Dr Manali Mehta: Bridging the Gap Between Confidence and Appearance

Dr Manali Mehta
Dr Manali Mehta

Appearances often hold immense power in a world increasingly obsessed with first impressions. While the adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ rings true, the undeniable reality is that looking and feeling your best can significantly impact self-esteem and confidence. This is where Dr Manali Mehta, M.D.S (Mumbai) – Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Unique Aesthetic Clinicsteps in, not just as a skilled surgeon but as an artist passionate about bridging the gap between perceived flaws and a sense of empowerment.

Dr Mehta recognizes the profound impact appearance can have on individuals, especially when dealing with facial deformities, whether congenital or acquired. She understands these concerns are more than just aesthetic; they can affect social interactions, professional opportunities, and overall well-being.

Therefore, her approach goes beyond technical expertise. Dr Mehta sees enhancing features and correcting deformities as an art form. She prioritizes individual needs and desires, working closely with each patient to understand their unique concerns and aesthetic goals. This collaborative approach ensures the results align with facial structure, personal confidence, and a renewed sense of self.

In Dr Mehta’s hands, facial surgery becomes more than a procedure; it becomes a transformative journey. By combining her artistic vision with advanced surgical techniques, she empowers individuals to correct physical imperfections and regain the confidence to embrace their true selves. This resonates with the often-heard sentiment of ‘first impressions’ because Dr Mehta’s confidence extends beyond initial encounters, impacting every aspect of life.

Sharing USPs of Unique Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Mehta says, “Ours is a state-of-the-art multi-speciality dental clinic and expertise for patients through exclusively curated treatment procedures. Our ideology is to create a welcoming, warm and relaxing environment.” A one-stop dental care clinic, the clinic is where your family can look forward to each visit with Dr Mehta and her team.

Where Care Meets the Goals of Treatment 

Dr Mehta adds that their goal is not just to fix teeth but to improve patients’ overall quality of life.

Best Surgeon: With 19 years in practising, teaching and touching a niche market mix of prosthetics and dentistry, Dr Mehta’s expertise lies in the fields of Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Dental Implantology, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, and Aesthetic Dentistry. She happens to be one of the very few Dental experts in Mumbai with an extraordinary contribution to Dental research and practice, and she is a wonderful teacher and guide to many Dental students.

Telling more about her clinic’s offerings, Dr Mehta says that since 2005, they’ve satisfactorily served patients for Routine Dental Care, Child Dental Care, Orthodontic Treatment, Smile Makeovers, Root Canals and Dental Implants. Her clinic offers complete dental spectrum, with a team spreading affection and warmth, making patients feel relaxed and confident for the treatment offered.

As a Prosthodontist, Dr Mehta proudly says,

God creates. We recreate!

She started her Maxillofacial Prosthetic practice in 2010. Dr Mehta says that Maxillofacial Prosthodontics is the art and science of providing customized extra-oral and intraoral prostheses to individuals living with anatomical anomalies, such as congenital absence of a body part amputation from trauma or loss from disease. She adds, “We at Unique Aesthetic Clinic aim to provide these individuals with highly realistic customized prostheses that will improve their functional capabilities and social acceptance, thereby improving their quality of life.”

Dr Mehta and her expert team of surgeons create and fit a variety of prosthetic devices, including prostheses for the face, upper and lower extremities, and breasts.

She states, “We also rehabilitate oral cancer patients with customized intra-oral prostheses with/without implants using 3D printing technology.” Multidisciplinary treatment is provided to restore the patient’s dentofacial appearance, chewing, speech and swallowing.

All the services provided are tailor-made to the patients’ comfort and satisfaction of the team, making them stand out in the current cut-throat competition.

Your Smile is Our Driving Force

Dr Mehta’s journey in the surgical solutions sector is extraordinary. She completed her BDS in 2005, standing 1st in her class, and pursued her education to MDS in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics in 2010, receiving a Gold Medal. She started teaching at an institute in 2010.

Her continuous education, practice in the early part of her career and being a teacher to many budding surgeons guided Dr Mehta through varied experiences in a continuously changing work environment. “Patient concerns and reviews motivated me to keep providing the best to my patients in the best of my capacity, knowledge and expertise,” she says and continues updating herself to date, learning new procedures and techniques by attending conferences and workshops, national and internationally to help treat patients more effectively. Also, as a teacher, she helped her grow and learn new avenues. “We as doctors strive purely on patient satisfaction and warmth,” says Dr Mehta, whose leadership style is recognized as a driving force behind her clinic’s widespread recognition and popularity.

