Dr Shweta Shah: Empowering Women through Effective Gynaecology

shweta shah
shweta shah

Every woman needs to see a gynaecologist to sustain good health. As reproductive organs mature during puberty, a regular gynaecological evaluation is a must. One can expect a detailed explanation about normal body functions or answers to any female health-related questions upon visiting the gynaecologist. During the visit, the gynaecologist performs breast and pelvic exams. A detailed examination allows the doctor to check for possible abnormalities. Pelvic exams detect potentially cancerous cells. It is encouraged for every woman to go for a pelvic exam annually to assess/prevent any disorders in the reproductive system.

However, finding a trustworthy, qualified and experienced gynaecologist can be challenging. Moreover, not having timely check-ups can lead to certain health conditions going undiagnosed.

Understanding the concerns of women, Dr Shweta ShahFounder and Director of TVAMEVA Clinic, has created an identity of a reliable gynaecologist who offers valuable consultation, diagnosis, and effective treatment.

The fascinating interview with the CIOLOOK India team with Dr Shweta revealed her professional journey, USPs, medical field views, evolving technologies, and several other aspects.

Dr Shweta, please brief our audience about TVAMEVA CLINIC, its USPs, and your position as one of the best Gynaecologists. 

TVAMEVA- Only You is a collaboration of the Gynaecology and Aesthetic centre, primarily focussed on treatments uniquely tailored to each patient whether addressing gynaecology or providing aesthetic care. For every woman, who walks through our doors, we promise optimum health, hope, and unparalleled experience, through our three tenets of services at all times – Compassion, Care and Convenience. These pillars of “TVAMEVA” ensure the quality healthcare for every woman she deserves.

I am currently positioned as one of the best gynaecologists because of these very strong core values as principles of our practice –

Excellence: I have set high standards and bring exceptional quality to all areas of women’s health, research, and education.

Integrity: I am brutally honest and ethical in every situation, especially during difficult times.

Innovation: My treatment protocols offer novel, creative ideas and pioneer discoveries that enhance women’s health. They are the most patient-friendly and least invasive.

Empathy: That’s our essential superpower. I respect and am attentive to my patients’ thoughts and feelings.

Teamwork: I have an efficient team and believe the best results are achieved by integrating a mix of perspectives, talents, and experiences.

Continuous Improvement: I am never satisfied with the status of QUO and will seek improvement in every aspect of delivering, researching, and supporting women’s health.

Advocacy: I advocate for better healthcare for women in our community and globally.

Vision: I have envisioned setting global standards of excellence and leading the present and future of women’s healthcare by providing patient-centred, individualized and easily accessible care. I am in tune with and engage our community to make my care accessible for all who need women’s health care services.

Some of my satisfied customers include Shradha Gaikwad, Geetanjali Ingle, Rui Murakami, Seema Khanna, Disha Vakharia, Lenn Huang, and Zubin Ather.

My Awards include –

  • Most Iconic Healthcare Leaders 2023 (World Health and Wellness Congress).
  • Excellence & Leadership in Healthcare 2021 (ASIA-GCC).
  • Star of healthcare award 2021 – (Medlife Asia Healthcare).
  • India’s Care Hero 2021 – Babychakra.

Tell us more about your company’s offering and what makes it stand out in the cutthroat competition.

TVAMEVA offers a wide range of gynaecological services that make today’s woman disease-free, and at the same time, she can rejuvenate and renew her persona with our aesthetic services provided by a qualified, skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeon. Our pillars of Compassion, Care, and convenience makes us stand out in our field.

As a woman, I connect with my patients emotionally and socially, like my valued friends and family, to address their concerns best. I provide the most recent and evidence-based treatment, which is internationally accredited. With good health, I want my patients to be the – BEST version of themselves.

The care I provide is individualized and unique in our way. It is uniquely tailored to each patient, whether addressing gynaecological issues or providing care during pregnancy. I understand that your life is busy, and time is precious. Therefore I provide you with the option of having everything completed at your first consultation with us.

Please brief us about your journey in the Gynaecology Solutions sector and how they have made TVAMEVA excel in its niche.

I was born in a mediocre, Gujarati, non-medico family where my parents always motivated me to reach heights in education. I was an average student till I pursued mine under graduation (MBBS). I procured my internship from Seth GSMC & KEMH, Mumbai. During this tenure, I decided to pursue my post-graduation in gynaecology from this reputed institute, which is the dream of most medical students. I was focused and was a trendsetter from my youth days. My strategy was to prepare only for two entrance exams (State and All India), unlike others preparing for multiple exams.

