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Freak X
Aashish Arorah | Founder

Today, people live in a digitally enhanced world in which social media and apps consume and influence a significant portion of our everyday lives. In recent years, social gaming has become another addition—becoming a habit—that has kept us spellbound by its charm.

Social gaming has become a total time sink for the masses thanks to its user-friendly, frictionless, and shareable interface, adding a new level of complexity to game design. A lighter and far more practical approach to game production for mobile and web-based platforms is now available. Thanks to HTML5’s development from its gloomy commencement.

Since Adobe Flash is being extinct in its existence, HTML5 is perpetually emerging as the technology of choice for major game production studios. HTML5 is a very well-liked and in-demand platform that offers some interesting cutting-edge features, including 2D and 3D graphics, offline asset storage, and audio APIs. It can also adapt to different resolutions, screen sizes, standards, and ratios.

As a leading HTML5 game production firm in India, Freak X Games is committed to creating outstanding HTML5 games using cutting-edge technologies. It is a team of incredibly talented and knowledgeable game designers and developers who can create visually stunning, captivating, and top-notch HTML5 games for both mobile and online platforms that guarantee a rise in traffic and higher returns.

The HTML5 games from Freak X Games are created and tuned to work well on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Web, etc. The company creates a wide range of HTML5 games, including arcade, action, casual, sports, puzzles, and many more.

The company’s games serve several commercial objectives, including raising brand exposure, enhancing platform traffic and engagement, and, above all, serving as a fantastic source of pleasure. The primary goal of Freak X Games is to integrate its games across many platforms to increase user engagement and generate more money. Freak X Games is currently providing services to 200+ clients across a variety of industries, including eCommerce, real-money gaming apps, news platforms, wallet apps, and many more.

Embracing the Fundamentals of HTML5

As Freak X Games is in the HTML5 gaming industry, the company highlights some of the prominent features of HTML5 games.

  • HTML5 games are browser-based games and do not require installation on a user’s computer or the download of any plugins in order to play.
  • Since HTML5 offers cross-platform support, the majority of devices can run HTML5 games without impacting their performance. It enables game developers to put more emphasis on the games’ quality rather than worrying about how well they perform.
  • HTML5 games are constructed using a powerful technological stack that offers several advantages, like simple accessibility, cross-platform compatibility, seamless upgrades, and much more. These advantages allow HTML5 games to evolve more quickly and increase user engagement.
  • HTML5 games offer several innovative ways to increase overall revenue significantly. These games’ cross-platform interoperability makes them ideal for promotion across several platforms, which increases revenue from in-game advertisements.
  • H5 games can work wonders for one and increase platform traffic beyond expectations for businesses. It can also be ensured that business users use the platform for longer periods of time, thanks to these captivating and immersive games.
  • Any upgrade to HTML5 games is quite simple because HTML5 enables developers to write code only once and then release it to a variety of platforms, making it possible for developers to quickly make the needed changes for each platform.

Offerings that Signify Proficiency

Freak X Games develops, publishes, and distributes world-class HTML5 games that enable businesses to attract, retain, and convert potential clients. The company is made up of a group of highly qualified and experienced game designers and developers who can develop visually stunning, captivating HTML5 games for both mobile and online platforms that guarantee a rise in traffic and more profits.

It serves as a hub for HTML5 gaming. The business operates in three segments of the gaming market:

H5 Game Development– Freak X Games develops premium HTML5 games that are well-optimized with engaging themes and a unique storyline. These games are in different genres, such as action, shooting, arcade, casual, etc. This enables clients to attract multiple users depending on their interests.

H5 Game Publishing– The company has its own gaming portal,, where it publishes HTML5 games. It is a free-to-play platform with games in multiple genres and languages.

H5 Game Distribution– Freak X Games distributes its games all over the world. The team states, “We deploy them on our clients’ platforms as per their needs. Once these games are successfully deployed, they are ready to be played on any device. No further steps are required.”

Freak X Games creates its own in-house HTLM5 games and publishes them on its portal,, in contrast to its rivals, which get content from gaming development firms. It develops visually stunning and high-quality HTML5 games and then integrates them on a variety of platforms, including eCommerce, real-money gaming apps, news platforms, etc., to guarantee an increase in traffic and higher returns.

To provide a great experience to the client’s local audience, Freak X Games has developed its games in a variety of localized languages, including Hindi, English, and other well-known world languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, etc. The company states, “We localize our games in a way that helps their brand to beat linguistic barriers and connect with diverse audience groups in different locations effectively.”

As a full-fledged HTML5 game development company, Freak X Games has all it takes to develop Multiplayer and PVP games. PVP games are multiplayer games that are played among human players rather than with computer bots.

Freak X Games’ game library consists of over 90+ engaging and top-quality HTML5 games, and as an HTML5 game development studio, it constantly builds more games and enables one to gain access to its rich collection of exclusive games.

Building Exceptional and Innovative Solutions

Freak X Games offers assistance to its clients. User engagement on websites and mobile applications is the most common problem for many businesses. Lower revenue is the effect of low conversion rates from lower traffic. However, its top-notch HTML5 games can drive more users to the website or app, which will boost usage and revenue.

Based on the client’s choices, Freak X Games re-skins and customizes its games. It offers updated versions of all of its games that don’t materially alter the core gameplay in order to fit its brand. The final version functions exactly like the original game and can be released swiftly while also effectively communicating the brand’s concept through new graphics. Freak X Games offers its games under two business models:

Licensing– Freak X Games’ develops in-house games and offers its clients the option to get a one-time license for its games for a fixed sum. It charges per game, per month. Once the clients deploy the game on their platform, all the generated revenue is theirs to keep.

