Google’s New AI Tool ‘NotebookLM’ to Boost Business Documentation

Google aid customers in organising their disorganised Google Docs accounts, Google is releasing yet another large language model (LLM).

Supporting the college students and entrepreneurs who typed a bunch of notes into a Google Docs file, but haven’t given the page organisation the right attention. Everything is a jumble of haphazardly placed thoughts. To help them understand the written text, the users may request a brief summary using the new NotebookLM feature. There will still have the original file available for reference.

Based on the summarised data, the generative AI will even include certain “key topics and questions” to give users “a better understanding of the material.” You are not constrained to a single document, either. For its content, Notebook LM is able to draw from a variety of sources.

If you specifically want to know something, you can ask NotebookLM questions, much like you can with Bard, Google’s other generative AI. According to the provided example, a student might submit a “article about neuroscience” and instruct the AI to create a list of “key terms related to dopamine” from that specific text.

NotebookLM is not just for condensing your academic notes. According to Google, it can also produce ideas. According to Google, a content producer can give the LLM their idea for a new video and ask it to type out a rough script or assist a businessperson with coming up with questions to ask at an investors’ meeting.

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