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G. K. Kedia & Co
G. K. Kedia & Co

Finance to a business is like a heart to the body. Most crucial. Right? Business analysts who have researched the rise, sustenance, growth, and failures of modern business organizations have identified the primary factors of financial management as the core differentiators. The way entrepreneurs give importance and handle the business from the point of view of the right financial process has contributed majorly to the success of various business organizations.

It becomes smarter for business leaders to consult professional financial companies with expertise in business finance, taxation, legalities, and forecasting. Certainly, G.K. Kedia & Co. is one such organization that has been transforming scores of businesses through its impeccably professional services.

Spearheaded by its Managing Partner, CA Gopal Kumar Kedia, G.K. Kedia & Co. has a diversified service range to offer, from accounting to taxation, from consultation on legal matters to services related to foreign compliance, and many more.

In the rendezvous with the team of CIOLOOK India, CA Gopal elaborated on his professional journey, the challenges faced-countered, the value additions contributed, and the vision they have set as an outstanding holistic organization towards a progressive future.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Mr Gopal, please brief our audience about G.K. Kedia & Co., its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a leading player in the Accounting and Tax consulting space.

  1. K. Kedia & Co. is a Delhi-based CA Firm established in 1994. Led by a vigorous team of highly skilled and eminent Chartered Accountants, with over 29 years of experience and professional competencies can handle all the financial services with modern solution-based and result-oriented approaches for their clients. The company believes in teamwork as it utilizes everybody’s strengths and areas of expertise and distributes workloads and responsibilities to all.

Our USPs include

  • Large and loyal customer base
  • Skilled and experienced workforce
  • Solid and Valuable Reputation
  • Professional Excellence
  • Impeccable integrity
  • Complete Independence

Accounting Services

This includes bookkeeping and accounting services for individuals, companies, and NGOs. Designing, implementation and review of accounting manual. Advisory on various accounting standards, Ind AS and IFR.

Mergers and Acquisitions

These specialized services include Investment Banking, handling the end-to-end due diligence process, Strategic and implementation support, wealth Management including fundraising, private equity, and venture capital, debt funding and advisory, debt restructuring, preparing grounds, company evaluation, protecting from legal actions taken by employees, mediation with rival parties, determining tax liabilities, etc.

International Taxation

We help organizations with determining international taxation rules, tax planning, structuring businesses, assisting in tax compliances, TDS clearance, tax exemption with tax clearance certificates, due diligence, assistance in preparing the master file, transfer pricing assignments, etc.

Income Tax

Consultancy includes IT return filing, documentation, adjustments, scrutiny, other matters, tax planning, addressing and resolving the petitions of long pending matters, preparation and representation before authorities, etc.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Our services under GST include monthly, quarterly and monthly GST returns, supporting the deposit in GST electronic cash ledger, monitoring the GST process, supporting with monitoring and all statutory documentation, etc.

Company Law matters— consultancy

We assist in the formation of companies in India, viz. private limited, public limited, wholly owned subsidiary company, one-person company (OPC), limited liability partnership (LLP), company restructuring, valuation, etc.

Brief us about yourself and your journey in the Accounting-Tax consultancy industry and how have you contributed to G.K. Kedia & Co.’s success.

I am currently the Managing Partner of the firm. I passed with the distinction of qualifying as a C.A. and ICMA along with graduation at the age of 21 years before graduating from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, in the year 1987.

I have around 31 years of post-qualification professional experience and expertise in the hardcore profession of Accountancy and Taxation. I credit my experience in the fields of Income Tax, Audit, Accounting, Company Law Matters, Financial Services, VAT & Sales Tax, FEMA, International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Service Tax, Goods & Services Tax (GST), GST Audit, etc.

Being an experienced leader, share with us your opinion on what impact has the adoption of modern technologies such as AI, big data, and machine learning had on the consultancy niche and what more could be expected in the future.

“Artificial intelligence enables consultants to handle massive amounts of data in a much more efficient and effective compared with an average human. This allows them to bolster their engagement insights, adding value to their offering.” In a survey of international consultancy buyers, researchers found that consultancies at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution – those that have integrated it into both their services and operations – are best positioned for future success.

AI consulting helps businesses create an overall system based on the requirements necessary for successful implementation. AI Consultants remain responsible for managing projects and ensuring that internal resources are compatible with code and AI infrastructure. Modern technology is used to add value and competitive advantage for customers by shortening project lead times and providing more functionality with lower costs.

Considering the current scenario, what kind of challenges do you face, and how did you drive G.K. Kedia & Co. by overcoming them?

The meetings of clients happen in CA offices, and most of the communication is on calls, WhatsApp, Skype, etc., which are not trackable. To counter this, we use professional management software that reduces the need for communication and keeps everything on the same level of understanding. Data management, which was indirect, unreliable, and time-consuming, has been streamlined through unified software applications.

The standard working happens in excel, which surfaced the issue of client disc expiry. We countered this by live syncing all the users. Giving prime importance to data security and our efforts, we adopted modern software that has helped in saving time, enhancing communication, and efficient working.

What would be your advice to young professionals aspiring to venture into the financial consultancy segment?

I would like to start by advising aspiring business owners to have confidence in themselves. Every time I speak to staff, I include a statement that I would want to share with aspiring entrepreneurs.

“If not me, then who”.                                         

No one can stop you from accomplishing your goals if you believe in yourself.

Being patient is the second piece of advice that I would like to provide. Getting a large clientele may take some time. Relationships might take time to build. Don’t rush things and hold into trying to offer your services too soon.

Last but not least, give your health the utmost attention. You could experience a lot of pressure and stress as an entrepreneur. Your health must be at its best; that is the last thing you need.

How do you envision scaling G.K. Kedia & Co.’s operations and offerings in the future?

We need to adapt as business changes! Our objective at G.K. Kedia & Co. is to provide the best services while fostering confidence and trust in the business world. G. K. Kedia & Co. places a strong emphasis on producing high-quality work in order to gain our clients’ trust. The work that G. K. Kedia & Co. produces is of the highest calibre.

We have specialist staff with up-to-date knowledge in all the pertinent areas, which enables us to provide such high-quality service. In addition to all of these, we have a variety of software that is up to the task of offering top-notch services.