Dr Santosh Shetty: Scaling New Vistas in the Field of Modern Orthopaedic Treatments and Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Santosh Shetty

Healing from bone damage or accidental injuries is one of the lengthy and time-taking processes. Several orthopaedic surgeons chose the convenient route of performing surgeries in a traditional sense while the art of medicine and surgery has evolved over the years. Orthopaedic surgeries have implications and can have effects on the patient’s routine movements.

While early mobility is the theme of Modern Orthopedic treatment there is a need for orthopaedic surgeons and experts who can identify the patient’s precise condition and adopt a more logical and broader approach to the orthopaedic treatment process to achieve this. By implementing an advanced methodology that offers safe practices, Dr Santosh Shetty has emerged as the most trusted orthopaedic surgeon in providing effective and reliable treatments in the field of Orthopaedics and Arthroplasty.

Through his advanced Roboplasty Center, Dr Santosh Shetty has successfully cured several people, senior citizens and elderly geriatrics citizens in different forms of bony and soft tissue injuries, bone damages and deformities especially Hip, Knee and Shoulder joints.

Leveraging Orthopaedic Advancements

As one of India’s leading orthopaedic surgery centres, Dr Shetty has established himself as an esteemed authority in the field of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement. With years of experience and a wealth of expertise, he has honed his skills to perfection, earning recognition as one of the country’s best robotic joint replacement and reconstructive orthopaedic surgeons.

To provide a high level of care to the patient and to increase the precision of surgery, Dr Shetty has designed the ‘Absolute Precision Technique’, which is one of its kind in the world. The results obtained at their centre by Absolute Precision Technique have been appreciated by renowned orthopaedic organizations and institutions worldwide.

The team has successfully established the “The Centre of Excellence for Cruciate Retaining Knee Replacement Surgery with Attune CR and Mobile Bearing implants”, “The Centre of Excellence for Specially Coated Opulent Gold Knee Implants” and “The Centre of Excellence for Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery with Fully Active Automatic Cuvis Robotic System and Velys Robotic System”. This highly advanced facility implements the best safety practices for the best patient outcomes and patient satisfaction by having regular knowledge exchange programs with the best surgeons across the globe.

With a strong reputation within the medical community, the center has been recognized for its contributions to research, innovative techniques, and successful outcomes. Further peer recognition, awards, and affiliations with professional organizations have helped the center to earn trust amongst its patients through their dedication in the field of Orthopaedics over the past 20 years of Impeccable Clinical practice.

Holistic and Ethical Approach

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, most orthopaedic surgical centres prioritize treatment through surgery.

Dr Santosh Shetty mentions that at Roboplasty Center, his team offers a holistic approach from Joint Preservation, Restoration to partial and total Replacement, and they believe that if a patient has early arthritis and the joint can be preserved, then every available resources in medical science should be used to preserve the joint one of them being the field of regenerative medicine. He adds, “We offer a complete 360-degree solution from Preservation to Arthroscopy to Replacement, emphasizing partial knee replacement options wherever possible and keeping total knee replacement as a last option in our armamentarium. This treatment philosophy is the key to our success.”

After the COVID pandemic, Dr Shetty realized that there has been a huge increase in the number of AVN hip patients, and that reach of regenerative medicine is essential to these patients, that’s why a special department was created in the centre to help patients suffering from AVN of the Hip joint. “Expert consultation is free for patients suffering from AVN; this is a unique initiative in India,” he informs.

By keeping the patient’s interest first Roboplasty Centre has contributed to the field of Orthopaedics and Arthroplasty with Initiatives like Save Your Hip, Save Your Knee, Women Arthritis Clinic to treat Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis and further establishing The Centre for Joint Preservation and The Centre of Excellence for Joint Replacement with Minimally Invasive Technique, Muscle Sparing Technique, Cruciate Preservation and Robotic Assisted Technology.

The APT Advantage

Dr Shetty says, “We are the only centre in India to do Joint Replacement by Absolute Precision Technique, driving innovative techniques that offer high accuracy, precision, dependability, and quicker recovery of various patients. By this technique, we have successfully treated thousands of patients and made them live a new life.”

He added “The success rate at our centre is more than 98%. Patients treated with absolute precision can walk on their feet and do daily activities on the same day of surgery. We offer minimally invasive surgery to give smaller, better scar; Ligament Sparing Techniques to save the ligament wherever possible to provide a stable joint with natural proprioception; Bone preservation techniques to keep as much as the natural joint intact as possible with the help of various advanced techniques and use of the latest implants and technology like advanced robotic systems. Our Motto is “Adding Miles To Life” with the help of available expertise, technique, implants and technology.”

Saga of Innovation and Excellence

In 2001, Dr Shetty embarked on a remarkable treatment journey with a clear vision – to deliver exceptional orthopaedic care to patients at affordable prices. He says, “At our clinic, we understand individuals’ physical and emotional challenges when dealing with orthopaedic conditions. Our mission has always been to alleviate their pain, restore mobility, and enhance their overall quality of life.”

In the early days of their practice, he and his team of experts realized that orthopaedic surgery is a major surgery and requires high precision, such as any heart surgery or neurosurgery. Keeping this in mind over the years they designed world-class treatment protocols and surgical techniques, offering the latest pain management techniques and technologies and today they can proudly say that their surgical results has been and is at par with the best centres across the world.

