Evify Logitech: Rediscovering the Green Logistics on the Mission of Sustainability

Evify Logitech
Evify Logitech Pvt Ltd

Globally, logistics is the leading source of pollution. Specifically, vehicular emissions of hazardous particles, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and other poisonous gases into our atmosphere exacerbate global warming and the climate crisis. The Paris Agreement has been taken seriously by governments, administrations, associations, agencies, and businesses worldwide to combat the impending global climate crisis. According to the International Transport Forum (ITF), transportation as a subset of the logistics industry contributes 39% of CO2 emissions and approximately 8% of CO2 emissions globally. The road contributes 62% of the emissions.

As an emerging global logistics hub and a key member of the Paris Agreement, India bears enormous responsibility for transforming its traditional logistics industry and transportation sector into sustainable and green ecosystems that can significantly contribute to the country’s goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Every step counts in this noble mission. Evify Logitech is a technology-driven logistics start-up that aims to bring an unorganized and unsystematic Indian logistics industry onto a transparent digital platform while remaining environmentally sustainable in its operations. The company’s Founder is Mr Devrishi Arrora, along with Co-founders Mr Vineet Mittal and CA Pragya Mittal.

Environmentally Logical Steps 

Devrishi shares, “Our vision is to become a one-stop – environment-friendly – end-to-end logistics solutions provider – be it vehicles, charging stations, tech or green warehouses space provider.”

Going green is not only the need of the hour; it also helps bring down freight’s overall cost. Associating with an environmentally responsible start-up like ours will give businesses an edge in reducing their carbon footprint and passing on economic benefits to their customers. Vineet adds, “We provide workforce (delivery personnel) and transportation service – making client’s life easier and more productive.”

Working mainly in intra-city, the first mile, mid-mile, and last mile logistics segments, Evify will use only Electric Vehicles and provide the workforce to fulfil transport orders.

Pragya appeals, “We ask you to simply consider switching to the green way of conducting your daily transportation tasks with EVIFY.”

With an experienced team and an ambitious vision, Evify aims to bring about a revolution in the logistics sector, all aimed at fighting the Global warming crisis faced by everyone today. Pragya says that they hope to inspire businesses to become more environmentally responsible in all their operations to save and sustain the green environment of this pale blue dot we all reside in.

Our Mother Earth

All three of them say in unison, “We are starting this green drive together. Let us begin.”

Green Logistic Solutions: Evify is through and through a Tech-Logistics company with a conscience about our environment. The firm does everything a Logistics company does, but its modus operandi is primarily focused on doing it all green. This also helps bring down any freight’s overall cost.

Associating with an environmentally responsible start-up like Evify will give any business an edge in reducing their carbon footprint and passing on the economic benefit to their customers. “We provide delivery personnel and transportation service – making client’s life easier and more productive,” says Devrishi.

Electric Vehicles: Eveeto™, the logistics solutions wing of Evify® provides logistics and workforce solutions, operating with only electric vehicles (2W and 3W) for Intra-city / Local deliveries. It is the first start-up of its kind, aiming for a carbon-negative fleet, positively impacting the environment.

Eveeto™ is also backed by other experienced green industry players like Solar Panel Manufacturers, Lithium-Ion Battery pack manufacturers, and 2W/3W Electric Vehicle manufacturers, which makes Eveeto™ a complete package for GREEN First-Mid-Last Mile Logistics.

Tech Platform: In today’s economy, it is impossible not to have tech integrated into your operations. Vineet explains, “With Eveeto™, the logistics solutions wing of Evify®, we have integrated Fleet management, Driver management, Route optimization, Battery management system (BMS), Telematics, Financing and loan management, Credit risk analysis and Client access to Insights – all onto our tech platform.”

This gives our clients flexibility and eases to choose the best possible option of transportation and manpower management for their freight needs – from our portal itself,” states Pragya.

Sharing Evify’s uniqueness, she adds that they have…

India’s First Carbon Negative EV Fleet

Evify has bought kichee tokens from Creduce- World’s first tradable super sustainability Blockchain tokens. Evify has calculated and estimated scope 1&2 emissions for the year ending Dec ’22 to be 270 tons of CO2. Evify has bought and retired the equivalent no. of credits from kichee and accomplished it by the end of last year.

Eveeto™: The logistics solutions wing of Evify® focuses on EV acquisition processes, vehicle maintenance, and delegation on demand per the clients’ needs.

Devrishi says, “Eveeto™ also focuses on hiring and taking care of our EV drivers-en-route assistance for all our drivers and vehicles and making sure all deliveries happen on time for every client.”

