Google Announces Internal Restructuring in Order to Create Google DeepMind


Google and DeepMind have announced the formation of a new group known as Google DeepMind. This group will combine the research and infrastructure of two Alphabet divisions in order to make progress and collaboration more rapid and stronger.

Google announced the merger of two groups’ resources to become Google DeepMind, a new organization charged with quicker and more powerful AI innovation: Google Brain. DeepMind and Google Research’s Google Brain unit. In 2014, Google purchased an independent AI research company and made it a subsidiary of Alphabet. A new leadership structure will now unite the two units.

More About Google DeepMind

Health, sustainability, quantum computing, and algorithms are just some of the broad areas of technology and computer science that Google Research investigates. It will remain unchanged, with the exception of the absence of the AI development-focused Google Brain component, which will now be a component of the new Google DeepMind.

Sundar Pichai said of Google Research’s mission atated  “Google Research is going to keep its important work leading fundamental developments in computer science throughout areas such as computations and principle, security and privacy, computational health, climate and long-term viability and responsible AI, and will turn its findings in to James Manyika along with his existing Tech & Society teams.”

The thought behind this move is to make the two units of Google Mind and DeepMind all the more impressive and quicker. From the DeepMind declaration: ” DeepMind and the Cerebrum group from Google Exploration will work together as a solitary, centered unit called Google DeepMind.

The new unit, which is called Google DeepMind, focuses on more than just one product. A number of “powerful” multimodal AI models will be the first big products, according to Sundar Pichai’s announcement.