Harvesting Happiness through Innovation, JK Seeds “DESH KA BEEJ” by JK Agri Genetics Ltd. Leading Agriculture, Serving Farmers with Passion, Purpose and Pride!


JK Seeds-JK Agri Genetics Ltd. (JKAGL) is synonymous with quality and innovation in the Indian agricultural sector. Established in 1989, JKAGL has grown into a leading seed company committed to serving the nation’s farmers with high-yielding and disease-resistant seeds.

Founded by the J.K. Organisation, JK Seeds has spent three-and-a-half-decades focused on creating high-yielding, disease-resistant seeds for Indian farmers. The company’s research and development, coupled with an all-India network, allows them to offer seeds for crops like paddy, maize, mustard, bajra, wheat, cotton, and vegetables. The Indian government and prestigious awards have recognized company’s commitment to quality and innovation. JK Seeds remains passionate about making a positive impact in Indian agriculture.

A Legacy Built on Research and Development

JK Agri Genetics Limited is a trusted, purposeful, innovative, and customer-centric enterprise that has been serving farmers and customers for 35 years across India, Africa and South Asia and owned by J.K. Organisation, 135 years old Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in India.

The Company is primarily in the business of Research, Production, Processing, and Marketing of high-quality, high-yielding, Insect, disease and drought-resistant hybrid seeds for different crops viz; Bajra (Pearl-Millet), Jowar (Sorghum), Dhan (Rice/Paddy), Cotton, Maize (Corn), Hybrid Vegetables such as: Hot pepper, Okra, Tomato, Cauliflower, Gourds, Brinjal, and OP vegetables Beans and Coriender, Growth Regulators. It has well equipped R&D and bio-tech facilities in Hyderabad, Telangana, and an all-India trial and testing network. It`s R&D facilities is recognized by the Government of India.

JK Agri Genetics Limited is the first company to develop and commercialize Indigenous Bt. Cotton that was developed in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur. The Company has achieved many milestones and is consistently growing towards serving millions of small farmers to deliver quality products and services through world-class research and collaborations. Helping grow farmer income by being a customer-centric organisation. Also has a sustained commitment to the community, environment, health, and safety.

The Company has an extensive marketing network across India, with loyal and committed employees, distributors, dealers and customers. The Company has also been certified as a “Great Place to Work” for five consecutive years. It has a strong culture of integrity, excellence, employee well-being and core values. The Company has been recently awarded the prestigious “IIP India Start National Award” for product packaging, quality and marketability excellence.

Harvesting Happiness Through Innovation! People, Leadership and Culture

The guiding philosophy at JK Agri Genetics Limited (JKAGL) is deeply rooted in their Vision, Mission, and Core Values, which have collectively propelled their organization’s success.

*VISION: To be ‘A trusted, purposeful, innovative enterprise.’ This vision guides every aspect of JKAGL’s operations, ensuring that it remains a reliable partner for farmers and stakeholders, driven by innovation and a clear purpose to improve agricultural outcomes.”

*MISSION: JK’s mission is multi-faceted:

  • Our MISSION is to emerge as a leading agriculture company.
  • Deliver quality products and services through research and collaborations.​
  • Help grow farmer income by being a customer centric organisation.​
  • Sustained commitment to community, environment, health and safety.


  • Caring for People:The company prioritizes the well-being and development of its employees, customers, and the communities we serve.
  • Integrity, Openness, Fairness and Trust: These principles form the bedrock of their corporate ethics, ensuring transparency and trust in all our dealings.
  • Commitment to Excellence:They strive for excellence in every endeavour, from product development to customer service, ensuring the highest standards are met consistently.

The company’s rich culture, shaped by these guiding principles, is further reinforced by the heritage and legacy of the J.K. Organisation, a multinational group headquartered in India with over 135 years of history. The group’s diverse operations span multiple countries, including Mexico, Indonesia, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, and the UAE.

The products of the JK Group enjoy strong brand equity, customer equity and significant market share due to continuous research and development, innovation, and the use of the latest technologies. The company’s commitment to R&D is evident through its reputed Research and Development Institutes, which focus on advancing agricultural science and technology to serve customers better with superior quality, high-yielding products and services.

JK Seeds: Leading Agri Transformation in India

The Company’s vision for JK Agri Genetics Limited (JK Seeds) is to lead the way in transforming Indian agriculture through innovation, sustainability, and farmer-centric initiatives. By focusing on research, sustainability, farmer empowerment, digital transformation, collaboration, and expanding their reach, the JK Seeds team aspires to make a lasting and positive impact on India’s agricultural landscape, ensuring food security and prosperity for generations to come.

JK Seeds’ dedication to innovation and farmer well-being has positioned them as a prominent player in India’s ever-evolving agricultural sector. As the nation strives for food security and sustainable farming practices, JK Seeds is poised to play a vital role in the future.

To learn more about the company, its products, services, and contact details, please visit www.jkagri.com. Stay tuned to its digital and social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, for updates, events, and success stories of its farmers.