Fun-filled Treats Meant for Your Delight

Shedding light on her approach to leadership and team building within the organization, she says, “I started my career as a clinician in 2005 at Kunj Dental Clinic where I learnt my basics about private practice, practice management, teaching assistants and highest order of patient care.”

The ideology behind her establishing Unique Aesthetic Clinic was to create a welcoming, relaxing environment where your family can look forward to each visit with her and her team. Along with her passion towards providing optimum customized treatment plans to patients, Dr Mehta has built her niche and the team from scratch. The age-old formula of being one with the team as a leader has lifted her and her organization to the status it has achieved. Today, Dr Mehta practices at three clinical setups in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, and at multiple clinics, she provides consultation.

There are many qualities and values in Dr Mehta that her patients greatly admire. Her patients have told her that they admire her as a whole. From the first gentle touch, patience, calm demeanour, and thorough explanation of procedures to sweet warmth care provided and aftercare are few of the qualities they love. Being Consistent and Persistent are her key values.

Techno-Boosted Dentistry

Being an experienced leader, Dr Mehta is tech-savvy. She has very positive opinions on adopting modern technologies like AI and ML into dentistry. According to her, AI and ML can be valuable tools to assist dental professionals in multiple stages of clinical cases. IT is based on evidence and a data bank for analysis and solutions. AI can be helpful in radiographic and optical images- diagnostic dentistry. They can and are supportive tools as of date and not a replacement until the near future.

Dental practitioners can look forward to AI and ML as supplemental tools to improve efficiency and accuracy in diagnosis, treatment planning and disease outcomes.

Modern surgery has evolved with accuracy, minimally invasive techniques, and painless laser advancements. Dr Mehta shares that being up to date with recent advances and keeping up with ever-evolving techniques and methods and their application for best results are two of her major contributions to dentistry. Pain-free dentistry uses Conscious sedation for apprehensive patients and children, Digital Impressions and digital technology to make patients comfortable and have less chairside time for treatment, and 3D printing technology for Maxillofacial surgery and prostheses are incorporated in her practice.

Dr Mehta used 3D printing technology in 2015 for mandible (Lower jaw) reconstruction for post-oral cancer patients and continues to use the same for precision and accuracy for multiple extra-oral and intraoral prostheses. She is pursuing her PhD in “Role of genomic characterization and somatic mutations in head and neck cancer,” which will aid in better and more predictable treatment for Head and Neck/Oral Cancer patients.

Erasing Challenges 

In the contemporary scenario, every successful surgeon faces a set of challenges. Dr Mehta says that the current market competition and inflation have affected sourcing materials for treatments to provide patients with the best possible minimal cost.

She adds, “The simple motto that I have been telling and following in my life is ‘Keep doing the hard work; positive results are certain. My work is my art. No one can take it away from me. My patients and their results are proof that pushes me in my weaker times. It keeps me focused and undeterred towards my goal.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped industries globally. When asked how she and her team navigated those unprecedented times, Dr Mehta says it was a bizarre period for people, personally and professionally. The medical fraternity, per se, being at the forefront and continuing to give treatment and care, has faced the maximum brunt of the pandemic, which has been minimally noticed and appreciated. Although maintaining the highest safety standards and the protocols laden by the Government, she and her team, along with the entire healthcare fraternity, continued to provide treatment and care.

The other factor that was majorly affected was the dental supplementary items and aids which were imported, which have exorbitantly increased the rate, which increased the treatment timeline along with cost. “However, my patients have amazed me by being understanding and tolerant in explaining the condition. COVID-19 has taught us the value of age-old practices, which were almost obsolete due to recent advances in modern medicine. Adapting and implementing alternative treatment protocol and results have helped me better myself each day at work,” reveals Dr Mehta.

Admirable Perspectives

According to her, surgical procedures have gained more importance in these new normal times. Especially in dentistry, regular dental visits can do more than keep your smile attractive – they can also tell dentists a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be at risk of chronic disease. New research suggests that your mouth’s health mirrors your body’s condition as a whole. BDS stands for Bachelor Dental Surgery. In dental studies, surgery is the treatment plan’s only mainstay. From providing basic dental care to specialized treatment, surgery is the crux. Recent advancements in Robotics, AI-based machine learning, and 3D technology will aid in the precision of disease diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment choice.

Dr Mehta’s advice is helpful for all those youths who want to pursue dentistry as their career. She says that they should take up the course wholeheartedly and dedicatedly. Staying focused on providing ethical treatment at the best cost is the advice. It is a career that provides plenty of rewards and challenges and an opportunity to help people and make communities healthier.

Especially as women, in today’s era, we are standing head to head on gender roles at any aspects of work and life.” All they have to do is accept the fact and move forward with their career. No looking back and stopping once you alight this flight.