Revenue Share– For brands on tighter budgets, Freak X Games offers its current collection of games embedded with ads on a revenue-sharing basis. With the ads being a major source of revenue for Non-Exclusive games, the revenue from these games is then split, and the client gets to keep a good percentage of the total revenue.

Its major business segments are:

Non-Gaming– Brands looking to attract and retain users on their platform. These include telecom, OTT, eCommerce, etc.

Gaming– Freak X Games develops bespoke games for clients looking to develop and monetize their gaming ideas. It leverages its in-depth expertise and saves them from the hassle.

High Traffic Brands– Freak X Games helps high-traffic websites monetize their traffic by embedding its games on their sites and sharing revenue from ads.

With seamless cross-platform compatibility that increases engagements and conversions while optimizing revenue from many sources, Freak X Games gives clients’ brands a competitive edge. Its development know-how and quick turnaround times enable the company to provide a variety of exciting games that guarantee higher engagement and conversion rates on clients’ platform.

Overcoming the Industrial Adversities

The major challenge that Aashish and the Freak X Games team face is that of the distinct types of platforms on which they embed their games. Because each platform has a unique niche and history, the team must offer solutions that meet their needs. Additionally, different tactics would be used for each platform to increase their engagement with the help of the company’s HTML5 games.

To get around this, the Freak X Games team thoroughly investigates and evaluates the client’s platform before designing the engagement strategy.

When asked about what advice he would give to the budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Gaming space he asserts, “Gaming field is vast and is expanding in India. I would encourage people to come and contribute to this sector. There is an excellent scope of your career in the gaming industry.”

Evolving with the Core Values

With time, the Freak X Games team is also evolving and bringing enhancement to its knowledge. It has advanced greatly from creating simple games to multi-player ones. Aashish says, “Our quality is getting better than other HTML5 game providers in the market. We also have regional games that are not much covered by others. Besides that, with our HTML5 games we allow our clients to gratify their users which helps them to increase their platform engagement. We also assist them in their branding with our gamification and give them an opportunity to turn their ideas into games.

According to Aashish, what clients most admire about Freak X Games team is:

  • Premium quality HTML5 games
  • Localization of games
  • Customization of the gameplay mechanics
  • Constant support
  • Our commitment

Heading Towards a Global Approach

Since HTML5 games are web games and limited to playing on browsers, Freak X Games is also planning to develop installable games and for that it will soon make its presence on the play store and app store.

Freak X Games places a significant emphasis on having a global audience and has led the way in localizing its games by incorporating popular world languages like English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. The team also has plans to create narrative-driven HTML5 games on contemporary societal topics, such as climate change, that appeal to a sizable young audience.

Freak X Games predicts that multiplayer and AR (Augmented Reality) gaming will bring about the next big shift in the market. In order to broaden its selection of games, the team is presently doing research and gathering information in this area. “We will surely come up with such games in the future,” says Aashish.

The Visionary Leader

Aashish Arorah, the Founder of Freak X Games, has always wished to be an entrepreneur and establish his own business. For Aashish, the greatest source of inspiration as a leader came from realizing how a business operated on a larger scale and wasn’t just one facet of a job. He was constantly drawn to hearing interviews of people who had struggled to launch their own businesses, particularly those in the IT sector. He says “My entrepreneurial journey is quite similar to theirs.”

Aashish began working in 2010.  He had been writing blogs on tech, entertainment and sports and doing SEO for the same. Soon, he gained expertise in ad monetization through digital content. This was solely on an individual level.

During that time, he was also learning UI design, and soon after he acquired the knowledge, he started doing freelancing work to polish his skills. He shares, “My work was appreciated by the clients, and this motivated me to apply for full-time roles at reputed companies. I worked as a UI Designer at TPF Technologies in 2014 where I widened my knowledge in digital arts as well.”

His journey reached its next stop when he started working as a game artist. He first learned about the HTML5 gaming sector in 2015, and he immediately became quite interested in it. He states, “I saw the potential of the HTML5 gaming career in India that was booming exponentially. With more than 2.34 billion online players, it was the fastest-growing entertainment industry.”

Aashish has always been a person with lots of ideas and a light bulb momentarily appeared just then. “It was to open an HTML5 Game Development company that apart from developing HTML5 games, also provides services of game publishing and game distribution across the world.” So, he collected all the knowledge needed and with a small team of game developers and designers, he founded Freak X Games in October 2017. He states, “Gracefully, the company is flourishing and is considered among the well-respected HTML5 gaming organizations.”

Accolades in the Spotlight

In the prolonged odyssey of excellence, Freak X Games has been providing its magnificent services to industry leaders including:

  • India’s Most Premium OTT Service with a streaming library of over 150,000 hours in 11 languages – MX Player
  • The digital wing of the Jagran Prakashan Limited – India’s leading media and communications group – Jagran Prakashan
  • A one-stop platform that brings the world of gaming together – from gamers, game publishers, spectators to gaming communities – JIO Games
  • The biggest marketplace of cross platform games connecting the best game developers with publishers – Game Distribution
  • The go-to browser games platform for 20+ million monthly users worldwide – CrazyGames.
  • ABP Network is one of the largest Indian media groups with unrivaled timeline in imparting news fearlessly nationwide – ABP

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