Heliware: Empowering Perfect Business Intelligence with 3D Geospatial Location Insights 


Visual insights into anything and everything––be it personal, professional, or business––are of the greatest value compared to everything else. We evolved in our intelligence and smartness as a species only because of our three-dimensional worldview, which allowed us to make deeper discernments of the hemispheric reconstruction of the sensory data, information, and stimulus provided by our senses, particularly our eyesight.

Our long-term vision allowed us to map the entire world comprehensively. That is the power of 3D geospatial location insights, which Heliware is now precisely leveraging in enable near real-time and constant business intelligence in the form of actionable inputs to work with and in short and long-term decision-making.

Heliware is a well-established GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology provider that gives companies and organizations wishing to use location data a wide range of products and services.

Company’s CEO and Founder, Mr Rajan Srivastav, informs, “Users may simply construct location-based apps, analyze and visualize spatial data, and create and share interactive maps using our platform.

Our main USPs are:”

  • Easy-to-use “No code” interface: Heliware’s platform is intended to be useable even by individuals with no GIS expertise. This implies that organizations don’t need to rely on specialist IT teams or GIS expertise to build and publish maps and visualizations rapidly.
  • A scalable, cloud-based platform: The cloud-based nature of Heliware’s platform makes it readily scaleable up or down to suit the requirements of any company, regardless of scale or complexity. As a result, firms may start small and expand as their needs change.
  • Wide range of data visualization and analysis tools: Heat maps, dot density, and 3D visualizations are just a few of the many tools that Heliware provides for viewing and analyzing location data. This implies that organizations can comprehend and share complicated location-based information quickly and easily.

A 360-Degree Holistic Vision

Heliware is now regarded as one of the greatest GIS technology providers because of its powerful capabilities, user-friendly interface, and solid partnerships and integrations. “We take pride in serving a diverse group of clients from various sectors, such as retail, real estate, construction, solar, banking and logistics. Businesses and organizations of various sizes, including small start-ups and major international enterprises, rely on our platform,” shares Rajan.

To assist businesses in developing and managing 3D geospatial data and applications to get actionable intelligence, Heliware provides a range of products and solutions. With the help of one of its tools, HeliJS, developers can make use of it to produce dynamic 3D globes and maps that work with every web browser. HeliJS is an open-source JavaScript library constructed upon the foundation of WebGL, which enables the high-performance rendering of huge datasets and intricate 3D models.

Heliware’s capability to manage petabytes of datasets within fractions is one of the features that sets it apart from its competitors. Satellite images, terrain, 3D models, and vector data are just a few data types the platform can combine and show. This enables users to construct a complete view of their data and base their judgments on what they observe.

In addition, Heliware’s patented technology uses multithreading and the translation of satellite data into 3D mesh format for rendering petabytes of satellite data utilizing elevation, RGB, and other parameters to speed up rendering. Rajan adds, “Data extraction, data encoding, and data decoding are used in this process, along with the integration of the tiling process, which enables us to perform sophisticated analysis on top of the terrain, such as network volume, flood, heat map, etc.”

The emphasis Heliware places on sharing and cooperation make it unique in another way. Users may share their data and apps with anyone inside and outside of their business using the platform. This makes it simple to collaborate and communicate, which is essential for companies managing projects with several stakeholders.

Finally, Heliware is always evolving and gradually improving. “To stay ahead of the curve and fulfil our clients’ changing demands, we are continually introducing new features and capabilities to our platform, such as support for VR and deep learning,” says Rajan, whose journey in the GIS industry began before establishing Heliware – a leading GIS tech-stack company that specializes in 3D mapping and visualization. The saga commenced in the early 2010s while Rajan’s working as a graduate student at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. He began working on a project in a drone company and was handling many clients from the earth-moving industry. This sparked his interest and gave him the thought of solving the problem in 3D mapping and visualization.

Mapping Your Business

In 2018, Rajan established, Heliware, to develop a more advanced and user-friendly 3D GIS platform. He wanted to create a large-scale data analytics and visualization platform accessible to everyone, not just GIS professionals, and which is easy to use and customize.

Heliware quickly became a leading platform in the GIS industry, known for its high-quality 3D visualization and ability to handle large amounts of data. It has been used in various applications, including urban planning, construction, and defense, to name a few.

Rajan and his team have continued to innovate and improve the platform, adding new features such as real-time data streaming for defense and advanced data analytics. They have also made the platform accessible to non-GIS professionals by creating a user-friendly interface and providing tutorials and training materials.

Overall, Rajan’s journey in the GIS industry has been marked by his passion for 3D mapping and visualization and his dedication to making GIS technology accessible to everyone. With Heliware, he has created a leading platform that is widely used and respected in the global GIS community.

Rajan furthers that they have been working with most of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Heliware has partners in Europe as well as Southeast Asia. The clients they have been working with range from SMEs to Big elephants in the industry. Heliware’s clients have been appreciative of Rajan’s few qualities –

  • Technical expertise: Heliware’s clients admire Rajan’s ability to provide expert advice and solutions in GIS and spatial data analytics.
  • Strong communication skills: Clearly explaining technical concepts and providing detailed reports and analysis.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Adapting to changing project requirements and client needs is important in any professional setting.
  • Attention to detail: Clients appreciate his  attention to detail and thus ensuring that the work is accurate and meets their needs.
  • Commitment to client satisfaction: Clients have valued his  drive to work with professionals, meet their needs, and exceed their expectations.
  • Passion for the work: The clients respect and trust his  love for his work and dedication to providing the best possible service.
  • Responsiveness: Clients appreciate him  as he is very responsive to their needs and is available round the clock to answer questions and provide assistance promptly.