Fantastic Future of a Healthy You

On envision scaling her clinic’s operations and offerings, Dr Mehta says, “I strongly believe, ‘Healthy Mouth, Healthy You.’ and ‘Smile is the first thing people notice, and a perfectly healthy smile raises your face value.”

Good oral health enables you to functionally perform as a human being (i.e., speaking, smiling, smelling, eating) and is also important for communication, human relationships and financial prosperity. Poor dental health has serious consequences, including painful, disabling, and costly health conditions.

Dr Mehta aims to offer dental treatment and prostheses to patients to the best of her ability and at an affordable cost to improve the overall well-being and quality of life of her patients. “Following my ideology and motto, we at Unique Aesthetic Clinic have achieved success and will continue and stand by the same always and forever,” she concludes.

So, while ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ remains a noble ideal, Dr Manali Mehta acknowledges the reality that appearances influence our journey. By blending artistry with medical expertise, she empowers individuals to rewrite their narratives, not just on the surface but also within the depths of their confidence and self-worth.

Patient Testimonials:

  • “I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Manali for her exceptional dental care. Her ability to understand dental problems and provide precise, effective solutions is truly commendable. What sets her apart is her commitment to avoiding unnecessary treatments and ensuring a patient-focused approach. Dr Manali’s personalized touch in every treatment creates a comforting and tailored experience. Even from a distance, she extends her care to my parents, making her not just a skilled dentist but a compassionate professional who goes above and beyond for her patients. Choosing Dr Manali for dental care is a decision you won’t regret.”
  • “Exceptional care and expertise define this dental clinic. From the moment I stepped in, the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff put me at ease. The state-of-the-art facilities and the skilled and compassionate Dr Manali Mehta made my experience here remarkable. She tailored a treatment plan to my needs, explaining every step clearly and patiently. The attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a comfortable experience truly sets this clinic apart. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking top-notch dental care.”
  • “My Mom, 75 years old, was treated very patiently by Dr Manali, and Dr Manali understood Mom’s requirements. Manali’s hand worked smoothly, causing no discomfort to her, even in extraction, and constant support and communication were excellent.”
  • “My son, 11 years old, only wants to go to Manali Aunty for the smallest issue. Says she understands what I am feeling in my teeth perfectly.”
  • “My entire family goes to Dr Manali. My parents are senior citizens, and they love going to Dr Manali as she is very patient, caring and loving with them. My Mom is very comfortable with her and feels at home in Dr Manali’s clinic. Her suggestive treatments are only what is required and finish in a few visits, which is also a big advantage for her working people and senior citizens.”
  • “I got two wisdom teeth extracted by Dr Manali, and I cannot thank her enough! I was terrified before the procedure, but she made me very comfortable. I had expected some swelling and discomfort after the extraction, but my post-operative healing was unbelievably uneventful. That’s how good she is! I recommend seeing Dr Manali for all your dental concerns without a second thought.”
  • “Nice place ensuring proper treatment. Dr Manali Mehata has fine perfection, especially in Implant and dental surgery. In another way, it helps the patient eat well and smile beautifully. Staff is well-trained, and hygiene is well-maintained.”
  • “Dr Manali is very patient and caring and makes us feel very comfortable. She has a professional touch in how she communicates and deals with the entire treatment. She deals very calmly with my old parents, who are forgetful and have multiple health issues. They love to talk with Dr Manali as she gives them a complete listening ear on any topic. Our overall experience with her is that we are in safe hands.”
  • “Explanation of the treatment in a simple manner with reassurance. Smiling, that pleasant face of yours puts the patient at ease. Commitment towards work. Explanation of post-treatment protocols. Being responsible for any failures.”
  • “It is beyond words to mention the capabilities of Dr Manali Mehta, who has proved perfect in her field of work. The combination of her expertise and confidence takes a dental patient to a zone of comfort where there is nothing to worry about. This is not a story heard from someone; my words of compliments are based on my personal experience when she performed dental implant surgery for me about four years back, giving new life to my oral system.”
  • “We put up in Malad, yet we decided to go to Koperkhairne and visited Dr Manali Mehta with a reference from a friend. We were highly impressed with the way the treatment was explained to us. We got the treatment done by her, and behold, it was fantastic work; we were overwhelmed with the mastery of the treatment. It has been over three years, and there are still no problems or complaints about the treatment. It is said that when it comes to a doctor or a lawyer, always go the best, and that is what we have done. I would not hesitate to go again if required or recommend her for dental treatment.”
  • “I appreciate Dr Manali Mehta, dentist, for her patience and care towards her patient. Her dedication and application to her job make her one of the best dentists; I enthusiastically and strongly recommend her.”