EVs of Eveeto™: EveetoX: With EveetoX, the current EV ecosystem in Surat will get a huge boost as the no. of charging points will significantly grow, “As we are planning to set up 500+ charging points – Driving Evify R towards its ultimate aim of becoming a one-stop EV logistics solutions provider. It will aid our fleet with uptime, making EveetoTM even more efficient with deliveries – increasing our client’s volume of business too,” says Vineet.

Further, Evify’s Charging Solutions include,

  • It is an IOT-enabled 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging unit.
  • It’s got a smart app control feature with BLE/WiFi/Sim-based connectivity.
  • It is a sleek design, tamperproof, all-weather unit with IP54 Certification.
  • Simple to use – *Scan – Charge – Go* process.

Devrishi says that their mission is to deploy their electric fleet to all the eCommerce giants and decarbonize the logistics sector in Tier II and Tier III cities of India by 2030. While stating their vision, Vineet says it is to become a one-stop, environment-friendly – end-to-end logistics solutions provider, be it vehicles, charging stations, or full-stack in-house tech platform.

Pragya says, “As Earthians, we realize the urgency to switch to greener ways of doing everything today. In the Logistics sector, a few Indian companies are stepping up to go green. Although a challenge, we see a huge potential in this sector, especially in intra-city, the first mile, mid-mile, and the last mile logistics segments.”

According to her, there are some significant professional qualities and values because of which Evify is the perfect choice when it comes to

Sustainable Logistics Solutions

Launched in September 2021 in Surat, so far, Evify has covered 12,57,000+ Green Kms with its 2,07,000+ Deliveries, an astonishing feat in such a short span. When it started, it had only one client, BigBasket, and four vehicles in its fleet. Today it has seven major eCommerce giants as its clients and a fleet of 300+ electric vehicles.

Evify was the pioneering company in Surat and the entire Gujarat region when it launched. “For the year 2022, we were the first logistics company to be carbon neutral,” informs Pragya.

Carbon Conscious- Evify® is aiming to be a carbon-negative fleet focusing on Green modes of operation and productivity.

Economic Affordability- Transportation costs are made more affordable while being environmentally sustainable.

Integrated IT Platform- “Our first-of-its-kind tech platform, aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing expenses, and intended at profitability for the clients, allows them access to all sorts of manpower and transportation services right from our portal itself,” says Devrishi.

Green Stakeholders- Vineet informs, “Our stakeholders are already from companies that have been in the green business allowing us to use their expertise and innovative, practical ideas to make our services even better.”

Delivery Personnel- “We provide workforce along with Transportation services,” says Pragya. She adds that they purchase the EVs and then employ drivers monthly while providing them with PF, ESIC, incentives, unlimited accidental insurance, medical cover, and other benefits. The drivers are completely burden-free, as they charge EVs at Evify premises and operate them as Evify’s employees.

The Very Dynamic Team Evify

Devrishi, the Founder, is also the CEO & COO of EVIFY. He comes from a family with more than 60 years of existence and experience in the transportation sector, making him a third-generation entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge and experience of this industry’s operations.

He has two Masters’s degrees- first in International Business & Emerging Markets and second in Tech Entrepreneurship from the world’s top universities – The University of Edinburgh and University College London, respectively. He’s also done project management programs at London Business School. This makes him a perfect fit to direct a Tech based Logistics start-up. He oversees operations, client negotiations and onboarding, industry networking, and R&D.

On the other hand, Mrs. Pragya Mittal, the Co-founder, is also the CMO and CFO at EVIFY Logitech. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a keen interest in finance and marketing. She is responsible for the company’s expansion, fundraising, marketing, and investor onboarding.

She has been actively involved in her family business in the renewable energy sector for a decade. They also started with another vertical of lithium battery manufacturing a few years back. Sustainability has always been the core objective, and ensuring a better working environment for the riders and their physical and financial safety is her utmost priority.

Evify®is also backed by other experienced green industry players like Lithium-Ion Battery pack manufacturers and 2W/3W Electric Vehicle manufacturers, which makes Evify®a a complete package for GREEN First-Mid-Last Mile Logistics.

“Our group companies include,

Navitas Solar: Solar Panel Manufacturing company specializing in producing solar PV modules, developing EPC solutions.

Shakti Logistix: Full Truck Load (FTL transportation pan India. (Shakti Transportation Group, since 60 years).

Renon: Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles, BESS, and other solar applications.

Magicrete: Magicrete Building Solutions (Green Building Materials).

Mahati Industries: Power Sector Mahati Industries (Transformers & Hydro Projects),” says Devrishi.

Pragya concludes, “Our super clients are BigBasket, Swiggy, Ecom Express, and Blue Dart.”

So far, Evify has been featured in Entrepreneur, Mobility Outlook, BW Auto World, and BW Disrupt.