Gangotri Organics: A Drive Towards Feasible and Sustainable Environment

Mr Bharat Maheshwari & Mr Pragnesh Patel, Managing Partners | Gangotri Organics
Mr Bharat Maheshwari & Mr Pragnesh Patel, Managing Partners | Gangotri Organics

Organic farming in India, also known as ecological agriculture or biodynamic agriculture, works in a stable harmony with nature. This is because the agricultural activities involved in this type of farming do not cause any harm to the environment.

As organic farming is enabling an eco-friendly environment, it is being considered as a crucial alternative to traditional chemical and fertilizer-based farming.

It is also transforming the scenario of excessive use of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides were raising the bars for ecotoxicity and chronic health issues.

On the other hand, though the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers results in increasing crop production, it is burning down the vital ingredients of the crops, eventually reducing nutrient content and the overall food quality.

This is the crucial reason why the modern world is adapting the emerging farming methods, that are precisely focused on enhancing food quality, it is also a reason why modernization is thrusting the demand for organic agriculture.

Organic agriculture is a holistic production and management system that promotes and improves the health of the agricultural ecosystem including its biodiversity, and soil biological conditions.

These fundamentals created an immense thrust and offered new opportunities among the companies to set up an eco-friendly business model that not only promotes quality food but also creates a sustainable environment, altogether. This is where Gangotri Organics came into the picture.

Gangotri Organics is a pioneer in organic farming in Gujarat and it is one of the leading Bio and eco-friendly, mushroom products manufacturers.

The Initiation

Since 2017, Gangotri Organics started its organic mushroom cultivation at Valsad, and soon, it expanded into international markets.

On the other hand, it has trained more than 200 women entrepreneurs for cultivating the mushrooms most economically and improving the standard of living of people and the community.

At present this company offers a wide range of value-added products made out of oyster mushrooms.

Partners in Excellent Innovations

Bharat Maheshwari is Managing Partner of Gangotri Organics. With over 25 years of corporate experience in various MNCs and corporates like Enercon and NR paper mills covering various roles from head human resource manager to operations head, his vast experience helped a lot in understating and strategizing business models to strive for success.

HR department helped a lot to understand the psychology of the farmers as well as their potential customers.

Pragnesh Patel is also a Managing Partner of Gangotri Organics. With over 12 years of corporate experience in international locations and MNCs like ‘Abbot and Claris’ by handling strategic roles for marketing departments towards bringing in an international experience and local experience and blending it together to enable innovations to apply at the business level.

Exhibiting Excellence

Gangotri Organics is impacting 500 farmers for growing organic products and mushrooms and indirectly impacting a large chunk of society to move towards a healthy society leaving behind the chemicals-laded farming products for the betterment of young Indians who are the future of India.

Along with this, the company is also involved in creating value-added products from mushrooms and is also a step towards eradicating malnutrition in our society.

It has also trained the women of ‘Mann Deshi Foundation’ as a part of ‘CSR’ (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity supported by ‘HUL’, Accenture.

Gangotri Organics also has a strong product portfolio with a unique selling proposition to cater to market needs with the next B2B2C business model. It is a globally-scalable business from a rapidly growing Indian market with multi-fold financial growth capability.

Powering the Advancements in the Organic Farming Space

Morden technologies have helped a lot in aggregating things which were far-fetched thought of as a possibility has become a reality.

Farmers are nowadays connected directly to us by the use of technology and the same applies to end consumers who are leveraging technology for all their requirements and are making it easier for Gangotri Organics to comprehend the requirements from both sides.

Transcending the Difficulties of the Pandemic

Pandemic drove everyone into different phycology, many people now want to be precautions and be health-oriented at the same time.

Though the business was eventually down during the pandemic, however, there has been an increase in demand, resulting in a boost of utilizing organic products.

Word to the Wise

“The agriculture becomes attractive to young people only when it’s profitable, competitive, and dynamic.” says team Gangotri Organics.

For this, the use of innovative technologies, improvement in input supply, improvement in the infrastructure network, easy access to land and finance, and upgradation of farm operations are must, and Gangotri Organics advises the younger people to join this industry and provide more benefits to the society.

“Young minds can do wonders for such Industry as till now the old and traditional method has been followed which can be changed with young minds.” adds team Gangotri Organics.

Enabling Sustainable Future

Gangotri plans to be an innovative bio and eco-friendly products manufacturer and supplier company.

It is currently achieving zero carbon emission biodegradable mushroom packaging material using precise systems and a deep understanding of mycelium’s biology. Gangotri Organics is amplifying the natural properties of specific strains to fit unique material needs.

It is also offering 100 per cent natural alternatives to plastic and polystyrene, reusable and home compostable, and is reducing carbon emission across the nation and international locations via its franchise model enabling a feasibly sustainable environment.