First Registered Vehicle Recycling Facility launched by Tata Motors

Tata Motors

Under the Re.Wi.Re brand, Tata Motors has opened its first registered car scrapping facility in Jaipur.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways officially opened the first Re.Wi.Re. Ganganagar Vaahan Udyog Pvt Ltd, a partner of Tata Motors, created and runs the factory. It can accommodate 15,000 automobiles annually.

The Re.Wi.Re. facility is made to disassemble obsolete commercial and passenger vehicles of all brands. It contains designated stations for the safe dismantling of parts such as tyres, batteries, fuel, oils, liquids, and gases and is entirely digitalized for hassle-free, paperless operations.

According to Tata, each vehicle is carefully inspected for passenger and commercial vehicle regulations before going through a rigorous documentation and disassembly procedure.

This facility for reducing pollution was created with an eye towards the environment. It is fully automated and digitalized for simple use. For the destruction of tyres, oil, batteries, fuels, and gases, there are numerous stations available. The facility is set up to handle both PVs and CVs simultaneously.

All PVs and CVs older than 15 years must submit to fitness testing under the ATSs, per MoRTH recommendations (Automated Testing Stations). This rule will go into effect for CVs on April 1, 2023, and for PVs on June 1, 2024. A vehicle will be deemed to be “end of life” (EOL) if it fails the ATS test. The intention is to address the polluting effects of unregulated PVs and CVs. Everything of it will be destroyed. Sales of newer, greener, and more fuel-efficient vehicles will increase because of the ecosystem created by discarding old vehicles. The circular economy gains significantly, in addition to the automotive industry’s carbon footprint being reduced.