Gates Foundation Declares Financial Aid of $ 1.27 Billion

Gates Foundation

On Thursday, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced its new financial assistance amounting to $ 1.27 billion to address social inequalities and poverty.

The two-day Goalkeepers event at the Lincoln Center in New York was attended by more than 300 young business entrepreneurs from across the world. It was noted that every indicator of the UN sustainable development goals, is currently off track to be realized by the 2030 timeline. The report pointed out the opportunities to catalyze progress through its investments in innovative approaches and long-term strategies for countering climate change, inequality, and poverty.

CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mark Suzman, mentioned that “This week has underscored the urgency of the challenges we face, and the promise of sustainable solutions that save and improve lives.”

“We can get back on track toward the SDGs, but it’s going to take a new level of collaboration and investment from every sector. That’s why our foundation is significantly stepping up our commitment to helping confront crises now and ensure long-term impact across critical determinants of health and development,” Mark added.