Dr Shrujal C. Shah: Envisioning and Ensuring Healthy Bones for Everyone at Green Leaf

Dr Shrujal C. Shah
Dr Shrujal C. Shah

The fitness of the human body is directly dependent on the fitness of bones and their well-integrated skeleton structure. Healthy bones cannot remain healthy forever. Minor to major accidental injuries, lessening intake and proportion of calcium, old age, decay, and musculoskeletal disorders make it necessary for every adult (and sometimes even young ones) to visit an orthopaedic surgeon who can then perform their magic treatments and heal the bones and comfort the ailing body out if its discomfort.

Leading this league of India’s best orthopaedic surgeons is Dr Shrujal C. Shah, who is working as a Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon at Green Leaf and Sheth P.T. Surat General Hospital. Getting his MBBS from Surat’s SMIMER Medical College, Dr Shrujal did his MS (Orthopaedic) from South Gujarat University. He also worked as an assistant professor at Gujarat Karamsad Medical College.

He went to Germany to get Knee Replacement Training at St. Joseph Hospital. He took advanced training in Hong Kong for computer navigation-assisted knee replacement and completed his M.ch (Orthopaedics) from the American University of Medicine – University of Seychelles (USA).

Ortho Care Excellence

He has extensive experience in managing trauma, exposure to the Illizarov technique and Locking compression plating, exposure to Complicated trauma and acetabular fracture surgeries, exposure to various adult joint replacement surgery and arthroscopy surgery

He also trains in ensuring effective clinical care through training, guidelines, and audits. Supervise junior doctors in clinical skills and writing notes and reports. Carry all kinds of clinical governance research work under the guidance of seniors. He had Clinical skills with a good clinical diagnosis and Up-to-date knowledge of various cases in the field of orthopaedics, including radiological interpretation.

Dr Shrujal’s surgical skills are excellent, with great exposure to Polytrauma and its management. He individually performed and assisted in major surgeries.

Practising for 11 years in the city of Surat, Dr Shrujal received several awards and accolades –

  • Asian Healthcare Summit Excellent Award to Dr Shrujal Shah as The Best Orthopaedic Surgeon of Gujarat by Honourable Minister Smt. JAYAPRADA (Indian film Actress) and Shri Sunil Deodhar (Honourable Nation General Secretary – BJP) at Delhi, 2021.
  • Most Trusted Orthopaedic Surgeonin Surat on June 2021 from Golden Aim.
  • Achieved Healthcare Excellence Awardin the form of The Best Orthopaedic Surgeon, Surat from CM Vijay Rupani Sir, Nov 2019.

Green Leaf and Sheth P. T. Surat General Hospital

A state-of-the-art multispecialty orthopaedics hospital, Green Leaf, is near the airport’s heart of the city. He shares, “We provide a one-stop solution for all orthopaedics problems, including joint replacement (primary and revision), arthroscopy (knee and shoulder), fracture and accident 24*7.” A 10-bed advance ICU facility with three modular joint-less operation theatres is also available.

Dr Shrujal is a senior experienced orthopaedics surgeon who has performed over 5000 surgeries successfully. “Computer-assisted navigation techniques make all our surgeries accurate and precise. The surgeries utilise minimum invasive technology for all fractures so we can start the patient ambulatory as early as possible,” he says.

Dr Shrujal is distinguished from other orthopaedic surgeons because of his compassionately careful approach based on his vision and guiding principles. “We envision healthy bones for everyone,” he says, adding, “Our guiding principles are very close to our hearts as we believe,”

~Every person in India has a fundamental right to equitable, high-quality, and affordable health care.

~Everyone should have the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

~Every part of society should value and promote healthy families and communities.

~Doctors should lead in improving health care and ending health disparities.

Tech-Ensured Precision

Being an experienced leader, he shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI, ML, Cloud, and Blockchain; is impacting the current orthopaedic treatments sector and how he is contributing to the change.

In a country like India, with a burgeoning population, it’s often difficult for hospitals and doctors to keep up with the demand as there aren’t enough doctors to deal with the huge inflow of patients. AI can help handle the demand of patients and even help treat patients not residing in the same city. “The fact that we take the help of AI to ensure precision in our surgeries can mean that people could also travel to Surat for medical tourism and reap the benefits of the superior and affordable healthcare available at our hospital,” he adds.

Eliminating Adversities

According to Dr Shrujal, considering the current scenarios, there are many challenges that a doctor has to face, from working overtime to being available whenever for your patients, but that’s part of the job and the field we chose. Back-to-back surgeries can also make one feel mentally and physically exhausted.