My single focus, comparable to Arjuna’s birds’ eye view, helped me stand apart, ranking in the top 100. I finally completed my formal education at this prestigious institution, where I learned skills and shaped my persona in a way that prepared me to face the world outside. I started working with some of the seniors in gynaecology to gain experience.

My zeal for learning took me ahead in training in minimally invasive surgeries in gynaecology. After completing this formal training in surgery, I started my private practice in a few reputed hospitals. Being an aggressive woman and among those who believed only in my confidence, I was taken as a threat by most of the male surgeons in my field, and like no other woman, I had been through challenges on all fronts.

Despite my ever-increasing urge to do something for myself and work for myself, I started my brand in the name of Dr Shweta Shah at the age of 36 years in a very small setup on a rental basis. Like any other new venture, I barely had any patients initially, but gradually my practice started picking up. There were days when I used to wait for patients, but her consistency, and focus, led to an increase in patients.

I have always believed in providing the best to my patients. Despite my consultation being on the higher side than others in my field, I still had patients who would just come for me. Being a Gujarati and born in a business family, it is in my genes. She started having a roaring practice in just one year. And my USP is my availability at all times for my patients physically and digitally. I developed a team who worked on my digital platforms, and I started getting more reach. Gradually, I started my self-earned brand, TVAMEVA, which is the replica of my honesty, hard work, and consistency.

Considering the current industry scenario, what challenges do you face, and how do you drive TVAMEVA Clinic to overcome them?

Nowadays, there is so much information available with just a click. People have access to everything. In such a scenario, only if your services are more patient-oriented and in their best interest can you stay ahead of the rest. Precisely for that reason, ‘TVAMEVA – Only You‘ implies the same. We are ethical in our practices and brutally honest in our services such that patient entry is with doubts, but exit is absolutely doubtless.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the gynaecology space?

The time to start will never be right. Start with what tools you have, and better tools will be found as you go along. Surround yourself with people discussing business, saving money, and living better. Make sure that your circle motivates and inspires you. Your business might be small, but the fact that you started something, stayed consistent during hard times and created employment for yourself is extraordinary. To end, chase the vision, not the money. The money will end up following you.

How do you envision scaling TVAMEVA Clinic’s operations and offerings in the future?

We have started on a very small scale. But we envision building TVAMEVA Healthcare. It will offer a wide range of services in the health sector.

Clients Testimonials:

  • Shradha Gaikwad, (2 Reviews, 3 Months Ago): “Dr Shweta is one of the best gynaecs you can rely on. She listens your problems patiently and explains everything to the depth. I approached Dr. Shweta for deep endometriosis with a chocolate cyst. She guided me about the laproscopic surgery for endometriosis and ovarian cystectomy procedure. It was a smooth and painless experience. Thanks Dr. Shweta for making it so easy. Best part is that she is always available to answer all your queries.”
  • Geetanjali Ingle, (2 Reviews, 3 Months Ago):I was really lucky to have met Dr Shweta Shah. Dr Shweta is incredible with her skills. She is so approachable so humble and so knowledgeable that she almost predicted every phase of my pregnancy with 100% accuracy, right from the 1st day when I met her for consultation to the very last day when I delivered. The journey would have never been so joyful without her continuous and valuable guidance.”
  • Rui Murakami, (1 Review, 6 Months Ago): “Being a foreigner I was initially nervous about delivering my baby in India but my regular follow-ups with Dr Shweta made me at ease. Dr Shweta is an amazing doctor and I have always felt secured in her constant guidance throughout last nine months. She has always given the best of advice and guided me to ensure healthy pregnancy term without any health issues. The best part was that she could understand my unique body condition. The final delivery went smoothly and a healthy baby was born. I and my family are really thankful to her.”
  • Seema Khanna, (2 reviews, 7 Months Ago): “I got to know about Dr Shweta through Google. I was quite nervous and confused as this was the third opinion l decided to have. I had been suffering since 4 months. She did a thorough checkup and explained everything in detail. The moment l saw her l got positive vibes and knew that she’s who one who can cure me. She’s an angel very sweet, approachable, caring, adorable l can go on and on. God bless her. l had a laparoscopic uterus removal under her care.”
  • Lenn Huang, (4 Reviews, A Year Ago): “Dr Shweta, in the world of the 21st Century, we may find many gynecologists, however finding the right one would be like finding a needle in the haystack. We came across Dr. Shweta through a google search and narrowed it down because of the positive reviews online.”