergone shoulder surgery as my shoulder was dislocated and screws were inserted to fix the fracture. My shoulder was dislocated in an accident at midnight, and I was rushed to Kanumuri Hospitals. Giridhar sir came to the hospital that midnight as a saviour and relocated my shoulder, and did surgery the following day. I would strongly recommend Giridhar sir for any orthopaedic issues. The way he interacts with patients and the patience he has in addressing patients’ concerns and doubts is awesome. Giridhar sir is one of the best orthopaedic surgeons.”

One more client, Vamshi Krishna Varma, praises, “My grandmother (73years) has undergone knee replacement surgery for both knees at Kanumuri Hospital by Doctor Giridhar Boyapati and his team who provided us an excellent service with patience and care. Their management team visited us daily throughout the stay for any feedback, and it’s been three weeks now since the replacement, and she’s doing good. Following therapy-free protocol, as advised by doctor Giridhar Boyapati and the team, she attained good knee moments without any physio therapist’s help. I recommend Kanumuri Hospitals and Dr Giridhar Boyapati for knee replacement.”

Another one, Bhargav Kiran, says, “Dr B. Giridhar is a very passionate doctor trained from western counties like the USA and the UK. He is so kind in treating my uncle for plantar fasciitis, which has been a long-term problem for my uncle. After visiting Giridhar sir and following his advice, my uncle is now walking easily. We are extremely satisfied with the patient-centred treatment approach and empathetic nature of the doctor. Also, the hygiene and hospitality of Kanumuri hospitals’ staff are worth mentioning.”

This legend of a Surgeon with MS (Ortho), FIJR (USA and UK), J&J Hip and Knee Fellow, ISKSAA British Orthopaedic Association Fellow (Leeds, UK), Fellow in Outpatient surgery and Therapy Free TKA (SEMC, USA), and Fellow in Computer Assisted Hip and Knee Surgery (MaxCure hospitals, HYD), spoke in an interview with CIOLOOK INDIA team, where he discussed at length about various aspects of healthcare.

The highlights of the discussion are given herein.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the healthcare sector?

I love healthcare not just because it is the most fulfilling profession in the world, serving people, but also because it is a close community where everyone will help others rise and shine.

Please brief our audience about Kanumuri Hospitals, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the most renowned surgeons.

Kanumuri Hospitals was started in 2011 with a vision to create a medical facility providing skilled, compassionate, and affordable health care to people from all walks of life by experienced medical professionals. Our commitment to patient care and satisfaction is our main competitive advantage/distinguishing feature or factor.

Tell us more about your offerings and what aspects enable you to stand out in the cutthroat competition.

The healthcare industry is a highly competitive field, even for surgeons. To stand out in this market, you need to do things differently. You need not create something new but freshly do existing things. At our centre, which specializes in joint replacement, we have initiated several steps like the Fast Track Knee replacement and Therapy free knee replacement programs to enhance recovery after surgery. With Therapy free technique, the patient can walk immediately after the surgery without any help from a physiotherapist. So patients from rural areas without any rehab services benefit from this. These new strategies have helped us with better patient satisfaction and recovery.

Provide good patient care Treat your patient like royalty, from outpatient services to in-house services. Good nursing care and properly trained staff at every point of patient interaction made us drive ahead.

Providing world class medical services at affordable prices tailored to local needs made us successful.

As an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI & ML impacts healthcare and how your organization adapts to change.

Artificial Intelligence has become a part of our day-to-day life. Healthcare is no exception. Post-pandemic, the impact of AI has increased three-fold. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in healthcare are not just using them for the treatment/procedure of the patient. But also handling the patient records/data. Electronic health records help in predicting and treating disease in a better way by faster data collection and recommending personalized treatment. It is also a cost-efficient process saving both doctors and patients time. We are very much open to exploring the advancements in incorporating it into the system for a better outcome. Like any other system, it has its CONS also. Many firms are coming up with new technologies in the market. There should be a team of experts from the Govt. side to standardize modern technologies by conducting studies and checking their reproducibility.

Considering the current industry scenario, what challenges do you face, and how do you drive your organization to overcome them?

The challenges the healthcare industry faces have always been increasing, and the global scenario presents a contrasting landscape. There are advanced medical devices and well-equipped hospitals and clinics at one end. At the other end, there is the rising cost of medical care and inadequately trained professionals.

Rising healthcare costs are the most important challenge we face. A few things we are planning to reduce the healthcare costs for patients are providing local price variations to patients, either by healthcare providers or insurers, reducing the number of medical tests for patients and negotiating prescription drugs costs for consumers, and also training the staff regularly about the advances in the health sector.

How do you envision scaling Kanumuri Hospitals’ operations and offerings in the future?

As we already know, the future is based more on AI. We are planning to acquire Robotics in the near future for Knee replacements, which is more accurate and less time consuming, subsequently aiding the early recovery of the patient, getting them back to normal life faster than usual.