He says, “Once in a while, we come across a case that is quite serious or advanced and difficult to handle.” In such situations, doctors must tread carefully as the patient’s family is

understandingly upset or scared for their loved ones’ wellbeing. He adds, “We try to do our best, but the outcomes can sometimes be ugly, and in those cases, we like to make our stand and procedure very clear to avoid any misunderstandings on their part in case something goes wrong.”

Advise for the Dreamy-Eyed Aspirants

To all those dreamy-eyed young students who wish to enter the field, Dr Shrujal recommends paying attention to pre and post-surgery counselling because it is more important than the surgery itself.

The patient needs to be aware of the risks associated. Once the surgery is completed, they need to properly understand all the precautions and care they need to take to ensure complete recovery in a minimal amount of time.

He says, “I’d also suggest consulting and working with senior doctors when you have just entered the field because it takes time to get a hold of things, and there is a lot you can learn when you have a senior doctor present.”

An Ortho-Healthy Future

On envisioning scaling Green Leaf Hospital’s operations and offerings in the future, Dr Shrujal says they plan on adding more infrastructure and acquiring more advanced technology for ease in

surgeries and the betterment of the patients. When they use technology in their surgeries, they can get them done through a small incision that doesn’t leave a significant scar on the body. “With these added benefits, we can look forward to a future where we can serve as many patients as possible and improve their lives,” he concludes.

For more information, please click https://www.drshrujalshah.com/ or connect at drshrujal@gmail.com or contact @ +91 98259 85186.

Clients Testimonials

*“I was a patient for Knee Replacement Surgery. I had an opportunity to know the functioning of the hospital in detail. Management is Excellent. Staff treatment of patients is remarkable & worthy. Patients gain confidence from the treatment. I am sure by the passage of time the institution will be unchallenged in the state.” – Ushaben.

*“Thank you for handling my case with sympathy and kindness. Because of your concern and confidence made me capable of celebrating Id. May God bless you and your family.” – Yunus Shaikh.

*“It’s just a feeling from Aah! to Aha! My mother is facing a problem with walking due to a knee fall down. We consult Dr Shrujal Shah about her problem. After some reports, he made us understand the problem. As per his guidance, my mother got ready for replacement. Dr Shrujal Shah had surgery on both legs at New Sheth PT General Hospital. After three days of surgery, she feels better and can walk with Walker. She’s doing better as days pass, just because of Dr Shrujal’s perfect diagnosis and operation. Now she can walk easily and without any pain. A smile is not only on her face, but we all are happy and thankful to Dr For such perfect treatment. To replace two knees together was a fearful decision for us, but Dr Shrujal’s perfection made us feel safe and relaxed. Thank you, doctor. Now she really says Aha! Instead of aah!”- Hardik Shah.

*“My mother was operated on for shoulder problem. She had a rotator cuff tear. We consulted Dr shrujal Shah at green leaf hospital, Surat, for a rotator cuff tear. He advised laser arthroscopic surgery (keyhole) for her shoulder problem. Today three months completed. All pain is gone, and all movements come back. Thanks to Dr Shrujal Shah, One of the best shoulder surgeons in Surat, Gujarat.” –Nilesh Saspara.

*“Dr Shrujal Shah did my knee replacement surgery. I am totally satisfied with the result of the surgery. My recovery was very fast, as promised by a doctor. I walked on the second day of surgery and left the walker as early as the 7th day. I undertook a flight journey exactly after one month of surgery without any hassles. The doctor guaranteed it before my surgery. One thing that needs special mention is that the doctor was always available on the phone during pre and post-surgery whenever I had a need.” – Jezyamma Mathew.

*“I suffered from an ACL ligament tear due to falling from my bike. I consulted Dr Shrujal Shah for an ACL ligament problem. He did ACL surgery in the form of ACL reconstruction in my knee joint. I am very happy with my surgery. I resume my work after 15 days. Thanks to Dr Shrujal Shah. One of the best arthroscopic and ACL ligament surgeons in Surat, Gujarat, India.” – Jigar Petigara.

*“Straight forward, young, dynamic, clear-cut approach, very friendly and caring, has a no-nonsense approach and considers all things while suggesting a solution. My personal experience during my mother’s operation was that he made her feel so safe and taken care of, with no jargon, no false promises, and no putting fear, and as promised, he delivered these words, and now, two years and no problem in the operated leg for knee replacement.” – Kishan.

*“Dr Shrujal Shah, one of the BEST doctors I had ever seen earlier. Thank u Dr. Shrujal shah. I strongly recommend that each n everyone consult him at least once before making an important decision. And especially for knee replacement surgery…” – “Jain Saint Prashant Sundar Maharaj Saheb.”