Habibullah & Co.: Uplifting Clients’ Businesses with a Holistic and Proactive Approach

Habibullah & Co.
Habibullah & Co

For a business to grow and stand out in its respective industry, its finance profile must be strong. From tax rules and assurance to financial advice and

consultations, they need experts to investigate their financial matters. Additionally, every business hails from different sectors as well encounters different difficulties in finance matters. As the world witnesses tremendous changes in terms of finance and tax spaces, businesses feel a tension to set a balance between industry trends and finance and tax rules.

In such a scenario, a company that helps its clients in their transformation through knowledge and values along with the implementation of technical innovations is Habibullah & Co. (HCO). The company has been spreading its exceptional services in India as well as making a strong global presence.

In 2019, Vivek Agarwal was appointed as a Managing Partner and looks after the Business Consulting and International Tax department of the firm. Having experience of more than 20 years in profession he is responsible for firms’ International Relations and alliances and heads the Global Mobility & Internal Tax division of the firm. Mr Agarwal is qualified information system auditor and has also helped many multinational companies set up business in India.

Legacy of 61 Years

Habibullah & Co. (HCO) was founded and established in 1962 by Late CA. Habibullah. This accounting company is serving its clients in matters of assurance, tax, financial advisory, and consulting services, both national as well as global presence. For the last 61 years, the company has been persistently witnessing growth and successfully offering quality services and leadership, adhering to its core values such as competence, honesty, integrity, professionalism, dedication, responsibility, and accountability.

Customized services and solutions are at HCO’s core. For that, the company adheres to its mission which states, “We believe that we can add value for our clients if we truly understand their industry and their problems.” It boasts of its mission with a clarification that includes understanding the environment in which its clients work and according to these analytical factors, the company helps its clients to prosper in their respective markets. Furthermore, it aims to help its clients by fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth and a passion for the firm’s core values.

Monarch of Vision

HCO is a prominent player in offering excellent accounting and tax-related services through the active involvement of experienced and committed professionals. Such an outstanding organization has been led by a visionary leader till his unfortunate demise in 2019. Late CA. Habibullah directed the company since its foundation and was the principal partner of the firm. Mr. Habibullah was a Fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. USA and The Institute of Insurance Surveyors and Loss Adjusters, India. With an extensive professional experience and authority in Direct Taxation, Mr. Habibullah established a small firm in Gorakhpur in 1962, and since then, the company only grew under his fine leadership and guidance. In this professional journey he was full heartedly supported by his partner Late CA. VK Agarwal who was a fellow member of The ICAI and served the firm and profession for 45 years.

An Array of Exceptional Services

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, HCO is a renowned leader in its niche of accounting and tax-related issues. The company usually serves growth-oriented organizations as well as individuals facing difficulties in expansion or regulation of their organizations; the target audience includes, public and private organizations, middle-market and larger enterprises, non-profit organizations as well as high-profit organizations, etc.

Despite the client company type, HCO timely delivers quality professional services to its clients with a multi- disciplinary approach. The company offers a range of exceptional services such as Audit & Assurance, Bookkeeping, Global Mobility, Tax Advisory, GST Advisory, Corporate Law Advisory, Business Consulting, etc.

Audit & Assurance: With a pragmatic audit approach, HCO brings out a risk-based audit with extensive planning, strong client input and technological advancements embedded in it. The audits result in showcasing credibility, assurance and leadership insights. The services include Statutory Audits, Internal Audits, Due Diligence, Forensic Audits, Circulation Audits, etc.

Bookkeeping: To track the company’s spent money, revenue, tax deductions, etc., the bookkeeping method provides a systematic way for recording daily financial transactions. HCO helps in reducing the finance and accounting costs of the client companies from set-up, support, maintenance, and consultancy. The services include Invoice generation, Generating & tracking accounts receivable, Tracking accounts payable, Trial balances and Profit &Loss accounts, General ledger maintenance, Payroll processing, Compilation of tax returns, IFRS and US GAAP Compliance, etc.

Global Mobility: For mobile workforces, Corporate Global Mobility Tax Services (GMS) are beneficial for international companies. With a thoughtfully designed approach to GMS services, HCO provides consistent experience in managing statutory compliances. For global organizations that aim to address the challenges of the global compensation process and payroll compliance environment for their mobile workforce, the company offers GMS that include mobility tax and payroll.

Tax Advisory: A complex taxation system always witnesses frequent technological adaptions, digital transformations, innovative business models, etc. Consequently, client companies also face difficulties in adapting to these changes and encounter queries. To mitigate these challenges, HCO helps its clients with minimum response time. With a special tax expert team, the company taps into various sectors of tax advisory including Domestic, International, US, and Mobility taxes.

GST Advisory: An efficient tax system, GST lowers the tax rates, eliminates multiplicity of taxes, fastens the process of automation of compliance, etc. Understanding this need, HCO offers thought leadership and GST-related advice.

These exceptional services include GST impact analysis, GST Audits, aligning tax reports and invoices, GST Representation Services, GST Training/Workshops, etc.

Corporate Law Advisory: Understanding the law of the country and tackling related problems are crucial as law is a vast ocean of knowledge. HCO offers its national and overseas clients corporate tax consulting and legal advisory. The company has a standardized process, vast knowledge and experience and expert opinions make the offerings unique that include Statutory Compliance, Legal Due Diligence, Corporate Advisory, Foreign exchange Management and Foreign Residency services, etc.

Business Consulting: Today, businesses must be adaptive, leveraging technologies and implementing trends and no company can further its journey without a strategic plan. HCO focuses on providing a roadmap to the success journey of its clients. The process focuses on organizational culture and structural and operational SWOT analysis, for achieving long-term success. These services include expansion of offshore projects, Managing projects, teams and investments across borders, Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement, Business Restructuring, Business Process Outsourcing, etc.

Distinctive Properties

Being the business of accounting and consultations, HCO excels in its niche with the excellent services it offers to its clients. Not just this, but the company adheres to its core values and shines like a Blue Diamond in the crowd. These values shape the organization, building a strong network of experts and investing in achieving great performance levels. The following aspects set the company apart among the giants in the market:

  • Accountability: HCO takes responsibility for its work, completing commitments with excellence and timely delivery.
  • Positive Culture: The company fosters a collaborative and innovative work environment that uplifts the employees in their professional journeys. As the work- life balance is always necessary, HCO helps them to achieve the same.
  • Integrity: The company follows a set of values that guarantee appropriate choices with integrity, sincerity and the highest ethical standards.
  • Excellence: HCO understands and exceeds its own and its clients’ expectations by working hard to improve and fervently pledging to do the best.
  • Maintaining Client Relationships: By proactively attending to its clients’ business needs with committed service and a real interest in their success, HCO establishes and maintains long-term personal and professional relationships with them.

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