Girish Nair: Re-engineering HR for the Digital Future

Girish Nair | Pace Global Hr Consulting
Girish Nair | Founder and CEO | Pace Global Hr Consulting

The new age business reality is that organizations and corporations must be future-ready. To achieve it, companies have to re-focus on their Human Resource (HR) functions anew because if transformed and re-engineered for the digital future, HR can play a decisive role in the success of modern corporations.

CXO level members, whose priority was predominantly Business growth, are now keen on focusing on HR strategies in their companies as they are witnessing a healthy growth pattern in positive work environments.  PACE Global HR Consulting Services as the HR services provider has the required domain knowledge and credentials of having set up HR from inception for a No. of startups as well as MNCs setting shop in India.

Clients unhappy with the services of the existing HR consultants were understandably skeptical about using the services from external HR service offering companies. However in spite of it being a herculean task Pace was able to win over companies with their repertoire of service offerings. It was a pleasant surprise to see one of the Big five Consulting firms engage PACE Consulting services for their Leadership assessment program and it was a dream come true for Girish Nair, the Founder and CEO, to see the consulting firm use the PACE templates to make their presentations.

Under the exemplary leadership of Girish Nair, PACE helps in speeding up organizational growth by aligning HR services to business objectives.  Introducing the concept of Outsourcing HR and its framework, implementing the strategies seamlessly and delivering the positive results has taken the company to where it is today. Highly appreciated and recommended by Promoters of large corporations/family-run businesses as well as small time entrepreneurs has helped boost business further.

According to Girish, PACE aids your firm in embracing future innovations easily and smoothly. It further enables information know-how for people decisions and HR digitization ensuring enhanced productivity.

Exploring Novel Insights into the HR Lifecycle

The company facilitates the alignment of the HR strategy to the overall organization strategy. Girish conveys, “At PACE, the team believes that the role of Human Resources (HR) has evolved from being a support function to a business enabler and a catalyst over a period of time.”

With the aid of service providers and the latest technology, HR has moved from being a cost center to a profit center and has become an essential component in achieving corporate objectives.

Drawing from these lines, PACE offers pioneering consulting expertise for organizations in all stages of growth and is thereby partnering with Corporations for HR excellence across various industry verticals using the HR Framework. Using this strategy, they have already offered their HR solutions to around 32 industry verticals.

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The company offers proven methods for transforming the HR function through its unique CHRO services by focusing on improved efficiency and effectiveness in order to deliver better business results to internal clients.

HR Engagement for Tangible Results

PACE helps organizations maximize the potential of every employee thereby enhancing business growth. It helps companies effectively manage the ever-growing complexities in the HR domain by utilizing their own resources in the best possible way.

Having worked in different domains and industry verticals, the PACE team brings to the table an innovative HR approach based on experiential learning. The organization has several experienced HR specialists in all facets of HR which enables the client requirements to be understood better.   To summarize – PACE offers all of the HR life cycle services in one basket.

A Visionary Leader Spearheading an Innovative Firm  

Spearheaded by its visionary leader Girish Nair, who has close to three decades of experience in HR, PACE has come a long way in becoming one of the most preferred partners for HR services.

Girish’s area of expertise includes defining HR strategies and aligning them to individual organizations. He has been directly responsible for the formulation and implementation of various HR policies for organizations both locally and globally.

Girish is credited with building organizations from scratch and helping them become strong HR brands to be reckoned with. He has also been proactively involved with numerous mergers and acquisitions.

He has led various IT Organizations as their Global head of HR. He is associated with organizations like Satyam (now Tech Mahindra) and Aztecsoft (now Mind tree consulting). In his last assignment, he was the Corporate VP and CHRO for Aircel, India. He played an important role in launching and building up their brand presence in India.

Girish has been a speaker on topics of HR interests both in Indian and International forums. He has also contributed to various newspapers and periodicals. He has been a guest lecturer in various Management schools and has also been on the panel of various HR forums.

Under his able leadership, the corporations he worked for have won multiple accolades and awards. PACE has also been a recipient of various HR awards, the latest being the APAC HR leaders award in Feb 2020.

Girish started his career by serving in the Indian Army as a short-service commissioned officer. He has done his Masters in Business Administration (HR) and is a Graduate of Law. He has been accredited with a no. of HR certifications including an Executive Education program from the Harvard Business School.

His entrepreneurship stint has taught him to look at HR business models from a different perspective and providing an innovative and customized end-to-end solution to corporations across various Industry verticals. The wide variety and depth of HR procedures followed in different industry segments have been his Greenfields for learning.

