Google Maps Now Has an Immersive View Option

Google Maps Now Has an Immersive View Option

Google Maps has added an immersive view feature that allows users to get a sense of where they are going.

In a blog post, Miriam Daniel, VP, Google Maps, said, “With our new immersive view, you’ll be able to experience what a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant, or popular venue is like — and even feel like you’re actually there before you even step foot inside.”

A time slider function allows users to examine how a location appears at various times of the day and in various weather conditions.

The new function combines street view and aerial photography to create a digital world model.

Users can get an aerial picture of a restaurant and then glide down to the street level to browse other restaurants and see real traffic and congestion. They can even go inside to get a feel for the place before making a reservation.

The immersive view is compatible with any phone or gadget. According to Google, it will be available later this year in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, with additional cities to follow soon.