Flipkart and Google Cloud Have Merged to Improve Customer Service

Flipkart and Google

Flipkart has signed a multi-year agreement with Google Cloud to use Google’s data centres and services to improve its overall customer service.

Flipkart said in a statement that the transaction will help the Indian e-commerce platform handle more traffic during peak shopping seasons and accelerate the speed of new product development to grow into tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

Flipkart’s data analytics will also benefit from Google Cloud, which will allow the company to better analyse traffic and transactional data, gain better real-time insights into customer purchasing and shopping behaviour, identify trends and patterns with increased demand, and provide more personalised recommendations to customers.

Cloud computing allows businesses to develop goods and services without having to maintain their own servers and data centres. The partnership will also help Flipkart improve its hybrid work model, according to the business.