PACE: One Stop Solution for all HR Services with a Futuristic Approach

PACE is an innovative HR consulting firm, providing end-to-end customized HR solutions across the globe. The Company specializes in People Acquisition, Culture, Engagement and HR virtual de-livery through their e-HR product which was being extensively used during COVID lockdown times.

Girish shares that there is only one life and so many important things to be done. After having led corporations in the HR leadership role, he was keen to get into the ‘Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ with something creative and different which would create a pull factor.

Founded with the aim of partnering with Corporations and helping them achieve their Business and HR objectives, PACE was born more than a decade ago and has come a long way since then.

Girish feels that the growth and success of PACE can be gauged from the following parameters.

  • Over 150 Customers,
  • Expertise in 30 + Industry verticals
  • Enabled 500 + HR engagements,
  • Decade-long experience in HR delivery now turned into expertise
  • A string of HR Awards
  • Mature HR engagement processes aligned to Global HR Models
  • End to End services of HR life cycle
  • The entire HR services in one basket

An ACE Value Creation HR Model

The firm also operates SI (Systems Integration) HR solutions in working with the top HR brands on making HR services available from a single window. As growth partners, PACE helps organizations implement the unique ACE (Accelerate, Capable and Enduring) model to help realize significant and sustainable performance improvement through an internally developed HR framework.

The Company model is both creative and unique and is based on experiential learning, global benchmarks, and exclusivity. At PACE, Client organizations are mapped into this model to assess their existing maturity levels in every professional level and slowly and steadily they are enabled to enhance their HR process maturity.

With more than a decade’s presence in the field, PACE now has over 150 + customers to whom they have offered their HR services, and this includes both Indian and Global organizations.

However, the company’s primary business revolves around HR as an outsourced model which includes HR Outsourcing – Virtual model, HR Consulting, HR Legal, Talent Acquisition, Training, e-HR implementation and CHRO services.

An Inspiration Venture

Speaking about his inspiration behind becoming an entrepreneur, Girish says that for him   motivation comes from within. He is his own inspirational force. Having built organizations from a 2-digit HR team size to a global setup Girish has always wanted to do something different. Some of his innovations include:-

  • Providing an end-to-end solution for the entire HR life cycle.
  • Cost optimization
  • One-stop HR solution provider
  • Domain knowledge coupled with experiential learning
  • Futuristic HR practices
  • Their Punchline “What is non core to you is Core to us “ says it all.

Girish Surmounting the Challenges 

Speaking about the challenges faced and the success rate over them, Girish says that while CXOs were very confident of the value that Pace would bring to the table, they were quite skeptical about the acceptance of outsourced HR by the employees. .

The other challenges included

  • Getting clients to accept HR Outsourcing as an offering and ensuring it fits into the culture of the company
  • Showing clients tangible benefits
  • Educating clients on HR in general and the impact it makes on top-line revenues
  • Investment in Human Capital Management including the software

Institutionalizing Self-Management Principle

Based on the futuristic HR landscape, Girish and his team have defined a creative and unique growth model. He believes in creating a culture where every member knows their assigned task, their job responsibilities and accountabilities thereby institutionalizing the Self-Managed Team concepts. As a result, everyone works responsibly and diligently and independently.

Having said that, the culture at PACE is Non-hierarchal and conducive to learning, open and transparent, and at the same time team-oriented. Every employee working at PACE comes in with years of rich HR experience from various domains.

The Professional Code of Business Harmony

Furthermore, having worked with a wide range of clients, they are adept at understanding specific client requirements and thought processes better. The company’s code of business ethics believes in working in close collaboration with its customers, business partners and associate communities to bring in a win-win situation.

Talking about the USPs that highlight PACE’s uniqueness in the industry, Girish reveals that they are

  • Innovation 
  • Customization
  • Digitisation
  • Domain expertise
  • Optimal Costing

A Passionate Wisdom

As an experienced professional, Girish’s advice to the budding aspirants entering the world of entrepreneurship is simple. He says, “Pursue your passion with great commitment and always empathize with your customer.  Be willing to learn, grow and always accept constructive criticism”

HR Solutions via a Virtual Delivery Platform

Envisioning PACE’s operations with the emerging technologies, Girish shares, “We provide an entire end-to-end HRMIS customized solution based on the company strength, their unique HR requirements and cost optimization based on AI providing a virtual delivery platform.”