Google Takes Down Its Smart Reply Feature from the Voice App


The Voice app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store has recently received an update from Google, an American technological behemoth. Google Voice has eliminated the Smart Reply function with the most recent update on both iOS and Android. In February of last year, the Smart Reply feature was released. The technological behemoth has not, as of yet, given any justification for removing the part.

About Google Voice App

The company’s statement that “Smart reply is no longer supported” in Google Voice’s release notes on the App Store and Google Play Store confirms the feature’s withdrawal. The business has not provided any justification for removing the part. It can be a change made on the server side.

Recall that Google has also updated Google Voice with a new feature. The technology behemoth has added a warning tool to inform consumers of incoming scam calls. Users will be able to avoid telemarketers and potentially damaging scams thanks to this. To recognize spam callers, Google will deploy artificial intelligence (AI).

Customers using Google Workspace in Canada and those with US Google Accounts can access Google Voice. Users receive a phone number that may be used for calling, texting, and voicemail. Both PCs and smartphones can use it.

End Note

Google revealed the new function in a blog post for Workspace. “Google Voice displays a suspected spam caller” flag on any calls that Google considers to be spam to help protect you against telemarketers and other potentially dangerous frauds. According to the business, in making this judgment, Google uses the same cutting-edge artificial intelligence to identify billions of spam calls every month throughout its calling ecosystem.

According to Google, the new spam calls label will appear in both the call history and on the screen for incoming calls. Here, users have two options. One is that once a call is confirmed to be spam, all subsequent rings from that number will be routed to voicemail, and any call history records will be placed in the spam folder. A tagged call can also be marked as not spam, which prevents the suspected spam label from ever being displayed for that number again.