Progressing with Technologies

A very modern and pragmatic professional, Dr Shetty believes in the application of modern technologies which have enabled surgeons and medical practitioners to offer effective treatments. He informs, “We are one of the first few centres in the world to use cloud technology in our practice. All our portal and website for patient education is hosted on a secure cloud server.”

Fifteen years ago, they were early adapters of technology and started using Computer Navigation for Joint Replacement. Over the last few years they have tied up with various leading multinational orthopaedic technology providers like Cuvis Fully Automatic Robotic Arm Technology and Velys Advanced Robotic System, and today they can proudly claim that with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the field of Joint Replacement they are “The Centre of Excellence for Accuracy and Precision” which is the key in Orthopedic Care for long-term best results.

Advancing through Challenges

Dr Shetty, a passionate medical expert, has been a fearless surgeon who always looked for newer possibilities in bettering treatments. He faced several challenges in the process and has countered this with commitment and initiative. Speaking on the same, he says, “In our 20 years of practice, we have ensured that our patients get the best at an affordable cost, and we go all the length to ensure that the revision rate at our centre is low. We are also consciously aware that patients get only one chance to get a surgery done with accuracy and precision, and those who do not get this will have to undergo early revision surgery. Revision is a challenge due to the cost involved and also due to the inconvenience caused to the patients. To ensure great results and clinical success, we have been early adapters of technological advancements.”

Implementing and integrating new technologies, such as electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics has improved efficiency and patient care.

Sensitive to the Rising Healthcare Costs: Healthcare costs continue to rise globally, and hospitals and clinics face the challenge of providing quality care while managing expenses. To overcome this, the Centre focuses on optimizing operational efficiency, streamlining workflows, negotiating favourable vendor contracts, and implementing cost-effective practices without compromising patient care.

Focus on Quality and Patient Safety: To enhance outcomes the Centre implements evidence-based practices, quality improvement initiatives, and patient safety protocols. Additionally, fostering a culture of continuous learning, conducting regular performance evaluations, and investing in staff development has contributed to maintaining high standards of care in practice.

Delivering Absolute Patient Experience and Satisfaction: The center prioritizes patient-centred care, enhanced patient communication and improved service access by providing a comfortable and supportive environment. Regularly collecting patient feedback and actively addressing concerns helps the center enhance overall patient satisfaction and experience.

Eliminating Human Errors

According to Dr Shetty Robotic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, as technological advances have made it more precise and less invasive than traditional surgery. There are many advantages to robotic surgery, including better implant positioning, less human intervention, faster recovery, and shorter hospital stays.

Additionally, the minimally invasive nature of robotic surgery results in less tissue trauma, less blood loss, and a quicker recovery. These advantages make robotic surgery an appealing option for patients and surgeons alike.

Being one of the earliest adapters of robotic knee replacement, Dr Shetty can provide all the benefits of robotic knee replacement surgery, including more accurate and precise implant positioning, less blood loss, quicker recovery times, and better long-term results. “Robotics technology is also assumed to be safer due to the elimination of human error,” he says.

Fostering Advanced Robotic Tech

Elaborating further on his experience with the Robotic technology, Dr Shetty says it is a revolutionary technology that has revolutionized the medical industry. This technology has been a boon to all patients of all age, even those with high risk and of age more than 90 yrs.

Robotic Replacement can be lifesaving too, as it reduces the risk of fat embolism and is the safest available technology. Patients who have undergone Robotic Replacement have expressed that it is has been a life changing experience. This technology has been a life saver for many patients and has helped them lead a normal life.

However, there are some crucial factor to a successful robotic joint replacement surgery. The skills and experience of a surgeon, as well as the availability of the latest advanced third generation robotic technology, play a key role. Overall, aseptic precautions taken by the team and the center to reduce the risk of infection and readmissions are the pillars of a successful joint replacement surgery.

Expert Guidance

Having a rich experience in the field of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement surgeries and offering several types of treatments, Dr Shetty advises young medical professionals to be curious and enthusiastic about the practices. He mentions that they strongly believe knowledge should be shared and passed on to the next generation. That’s why they have established a dedicated Orthopaedic learning program called ‘Arthroplasty Update.’ He states, “It is our moral responsibility to contribute to the development of future orthopaedic surgeons and ensure the continuous advancement of orthopaedic care.”

Arthroplasty Update is one such initiative designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive educational experience for aspiring orthopaedic surgeons. Through this program, they aim to impart the latest knowledge, skills, and techniques in the field of arthroplasty, with a particular focus on Robotic joint replacement surgeries, arthroscopy and joint preservation. By equipping young surgeons with the necessary expertise, Dr Shetty and his clinic strives to enhance youngsters’ capabilities and prepare them for the challenges they may encounter in their professional journey.

Growing through Collaborations

Dr Shetty has forged valuable partnerships with skilled orthopaedic centres nationwide in his continuous pursuit of excellence in orthopaedic care. He shares his vision, “These collaborations allow us to extend our surgical expertise and provide world-class surgical care facilities to our citizens, addressing the growing need for high-quality orthopaedic services in our country.”

He further says they understand the significance of having well-equipped and proficient orthopaedic centres in various regions. “By joining forces in future with established institutions, we aim to bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility and ensure that patients receive the best possible medical care, regardless of their geographical location,” he concludes.