Tapping Your Infinite Potential

As a seasoned leader, Rajan thinks that adopting cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML has significantly impacted the GIS solution market. Large volumes of data can be processed and analyzed using these technologies, leading to new insights and forecasts that weren’t before conceivable. As a result, there may be new business prospects and more efficient and effective decision-making.

By making investments in the creation and incorporation of these technologies into its GIS solutions, Heliware is responding to this trend. “We are also concentrating on assembling a solid team of engineers and data scientists qualified to deal with AI and ML. We already have a few leaders working with us who are technically sound in AI and ML. Additionally, we seek to establish alliances and partnerships with other businesses and institutions active in this sector,” says Rajan.

They also ensure that Heliware’s solutions enable users to act on their insights and present them with the insights. They also guarantee that the Heliware system offers data governance and security.

Overall, we are certain that the use of cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML will produce more potent and significant GIS solutions, and we are dedicated to being on the cutting edge of this quickly developing industry,” he claims.

As a seasoned executive in the GIS sector, Rajan thinks the following are some of the main problems they now face:

  • Keeping up with the quick speed of technological change: Heliware may find it difficult to keep current and ensure that its products leverage the newest and most efficient technology as new technologies like AI and ML continue to develop.
  • Large-scale data management and analysis: With the quantity of data being produced rising, it can be challenging to efficiently manage, process, and analyze this data in a way that yields valuable insights.
  • Meeting customers’ different demands: Customers are searching for increasingly specialized and tailored solutions as the GIS sector continues to develop. “Meeting these many demands while ensuring that our solutions are scalable and sustainable can be difficult,” says Rajan.
  • Cybersecurity and Data Governance: It’s crucial to ensure that Heliware’s solutions are safe and that customers’ data is shielded from online dangers as more and more data is being kept and shared online.

Ensuring Ever-Flowing Momentum

To meet these difficulties, Rajan and the team Heliware heavily emphasized ongoing learning and growth, assembling a solid team of subject-matter experts, funding research and development, and forming solid alliances and partnerships with other businesses and organizations. They also make sure that their solutions enable users to act on their insights by giving them the tools necessary to do so. They also ensure that their system offers data governance and security at once. “To comprehend our clients’ unique demands and customize our solutions accordingly, we also make sure that we communicate with them frequently and solicit their input,” he adds.

Overall, Rajan believes that they will be able to overcome the difficulties and continue to be the driving force behind the success of their business if they remain flexible, forward-thinking, and client-focused.

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the GIS solution space, Rajan says that to succeed in the GIS industry, “You must understand the market and the needs of your target audience, build a strong team, focus on quality, be open to partnerships and collaborations, and always keep an eye on the future.”

As the sole founder of Heliware, Rajan envisions scaling brand Heliware’s operations and offerings in the future in several ways.

  • Expanding into new markets: “We plan to expand our reach by entering new geographic markets, especially in emerging economies where demand for GIS solutions is high such as retail and supply chain management.
  • Diversifying our product and service offerings: We will continue to diversify our product and service offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients. This includes developing and expanding our patented technology HeliBhumi globally and existing ones to meet the specific needs of different industries and sectors.
  • Building strategic partnerships: To broaden our influence, get access to new markets, and make use of cutting-edge technology and knowledge, we will look for strategic alliances with other businesses and organizations, especially in terms of data.
  • Investing in research and development: To maintain our leadership in our sector and provide the most cutting-edge and efficient GIS solutions, we will continue investing in research and development.
  • Building a strong team: We will continue to attract and retain top talent to make a strong and diverse team with the skills and expertise to drive our growth and success.
  • Emphasizing cloud-based solutions: We will keep putting our efforts into creating cloud-based solutions to increase client access and scalability of our GIS products.
  • Emphasizing AI and Neural Network integration: We will keep putting our efforts into creating Deep learning and ML-based GIS solutions, which will enhance the effectiveness and power of our GIS solutions.
  • Building a strong brand reputation: We will keep working with marketing teams on building a strong brand reputation, which will help us to attract new clients and retain existing ones.”

Shining on the Success Horizons

Overall, Rajan believes that by staying adaptable, forward-thinking, and client-focused, they will be able to scale their brand’s operations and offerings in the future and continue to drive Heliware’s success to the highest echelons.

Furthermore, Heliware has been extensively covered in media. Its media coverage includes,

  • https://www.geospatialworld.net/rising-stars/2022/ https://futuretech.media/iftsca-2022-rewarded-some-of-the-best-tech-startups-of-india-heliware-wins-the-best-tech-startup-award/ 
  • A part of the MIT technology review global panel (https://www.linkedin.com/company/mit-technology-review/ )
  • SGR Labs: Using Drones, Collaborative Workplace for Industry 4.0 (ciotechoutlook.com)

“I would like to add that we provide utmost confidentiality to our clients by default. All their information and their identities are perfectly safe with us forever. Unless and until a client asks us specifically to the public about their identity or any info concerning their business, we do not disclose anything. I want to ensure the same guarantee to all our future clients,” concludes Rajan.

Heliware’s Hall of Fame

  • Winner in 12th Aegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation in Analytics, 2023.
  • Geospatial World 50 Star’22
  • Young Entrepreneur ’21 by Indian Achiever’s Forum
  • Best Tech Start-up sponsored by All India Council for Robotics and Automation, Ministry of Electronics.